Burnley FC play their home games at Turf Moor. They are sponsored by Classic Football Shirts and supplied by Umbro for their kits. Nicknamed ‘The Clarets’, Burnley have had the claret and sky blue home shirt for over a century where they first had sky blue and white home shirts in 1882.

Burnley 23/24 Kits

Burnley 23/24 Home Shirt

The battle between West Ham United and Burnley in who can give more honour to their home kit colours continued in 2023/24 as both Umbro teams participate in the said season’s Premier League campaign. To distinguish their claret-bodied, sky blue-sleeved kit from that of the Hammers, the Turf Moor-side had their shirt with a jacquard front graphic, white piping on the claret sleeve cuffs and a sky blue polo collar with dual pinstriping in claret and white near the edge. Burnley took inspiration from their 1994 home, worn during their successful promotion to the second tier of English football via a playoff win against Stockport County. The word ‘Clarets’ signed off at the back below the collar in white with blue highlight cursive form.

Burnley Home Kits

2022/23 Burnley Home Shirt

Burnley Home 2022/23 KitBurnley’s 2022/23 home, produced by Umbro, did not deviate from its usual claret and light blue colours, serving as the body and sleeve colour, respectively. Directly inspired by the 1991/93 home kit, the jersey sported a pseudo-pixelated all-over graphic, which was a reinterpretation of the design seen on the retro outfit. Burnley’s 1991/92 title-winning season influenced the selection of that year’s home as the model kit.



2021/22 Burnley Home Shirt

Burnley Home 2021/22 KitMaintaining the traditional look, Burnley’s Umbro home shirt for 2021/22 features a claret body and collar outfitted with sky blue raglan sleeves. Making the jersey distinct from the past home shirt is the abstract graphic on the sleeves displaying a variety of striping patterns.



2020/21 Burnley Home Shirt

Burnley Home 2020/21 KitThe Burnley home kit for the 2020/21 season used their traditional colours of maroon and sky blue, a colour scheme similar to that of the Aston Villa and West Ham kits. Like the said kits, Burnley’s home shirt had sky blue sleeves, though the colour only covered three-fourths while maroon took up the rest and continued toward the entirety of the body. The round neckline had a sky blue outline and a maroon collar with a slit on the front side. Finishing off the design was the sky blue underlining the neckline. The kit took inspiration from the 1920/21 squad that won 30 games straight.



Burnley Away Kits

2022/23 Burnley Away Shirt

Burnley Away 2021/22 KitEssentially a reverse of the Burnley colour dynamic, the club’s 2022/23 Umbro away shirt featured light blue as the dominant, base colour. Claret was used instead for the monochrome logos and the sole visual design of having top and bottom bold borders for the sleeve cuffs. A small BURNLEY reading out at the back just below the neckline signed off the look of the shirt.



2021/22 Burnley Away Shirt

Burnley Away 2021/22 KitThe mostly white Burnley Umbro away shirt for 2021/22 incorporated sky blue pinstripes on the body for lifestyle-based aesthetics. The white v-collar had a claret underlining while the sky blue sleeve cuffs’ top side got a bold claret border.



2020/21 Burnley Away Shirt

Burnley Away 2020/21 KitBurnley’s 2020/21 away kit was a predominantly black shirt produced by Umbro. The black base colour was relatively darker on the shoulders and upper half of the sleeves. An abstract tonal pattern designed the chest to reflect the lion and stripe on the old Burnley crest. The seam on the left sleeve had a mint lining, while the one on the right had claret. The narrow v-collar had a claret tipping on the left side, while the right half had a mint underline. An underline composed of claret, white, and mint colours appeared below the collar on the back.



Men’s Burnley Shirt

Burnley play their home games in claret shirts, with the away kit commonly yellow, white and black (recent seasons had seen the team try out different colours too). The club have seen success in league championships coming in 1920/1 and 1959/60, as well as an FA Cup win in 1914, when they beat Liverpool 1-0.

Burnley Football Club were one of the founding members of the football league in 1888, though the club came into existence in 1882. Burnley play their home games at the Turf Moor Stadium on Harry Potts Way in Burnley, with a capacity of 22,619. The stadium has been their home since 1883, although needless to say it has been renewed and had additional stands constructed over the years.

The town of Burnley became the smallest town to host a Premier League club.