The latest about Croatia away kits are available here, including the one for the Euro 2024 tournament. By tradition, Croatia adopts blue as the main colour for their alternate kits. Exceptions to this were the 2018 and 2020 releases, both of which went for a black base. Examples of established Croatian players to wear the away kit were Davor Suker, Mario Mandzukic, Ivan Rakitic, Ivan Perisic and Luka Modric.

Croatia Away Kit

The Croatian national football team has played since Croatia’s independence in 1990-1992 and is controlled by the Croatian Football Federation. After the independence of Yugoslavia in 1991 Croatia gained membership from UEFA And FIFA where the UEFA Euro 1996 was their first major tournament as a country. Luka Modric is considered to be the greatest Croatian footballer of all time and is the most capped player in their history. Davor Suker, the 1998 World Cup top scorer, holds the record of top goalscorer.

2024 Croatia Away Shirt

Croatia Away 2024 KitThe choice of going back to a more familiar shade of blue is a return to tradition of some sort for Croatia with their 2024 away. But what has never left is the presence of the checkers. Like the 2016, the bespoke pattern goes all over the shirt in a slanted manner. This time though, the squares are relatively larger, making them more visible even for fans watching from their TVs or from the farthest stands. Red trims pop out along the diagonal demarcations to complete the design of the shirt.



2022/23 Croatia Away Shirt

Croatia Away 2022/23 KitThe 2022 World Cup Nike away shirt of Croatia is mostly navy, kind of a blackened blue. Standing out from this outfit is the blurry transition of the base to the aqua-tinged light blue checkered graphic towards the top left of the kit. The dynamic between the primary and the accent colours produce an underwater aesthetics to the overall look.




2020/21 Croatia Away Shirt

Croatia Away 2020/21 KitThe away kit still represents Croatia significantly but with a bolder look thanks to the application of a black base and grey squares to form the country’s historical chessboard pattern. The pattern covers the entire front and back of the main body, cutting angularly in the front of the sleeves and horizontally at the back just right after the shoulders. The remaining area of the sleeves is pure black with subtly angled linings. The Croatian badge sits on the left chest and the red swoosh on the right. The red zap markings are visible on the sides of the body.