Chelsea 23/24 Away Kit


2022/23 Chelsea Away Shirt

Chelsea Away 2022/23 KitChelsea’s secondary jersey for 2022/23 was a white Nike shirt designed with four teal hoops and offset horizontal pinstripes on the front side. The abstract pattern housed inside the hoops took the same lion figure inspiration that informed the visuals of the home shirt’s collar. Together with the pinstripes, the sleeve cuffs and the monochrome logos supplied the navy accents of the outfit.



2021/22 Chelsea Away Shirt

Chelsea Away 2021/22 KitChelsea introduced an ‘opti’ yellow Nike away shirt for the 2021/22 season recognising the colour’s involvement during the notable eras of the club. Black horizontal pinstripes pressed against the yellow base to produce a simple yet impacting and youthful aesthetics. Additional black accents included the sleeve cuffs and the rear end of the modern crew neck collar. The front end of the collar was yellow.



2020/21 Chelsea Away Shirt

Chelsea Away 2020/21 KitA bright and pale shade of blue called ‘cobalt tint’ made up the base colour of the shirt, perfect for putting attention to the Nike Swoosh, Chelsea emblem, and Three’s number 3 logo, all of which were shaded with blackened blue. Diagonal stripes of blue, light blue, and grey appeared prominently across the shirt. The ‘cobalt tint’ nature of the kit was reminiscent of the Jose Mourinho’s successful Chelsea side of 2005-2006, a season that saw them win the club’s second consecutive title and one that featured the team with a light blue uniform in their away games for that season.


Chelsea Away Kits

Chelsea have used various colours in their away shirts over the years with red, white and yellow being the most popular. Since the start of the 21st century, Chelsea have designed numerous eye catching change kits with black being a popular base colour.

Black has been a dominant choice for away kits in past 10 seasons as well as white and yellow. Notable away kits include the 1905 kit which was and all white kit but with black socks with green trim.

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