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Croatia Home Kit

In their home games Croatia play in a strip of red and white checked shirts. They played in their first major tournament in 1996 and have been a strong force in international football ever since, finishing third in the 1998 World Cup thanks in part to Golden Boot winner Davor Suker. Their strongest showing, however, came in the 2018 FIFA World Cup where they finished as runner-ups to champions France.

2024 Croatia Home Shirt

Croatia Home 2024 KitThe 2024 Croatia home is at the boldest it can be as far as the bespoke pattern is concerned. The zoomed-in application is the widest and largest the red-and-white checkered look has been in Croatia’s kit history. So even from afar the audience can see which nation the kit represents. With the pattern confined to the body, the sleeves are left in white. Perhaps intentionally designed, the white Swoosh falls on a red square to make it visible.



2022/23 Croatia Home Shirt

Croatia Home 2022/23 KitCroatia’s 2022 World Cup Nike home shirt contains the bespoke red and white checkered design. But while the traditional pattern seem to be straightforward on the raglan sleeves, it appears asymmetrically on the main body, with some of the red blocks missing around the chest and few towards the bottom half. Nonetheless, this edition of national team’s home should still carry an air of familiarity for its fans.



2020/21 Croatia Home Shirt

Croatia Home 2020/21 KitThe 2020 Nike home kit screams Croatia at the onset with its iconic, relatively large, red and white checkered pattern, with white boxes symmetrically housing the Croatian badge and blue swoosh on the left and right chest. The zap design on the sides of the body panel is also blue. The round neck sits within a diamond seam and is red collared just a bit on the front but more on the sides. The front part of the sleeves is split angularly between white and red. The back is mostly white, except for the collar area which has the other half of the diamond seam that forms around the crew neck, as well as the back of the sleeves which is in red. Starting from the bottom, about a fifth of the backspace is checkered.


Men’s Croatia Shirt

Croatia have one of the most iconic and recognisable football shirts in Europe and the world as it boasts red and white chequered squares. An iconic shirt worn by Croatia was the 1998 edition where the nation finished an impressive third place in the FIFA World Cup in that year. The checkered shirt once again became a symbol of achievement in the 2018 World Cup, 20 years later, when Croatia finished as runners-up.

Croatia’s initial jersey was designed in 1991 by Miroslav Šutej, who also designed the nation’s coat of arms. Although slightly altered by Lotto and Nike since its original release, the jersey has remained similar as a national identity, the chequered design is also used to represent other Croatian sports teams and athletes.

Croatia, the Vatreni of international football, wears red and white chequered shirts whit white shorts and are manufactured by Nike. Croatia are one of the stronger European nations as they feature several well known players in their squad including Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic, and Dejan Lovren.

Croatia World Cup Kits

Croatia World Cup 2022 KitsWorld Cup 2022 – After finishing as runners-up in 2018, Croatia hoped to have another good run in the World Cup and finally secure the title in 2022. To be relied on for this endeavour were the likes of Ivan Persisic, Luka Modric, and Marcelo Brozovic. The noteworthy detail of the nation’s checkered kits was their asymmetry-the home kit had the bespoke blocks abstractly fill the main body while the away had it mostly on the left hand side covering the chest and the sleeve. What’s more for the alternate shirt, it was predominantly navy with aqua accent for the checkered design and the accompanying underwater effect visual.

Croatia World Cup 2018 KitsWorld Cup 2018 – No shame in finishing runners-up to a French side that had the likes of Raphael Varane, Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, Ngolo Kante, Olivier Giroud and Kylian Mbappe. Such was the feeling as the nation still bestowed the ‘Order of Duke Branimir’ excellence award to recognise the team’s contribution in promoting Croatia in international relations. The kits at that time featured solid fills for the sleeves and a bold application of the checkered pattern on the body. Furthermore, the edges of the boxes had a jagged finish. The primary kit displayed the traditional red and white while the change shirt was black and navy.

Croatia World Cup 2014 KitsWorld Cup 2014 – Croatia’s 2014 bid might had ended in group stage, but it was a group stage full of goals nonetheless. The results seesawed wildly, with the team losing to Brazil 3-1, then winning 4-0 against Cameroon, before exiting the tournament with its 3-1 loss to Mexico. The game with Brazil marked some firsts in the FIFA World Cup such as the vanishing spray for marking free kick spots, the advent of goal-line tech, and Brazil’s first World Cup own goal courtesy of Marcelo. The red on the home kit was deep in tone and the trademark checkers had more body coverage thanks to the standard cut on the sleeves. The change shirt had a plush royal blue hue and utilised the traditional red and white checkered design as a broad trim flowing from the shoulders down to the sleeves.

Croatia World Cup 2006 KitsWorld Cup 2006 – Featuring a team that had moved on from the Golden Generation squad, Croatia exited in the group stage of the 2006 World Cup despite a group-topping performance in the qualifiers. Relative to the 2014 kits, the blocks of the checkered design in the 2006 home kit were smaller and the red was brighter. The bespoke pattern also covered the sleeves. Regarding the secondary strip, it was also royal blue and displayed on its left-hand side a vertical band containing the red and white checkers.

Croatia World Cup 2002 KitsWorld Cup 2002 – In 2002, Croatia essentially reversed the looks in their home and away kits. The former had the checkers front and centre surrounded by blue angular trims covering the sides of the body and the underside of the sleeves, leaving the rest in white. The latter, on the other hand, had the royal blue solid fill on the body, flanked by the angular panels in white, with the rest covered in the bespoke Croatian design. 2002 was another group stage exit for Croatia after winning just one out of three matches.

Croatia World Cup 1998 KitsWorld Cup 1998 – While the nation had a rich football history as a former part of Yugoslavia, it first appeared independently as Croatia in the 1998 World Cup. 1998 became even more memorable as the Davor Suker-led Croatia finished third in its debut World Cup tournament. Thus, the underdogs gave so much meaning and fond memories to its white home kit that had a warped checkered pattern covering much of the upper right hand side, as well as the bright royal blue away kit with the checkered visuals forming on the laterals and the underside of the sleeves.

Croatia, the Vatreni of international football, wears red and white chequered shirts whit white shorts and are manufactured by Nike. Croatia are one of the stronger European nations as they feature several well known players in their squad including Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic, and Dejan Lovren.

The Croatian national football team has played since Croatia’s independence in 1990-1992 and is controlled by the Croatian Football Federation.

After the independence of Yugoslavia in 1991 Croatia gained membership from UEFA And FIFA where the UEFA Euro 1996 was their first major tournament as a country. Luka Modric is considered to be the greatest Croatian footballer of all time and is the most capped player in their history. Davor Suker, the 1998 World Cup top scorer, holds the record of top goalscorer.