08/09 Arsenal Home Shirt

08/09 Arsenal Home Shirt

08/09 Arsenal Home Shirt

It seems to be that time at the moment, looks of previews of 2008/09 Premier League shirt are coming available. This one is Arsenal’s new home shirt for next season.

Arsenal’s 2008/09 Kit

Arsenal Home Shirts 2008/09

In traditional Arsenal red, from the collar down the sleeves is a white section which seperated from the red by what looks like a black or possibly a red currant thick line. Some wording inside the collar isn’t clear at the moment. The front of the shirt has sponsors Fly Emirates across it in white, with the Nike swoosh on the right chest and the gunners club badge on the left chest. The white bordered by the black/red currant is also down the side of he chest of the shirt.

Posted on January 18, 2008

Comments on “08/09 Arsenal Home Shirt”

  1. Ashe

    best arsenal shirt ever second place is the 05 06 one

  2. Josh

    IM looking for an 06 07 arsenal away jersey Yellow and it says Fly Emirates in Black I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE =(

  3. ArsenalFreak

    What a fantastic kit!
    To LFCred!! Your tottenham have lost so many time to Arsenal that there had to be a first time…

  4. Unitedkitsrshit

    ours arent, if u like the united kit better, go get one and i’ll see you at old trafford (sitting on the oppoisite side of YOU!), As mentioned loads of times it represents the dreamcast kits from a while ago, when we had probably the best squad we’ve had in Pires,Henry,Bergkamp,Viera etc and because of that (i had doubts) but LOOOVE THIS KIT!!!
    I watched arsenal beat barnet in these new kits and looks so much like the dreamcast kits apoart from the sleeve!!!
    This season………BRING IT!!!!
    We’ve got the youngsters that r only getting better, Man Utd’s youngsters are poor and NOT READY!
    Eagles ROFL

  5. TRUEarseandall

    I HATE THE YELLOW KIT, doesnt mean i’m not a true gunner, I’ve supported gunners from the 1st time my foot touched a ball, i’ve had loads of kits, my favourite ones are:
    The Navy blue,-baby blue,-red O2 nike away kit..
    The white away kit from last season!
    The third kit from last season
    The navy blue-turquoise nike kit from years ago (with gunners on the back!)
    The redcurrent o2 highbury kit
    The GOLD sega kit
    The yellow-black Sega kit
    Theyellow JVC away kit with gunners on the back and yellow prints. (Yellow kits are usually poor and look tacky, I know its history but it looks shite unless your playing for arsenal!)

  6. Wengers Dad

    I actually like it ALOT, shame about the away kit though.
    The White shorts and socks look much better with this kit, I dont know why everyone moans about the white sleeves, NIKE arent getting rid of it, i’ve forgotten how many nike kits havent had white sleeves and adidas hasnt always STUCK to white sleeves back in the day so???
    Everyone likes to complain, i guess… the white away kit
    ( that ppl hate bcos its vaguely similar to LOADS of other clubs…SPURS) and blue third kit was one of the best ever, and the redcurrant kit too!
    redcurrant NEEDS to stay in our colour scheme, yellow and bue doesnt cut it off the pitch, it only looks nice with the WHOLE kit and numbers, but off the pitch looks rubbish.

  7. Seng Kiat

    Nice design, but unsuitable. It has to have the gold stripe! I’d prefer the kit to match the Arsenal logo. Overall, disapointing. Why did they have to change the kit anyway…

  8. Diego

    hmmm not bad not bad at all with kits lik this i should be at arsenal in two weeks time

  9. Wengers Mum

    it is the best

  10. Kieran Mallett

    i think it looks nice but it needs white sleeves please

  11. Arsenal2win

    my fav asenal shirt is prob the 07 08 3rd kit but this nice too

  12. Mark Dawson

    This reminds me of the1998-1999 kit.

