2006-2007 Who Did A Better Job Nike Or Adidas?

2006-2007 Who Did A Better Job Nike Or Adidas?

2006-2007 Who Did A Better Job Nike Or Adidas?

I have to admit Nike and Adidas did a great job with kits last season(06-07). But who did the better job? Nike were going for the retro theme. Some kits turned out really nice in the retro theme.

Adidas had really good templates…. such as the real madrid one…

What do you guys think?

Nike or Adidas????

Posted on June 11, 2007

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  1. David Beckham


  2. Rob


  3. Everton 4 Ever

    Nike because i hate liverpool and i think that u shudnt have 2 liverpool kits …. come on u blues

  4. Chris

    i lyk the nike shirts coz im arsenal fan but i would like 2 c adidas make arsenal shirts because they use 2 be boring jus 3 stripes every season now there r makin brill shirts i luv em n the quality

  5. Kk

    is the best espessilly liverpools

  6. Matt

    Adidas nuf sed 😛

  7. Fat Joe

    Bebbers thinks that nike is better but i fat joe think that adidas is better because the make larger sizes

  8. Ricardo

    Nike, because they sponsored my time Porto and Adidas did a bad job with the away kit of Benfica

  9. Louis


  10. Dean Gibson

    Nike and Adidas Both Done Good Jobs But I Think Nike Just Edged it

  11. Pete

    I’m more partial to the Nike jerseys, I am a tottenham supporter so i can look at Adidas and Nike Jerseys without much bias. I like the simplicity of Nike, to me it seems Adidas Jerseys have too much going on

  12. Brn442

    I hate to say it but Adidas has gotten used to mass produced templates, a sign of laziness. Nike on the other hand has for the most part, especially with their national team accounts, have tried to make each shirt unique, traditional and clean. Its a shame that the yanks have come in and given adidas a master class on how it is done. There is nothing wrong with using mass produced templates providing it is simple (e.g. the adidas gems from the 70/80’s. New arsenal away shirt – brilliant.

  13. T-man

    i say addidas they changed the styles that the had before, the kits were great espacially chelsea’s away kits and liverpool’s away kits nike did a gd job as well but there wer e more addidas coming out then nike.

  14. Ash

    simple is the best and nike made some quality simple kits so NIKE

  15. Ross

    well i think umbro 😛

  16. Wakey

    i prefer the adidas templates for last season but lookin at the latest releases they have mucked up this seasons real madrid and ac milan ones cus are disgusting but i do like the chelsea, maseille and liverpool kits and loved the benifca and ajax ones from last season, i like the new arsenal away shirt, porto away shirt and the valencia away shirt! but i do prefer adidas if im honest in footwear football shirts and leisurewear!

  17. Ad

    Adidas Chelsea kit was mint boo to nikes average man u kit.

  18. Mike Brailsford

    Retro is good, but a V neck looks less quality than the rounder neck on some Nike shirts. Got to admit adidas have improved a lot recently.

  19. Gazza

    the thing next to the adidas logo on the real madrid shirt is the team of the century award

  20. Gilbs

    nike by a mile. look at da barca shirt. beautiful. and the arsenal kit is mint (although i have 2 say dat as arsenal r da best.) the only decent adidas one is da chelsea shirt and look at der new away kit adidas made it is awful.



  22. Geceninoglu

    i think adidas made the best shirts.nike’s shirts seem so plain to me.adidas smash nike with the experience.but nike has the best footballers.adidas must do something about this situation.–GALATASARAY is the best–Hakan Şükür is the real king–ua35

  23. Tony

    i think the adidas kits rocked!!!! though not all of them are cool this season(chelsea away) but they still rocked.

  24. The Wilgar Warrior


  25. RyAn


  26. Martin

    The nike kits look good but i like the style of the adidas shirts

  27. Reidy

    i think its adidas because it a better strip designs than nike

  28. Ryan

    i think the adidas kits did better last season. They had more detail to them than the Nike kits. The details on the adidas kits looked good on the players and how they fitted. They complimented the players in a a way lol. like the real madrid lines on the shorts and the lines down the sides of the shorts, and the lines at the back. The AC Milan kit is also really nice. Nike kits had a good classic plain style to them and was original but was used all to often and not much changes were made as much as what Adidas made.Only changes i can think of really is how the collars varied like arsenal and hollands int’nl were completely different. but thats it really. I think adidas last season but what ive seen this season, Nike by far.

  29. Liam

    I reckon that Adidas is the best make. A lot of great players are sponsored by Adidas such as Kaka, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham and Raul. Also Adidas Football Boots fit my feet better as I have narrow feet by the are big in length.

  30. S.C

    adidas dun beta 4 english clubs and sum european clubs but nike dun wel 4 barcelona

  31. Ali Kocaciftci

    of course adidas and Bayern München

  32. Zeronos

    the new 07/08 design of adidas jersey sucks! nike’s better. nice n simple. adidas’ losing it year by year. pity them, they don’t have the creativity to design fancy clothes..

  33. A.Luque

    As I am Newcastle United, I think the sports maker Addidas made better strips. The new Newcastle strip is horrible

  34. Sean

    All Nike kits are the same designs just different colours and badges , Adidas have varied the designs.

