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Meet The Team

Our team of writers covers the globe, delivering football news to you 24/7.

Jean Paul Vassallo

An Anglo/Italian sports journalist and author who writes for a number of publications, including The Guardian and Sports Illustrated. Previously a columnist for World Soccer, Jean Paul has appeared on a number of football podcasts including The Guardian’s Football Weekly, he is a Juventus supporter having followed the Bianconeri since first visiting the Stadio delle Alpi in the 1990s.

Braden Galea

Originally from Malta and I love football. I appreciate the opportunity that this website gave me to start my career in football journalism. I’m a Manchester United fan and England supporter, and I watch football games mainly from England, Germany and Spain. I love to be informed about everything that is happening in the world of football.

Chester Ariola

Based in the Basingstoke, Dean is Senior Editor at Football Shirts. A Manchester United fan, Chester works freelance at a variety of print magazines after graduating with a degree in Journalism from Sunderland University.

Matt Carruthers

Moved to New Zealand in 2015, Matt played within England’s semi-professional Non-League for several years, most notably for Eastbourne and Lancing. While studying at the University of Brighton, Matt also captained and coached the Men’s First Team who played in the Premier League of University football.