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Arsenal Away Shirt 2008/09

Arsenal Away Shirt 2008/09

Arsenal Away Shirt 2008/09

The shot of Arsenal’s new home shirt have just been posted and here is a shot of the away shirt which uses a similar template. Made by Nike their swoosh is on the right chest in blue, sponsors Fly Emirates logo is also in blue in the centre of the shirt, which itself is yellow. The sleeves are the same blue as the logos and have a red thick red line running through them up to the collar.

Away Kit 08/09 for Arsenal

Arsenal Away Shirt 08/09

The shirt is collarless, just a blue circle round the neck, inside the collar is some currently illegiable writing from the photo. The clear shot of the shirt has been taken without a flash and doesn’t show the true yellow colour of the shirt. To get a good idea of that as the photo of the home & away were taken side by side, look below at part of the shot of the home shirt, which was taken with a flash to see the true arsenal away shirt yellow for next season:

Gunners 2008/09 Yellow Away

Posted on January 18, 2008

Comments on “Arsenal Away Shirt 2008/09”

  1. Bennett

    missing the full white sleeves on the home kit but the away has proper arsenal history there. beautiful!!

  2. Bennett

    missing the full white sleeves on the home kit but the away is proper arsenal history there. beautiful!!

  3. Clock Ender

    I’m with iain and titi4king on this. Most of the posters above have no sense of history. Arsenal’s away kit has traditionally been yellow and blue for decades, and this kit is a great reinterpretation of the one worn on that fantastic night at Anfield in May 1989. And to anyone who’s saying they prefer the white shirt – let’s leave those to that other team in North London, hmmm?

  4. Titi4king

    bloody johnny-come-lately fans, ahhhh the nostalgia of it!!! its ’89 all over again, when its up for grabs I’ll be having one. oh to…

  5. Fabregas Fa

    Hi the home shirt is nice i am getting it for my birthday but NIKE are having a laugh with tha away one and why dont they wear it. Man they must heyt us or somthing.

  6. Iain

    Back to the traditional yellow and blue… up the gunners.

  7. Perry

    the away shirt is like the team if we dont buy anyone shit.sack wenger now.

  8. Chase

    it isnt yellow its really supposed to be a goldish colour.

  9. Ayushya Kaul

    Someone here said ur supposed away jersey is worse than celsea’s away…..are u fuking crazy?????Have you seen chelsea’s new awa kit????Walk before u talk u ignorant idiot!

  10. Nicholas

    i prefer last season’s white kit. it’s way nicer than this. Nevertheless, a trophy will be most important this year rather than the kit…COME ON GUNNERS!!!!

  11. C.J

    I was jus sick in my sister/girlfriends face and not because i am commiting crimes of incest but for how hideous the away tap is.

  12. Rapidspeed

    its alright too similar to the 2005/06 kits tho, I’ll still buy it… Its a nice top to win the league in, and get the double on Man Utd Chelsea and Liverpool in. Hopefully win the Champions League and FA Cup in aswell! =D

  13. Arsenal Daft Stew

    this shirt is bad, Nike are getin so lazy with there designs, but what ever the shirt i’l buy it with that badge on it and we’l win the league, Mon the Gooners

  14. James Z

    Home shirt is Sexy !
    Away shirt however isn’t – Looks like were turning the clock back. Hopefully this means we’ll win something this year

  15. Bilal Hashmi

    This completely is the worst shirt i have ever totally is. And the other thing is u guys , i think this will be the new away shirt. It will bring Arsenal bad luck because they were in 2006-07 wearing this yellow kind of shirt and came 4th place. This year’s white shirt was so good they only lost 3 games in it!

  16. Arsenal 4 Life

    i dunno wats wrong with nike…otherwise they wudn’t have come up wid a disgusting kit like this….the colour combination is like some african school soccer team jersey……..last year’s kits were superb….atleast they cud’ve continued wid it……..

  17. Kdubz

    omg!!!! i think this kit looks soo ugly. if they do come out wid this shirt i think it wud be a waste of money . its probly not the real one but u neva kno. hopefully this isnt are kit for next season coz if it is i will neva wear it not even touch it its dat bad!!

  18. Matt

    Looks like a fake training shirt.

  19. Will The Yid

    You shouldnt worry about what kit your wearing, jus worry about what half decent players youll have left to wear it!