  35. Pot

    all adidas shirts are better to look at. such as the liverpool shirts.
    The liverpool home shirt got to be the best looking kit in the prem

  36. Man U R Best

    And again, Have U seen the new manchester United Kit its Cool, just how united fans want!
    and again its nike, I am talking about 2007-2008 its not the one on this site on top its the 2008 season Its well cool and the numbers and lettering are different and the F.A premier logo is differant (All the teams are like that) I hope United win. Anyway again Nike by miles they are cool

  37. Man U R Best

    I think Nike, Of Corse. I like the patterns and they do the best team in the world, Man u, Anyway, adidas i hate very much.

  38. Richie

    i reckon nike did a better job judging by the kits on display at the top but being a liverpool fan and a bit biased, i still favour adidas

  39. Danny

    adidas are fantastic they have sum mint tops such as liverpool and real madrid if only the sunderland boys wer sponsored by them come on roy keanes red and white army

  40. Manu4evr

    Nike for sure…
    3 words Manchester United’s kit
    cleaniest kit in Europe

  41. Hitz Bhatt

    adidas hands down, the kit style and the cut on the kits is awesome. also that formotion is phenomenal

  42. Lil Lampard

    adidas is better

  43. Jack

    i thought Addidas were better becuase…well basically the kits were just overall better designs to what Nike’s were in my opinion…like chelseas i had never seen a good chelsea top till i seen Addidas make it

  44. Toddzy

    Adidas by a murray leith mile

  45. Mickey D

    adidas there beta teams

  46. Evilz

    I think adidas is better than Nike…
    I think Umbro is the best brand in the world…
    Even I still like adidas…
    If you take a look at Umbro products , it have more technologies than the other brand…
    Such as the new Umbro Ultra SX boot’s…
    They are better than Predators and Vapors….

  47. Hardie43

    Nike are either stripes plain,piping or halves this year yawn.Adidas are better.Love new Newcastle and AC Milan designs especially with the name on the collars

  48. Www.youtube.com

    nike defo cos i dont like liverpool and they r adidas

  49. Dominic

    It’s a hard decision but i’d have to say adidas. I like the retro style of nike but too plain.

  50. HeyDingis

    When you look at the adidas kits, it is blatantly obvious that they are mass-produced templates. They may do slightly different things with them, but by and large they all looked the same. Nike, while they did use templates, made their templates subtle enough to let clubs personalize them. For the most part, they were respectful to each club’s traditions. When you look at the best of Nike vs the best of Adidas, I still prefer Nike, but I think you could make an argument for Adidas. When you look at the worst that Nike made compared to the worst of Adidas, the two companies don’t compare. Nike’s “worst” kits may have been boring, but it’s difficult to find an all-out ugly Nike kit. Adidas, on the other hand, have made some ugly, ugly kits.

  51. Bah

    Both of them made a good work, but I think United’s top was just gorgeous.

  52. Cardtrick

    nike ..old skool style

  53. Abahaji

    Adidas is a lot better.. i like nike but i have to admit that Adidas has produced better and more confortable shirts.. go adidas

  54. Al

    Thanks for replying to my forum guys…. looking at the replys……….. I think most of you like nike more than adidas…. keep the comments coming 🙂

  55. Jez

    I think addidas did better look at the real top itts gourgous so is the liverpool and chelsea and then look at nike a load of crap

  56. Yogi Bear


  57. Dave K

    Nike look better, but I brought both Chelsea and Inter Milan, and the Adidas is more comfortable. I can’t actually wear the Inter one without a T shirt under because of the sponsers logo. However, Umbro were vastly superior to adidas in both feel and looks, saying that the new Umbro range (ie West Ham) is seriously minging.

  58. Daniel

    i think that adidas were better!
    not only in the design…. but also with the quality of the shirt!

  59. Euanpolo

    adidas is much better than nike.

  60. Sami

    i think its adidas because they use good pattersn and bcoz i sapport liverpool who were adidas

  61. Martin

    Adidas is better by far

  62. Admin

    Clint it is the Ajax away shirt from 2006/07

  63. Clint

    What top is tht beside the Real Madrid one?

  64. Asha Da Basha

    Gotta b adidas! Even tho i is a forest fan, and adidas wil b sponsorin derby nxt season, adidas is mint!!!!!

  65. Tim

    I think Nike were better last year, for a change. The United kits were great for the first time since Nike started making them.

    I take it everyone thinks Umbro are pretty much out of it nowadays then. All the latest kits look the same, with stupid stripes and diamonds around the necks etc.

  66. Rory

    well i have to say nike cos nike shirt feel more comfortable in n there dirtfit never mine adidas have climitcool but this year adidas copy nike lastyear look at how nike shirts look lastyear and look at how adidas look this year !!!

  67. Wutang01

    I prefer adidas to be honest. I like more teams who use adidas than Nike. eg Chelsea’s 0608 Home and 0607 Euro jersey were really cool. Liverpool’s 0608 Home and 0708 Away looks incredibly sexy. Off the top of my head, the Nike jerseys I like are Barcelona’s home and away jersey in 0607 season.

  68. Hadi

    I think nike is better because they sponsored barcelona,porto,manchester united,arsenal and so on

  69. Loe

    i think adidas allthow i’m a united guy

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