Austria kit primary colours for their home and away shirts are red and white, respectively. At least until the early 2000s, the situation was reversed and it was white that usually coloured the primary kits. Besides white, it’s also common for Austria to have black secondary outfits, such was the case in 2020 and some years in the 2000s. Check out the latest about Austria kits on this page. We now include the details of their Euro 2024 strips.


Latest Austria Kits

2024 Austria Home Shirt

Austria Home 2024 KitIt’s easy to confuse the Austria 2024 home with that of fellow Euro 2024 participant Switzerland’s primary shirt. Both are red shirts with white accents on the collar and sleeve cuffs. But making the Austria shirt distinct is the graphic on the body. It is a more pronounced, abstract visual that intricately weaves Jugendstil architectural beauty into the shirt.



2024 Austria Away Shirt

Austria Away 2024 KitAustria’s 2024 away is one of the nation’s white kits in history. Adding elegance to the pristine aura is the black accent on the collar and sleeve cuffs, acting like bold borders. Along with the clean look is the incorporation of light blue-green diagonal line pattern that is meant to represent the country’s inclination to nature and exploration.



Previous Austria Kits

2020 Austria Home Shirt

Austria Home 2020 Kit

The main body panel of the Puma Austria 2020 home kit is red, with the front being deeper in tone in contrast to the brighter shade of the back up to the point of the collar bone area. Scattered to the entirety of the front side are seed-like graphics in light red that produces a surface similar to that of a strawberry. The new OFB badge is on the right chest and the white Puma logo is on the other side, with additional black pumas on the side of the sleeves. The home kit uses a white crew neck collar and white sleeves with the cuffs patterned to the stripes of the Austrian flag. Just like Puma’s other Euro 2020 national kits, looking at the backside of the kit one will see a country branding on the collar, in this case, a black capitalized ‘OSTERREICH’, the German word for Austria.

2020 Austria Away Shirt

Austria Away 2020 Kit

Consistent with the designs of other Puma 2020 kits, the back of the predominantly black Austrian jersey is just plain, while the front shows all the badges and the graphics. This time, the art nouveau inspired graphics display a series of thin teal wavy lines that are shaded a little bit further on its top points, pretty much looking like groups of mountain ranges. The new OFB logo is on the right side of the chest and the gold Puma logo is on the left. Two other gold Pumas are seen on the top part of the sides of the sleeves just right below the shoulders. The uniform uses a black collar for its crew neck and teal cuffs for its sleeves. The back view of the kit shows the ‘OSTERREICH’ lettering on the centre of the collar.


Austria in International Football

Nicknamed ‘Das Team’, Austria are considered one of the lower teams in the UEFA confederation where they have appeared in seven World Cups and two European Championship, one of which they hosted in 2008 along with Switzerland. The team have had several well known footballers in their history including Andreas Herzog, Anton Polster, Johann Krankl, Eric Hof, Andreas Ivanschitz and Johann Horvath.

Austria previously wore home kit of white shirts, but changed to red beginning in 2004 in the lead to their hosting of the Euro 2008 with Switzerland.

Austria played their first game at home to Hungary in Vienna on 12th October 1902, winning 5 – 0. Austria play their home games in the Ernst Happel Stadium.

Andreas Herzog holds the record for the most number of caps with 103 and Anton Polster holds the record for the most number of goals with 44.