  20. Paul W

    why dont they just reverse the home kit,red coller and sleeves with a white body. surely makes sense..lets not do a chelsea with the away kit

  21. Bilal Hashmi

    This is the worst shirt i have ever seen. It simply is. the home shirt is ok but this one sucks. whats wrong with Nike.

  22. Clive

    this one Spence:

  23. Spence

    I went to the Cesc Fabregas show yesterday and we were told that the new away kit will be a replica of the 1988-89 kit… the Michael Thomas ”it’s up for grabs” kit… So it’s quite possible that this will be the kit as it is very similar… obvious nike wont have the 3 adidas stripes on it, so this may be the closest they can get to it.

  24. Kell Smith

    it’s desgusting the white top should be home and they should make a blue one for away

  25. Monty


    this cnt b 4 real, worst kit goin.. aint buying it 4 shit

  26. Haakon

    Arsenal will only get a new homeshit to the 08/09 season! The the white away shirt that they are using now will be the new 3rd shirt and the 3rd shirt they are using now will be the new away shirt!
    Anyway, this shirt was actualy posted last year aswell before they released the white awayshirt!

  27. Ben

    all i can say is i hope they are prototypes. The away kit looks really bad.

  28. Scott (The Guy From Above)

    Ok, for those of you wingers about kits of all things, seriously… its a football shirt. does it really matter? Just to clarify for those of you that it does matter to… this is the shirt… and it REALLY is, none of this … oooo might be, might not be stuff. it is. end of.

  29. Rey_k

    Truely said, Scott!
    About the away kit though – i was hoping for something in black – something different… the white away kit this season i reckon was nice!! the best away kit for a couple of years..

  30. Scott

    Get a life, I’m an Arsenal season ticket holder, and couldnt give a monkeys what the kit looks like as long as we win silverware next season.

  31. Richtea

    be nice if yellow was a more gold colour, and that they were switched round, so blue/navy torso, gold/red arms.
    still nicr tho

  32. Jackyd93

    this shirt is horrible and so is the home shirt an dits trying 2 be a copy of the JVc shirt and why no white sleeves and when have arsenal ever played in blue, red and YELLOW! EWWWWWW

  33. Jim

    Also we are changing home and away kit this season so stfu ct.

  34. Jim

    Calm down this shirt is a fake trust me.
    Even thought I thought it looked pritty good.

  35. Ct


  36. Mark Davies

    Its a fake although the colours are correct. It will be like the 89 title winning kit.

    Remember there were loads of white shirts knocking around on this website this time last year and none of them were the correct design.

  37. AFC

    Bloody hell wtf is wrong with Nike, first of the shirt is F***ing ugly the bright yellow with the blue and red is hideous, secondly NIke need a lot more imagination coz they’re pretty much copying the away shirt from the 06-07 season

    I really like the home shirt though I can definately see Fabregas wearing it, although I’d prefer that Nike make the sleeves completly white, but still a lot better than the shite that Nike think is going to be our away shirt.

  38. Good2beAgooner

    hope to god the away is a fake coz it looks as bad as chelseas away 07 – 08, but the home kit is ok

  39. AzBo

    fucking quality! reminds me of ’89

    get in!

  40. Roberto-Arsenal4Life

    how do you no that this is the shirt its to early to tell they could be prototypes!!!

    god i hope we dont have that away shirt though

  41. Darren


  42. Seegdf

    looks like a fake, you buy from a charity shop in Italy!

  43. Seegdf

    First pictures of Arsenal kits always lead to them being their actuall kits for the up-coming seasons!!

  44. WoS

    not very imaginitive is it

  45. Shahab

    dat dus not even look like a real jersey, looks like the fake jerseys i buy from iran

  46. Jake

    that is disgusting! the white and 3rd kits were lovely this season so i dont believe nike would make something like this for arsenal so i dont think this is real. If it was it would be better suited to man u or spurs scum!

  47. FDV

    It looks like Udinese away shirt.
    Bad shirt

  48. Peter

    BTw – ThisIs Not Real Becasue I Saw It B4 This Season Saying It Was Ment To Be The Away Top This Year

  49. 18loon85

    both arsenal kits are going very retro, almost wrighty era.

  50. Rafa

    And people slagging our shirts? The state of that.

  51. Jacko

    Bloody ugly. The home shirt looks good tho.

  52. Gavin McElroy


  53. Adam

    no sure there is something about it

  54. Kidandy

    loving it.

    especially the navy and red on the sleeves.

    sign me up for 2 please.

  55. Gooner 4 Life

    hell no they look crap

  56. James Earl


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