  13. Del Boy

    To be honest any Arsenal that comes on here and goes I ain’t gonna buy it. “It look F**king ugly” then don’t buy it simple as. But either way you wear your clubs shirt with pride no matter what it looks like. count your self lucky compared to other clubs. And yeah Id prefer more white on the sleeves but hey I don’t choose How it looks. And a reminder people who slated the white away kit from last year prob ended up buying it so it be no different to now. So just be proud and UP “THE ARSENAL”

  14. Wengers Boss

    I like the top it does look sort of old and new and what really matters the most is we will win the PREMIERSHIP next year and kick UNITEDS ass

  15. Gunner4life

    i think dat it is a nice kit nd if it is fake den i cnt wait to see the real 1 lol

  16. Jim


    i think it rubbish this season compared to others in previous years

  17. Me


  18. Thierry Henry

    i am sooooooooooooo glad i left then barcelona’s shirt rocks, the home and away shirt are something i wouldn’t give to a tramp

  19. Arsene Wenger

    i zink it err is a **** shirt i err do not want it to be err are err shirt it err sucks

  20. YungGooner

    why do nike always seem to give Arsenal the short end of the stick when it comes to kits coz we were one of the first club teams to have nike, united have the best kits every season, we should have more originality like united.

  21. Paul

    i support arsenal and this is the worst arsenal shirt i have ever seen..its boring and it lacks style.

    it looks like nike are giving up on arsenal..our last kit was nice but this one looks very bad.

    how come manutd get such a nice home kit.

  22. Jonathan

    true arsenals fans know the importance of a yellow away shirt, roll on the premiership we wont lose an away game in that baby. the home shirt reminds me of henry, pires, ljungberg, viera, the dreamcast days, the flair and passion we had then (i think highbury played a part in that). This is the right direction for presence on the pitch

  23. Tim D

    long time arsenal fan.
    love the kits this season, but i did come across these photos of the supposed “new kit”.


    put those in your address bar and see what you think.

    gooner for life.

  24. Ian V

    If you dont like this proposed away top I presume you dont remember the best night in our History in May 89? If you dont want Arsenal to have a yellow away top, then I have to ask how long have you supported Arsenal? Mugs!!!

  25. Snoop Gunner 4 Life

    This model is not the arsenal home kit anyway !! nike and arsenal are yet to decide on the design!! so i guess all you fellas need to wait jus a bit!! am sure the new shirts gonna b awesome!! better than this for sure!!


    As its been said its not much different from our home shirt a couple of seasons back but i like it alot. And as im a true gooner its top of my list of must have’s

  27. Gunnberboy1981

    I dunno what half you lot are on about! This shirt looks utterly awesome! And there is definitely enough white on the sleeve to make it recognisable as an Arsenal shirt! Release it just as it is and they’ll sell loads!

    I buy the home and away shirt every time a new one is released, no matter what it looks like! I like to think that my pennies are helping towards the signing of the next Henry!

    In Wenger we trust!

  28. TruGoon

    This shirt was based on the kit worn in the ’89/’90 season where arsenal clinched the DIvision 1 title

  29. Amjad

    yaya toure will look good in that shirt. the old away kit is well better than ver.

  30. BEN ARFA


  31. Alex

    its a nice shirt atleast its nicer than chelsea’s theres is horrible if we get the sighnings like ben arfa david villa richard dunne and gareth barry we got a good chance of winning next season and ben arfa is ment to be the next cristiano ronaldo

  32. Alex

    Wank. Wank. Wank. Wank. Wank.
    Nike aren’t gunner be getting any of my precious pennies for that hideous shirt.
    Disappointed Gooner.

  33. Jac

    nice shirt, love to see cesc and (hopefully) carlos vela playing in the emirates in this. 😀

    but it looks abit like a rugby shirt 😛

  34. Rozzer07

    firstly, ct, how did we, man utd, fulham, spurs and a host of other teams get two new kits last season then retard?
    and secondly, i think this shirt is sooo nice, but u cant get rid of the white sleeves. it would be like giving liverpool white shorts, or getting rid of portsmouths red socks, its just not arsenal. i wouldnt mind it for one season, as long as we revert back to white sleeves next year.

  35. Cesc4

    I think it looks like the “Dreamcast”-shirt. Not outstanding beautiful, but it looks okay. But I won’t buy it though…

  36. ArsenalFan

    That Is Some Butterzzz Shirt
    Haha Da Old Ian Wright Shirt
    Allow Buyin Dat … Onli Buy it for da sake of havin an arsenal Shirt

  37. The Arsenal

    the red ones nice and got a hot red colour but the yellow one is just plain ugly for starters the colour:S

  38. Jay_gunner

    end of the day its all about having a bit of red and white and most importantly the gunners badge! come on you reeeeddddsss!!!

  39. Neill

    this is terrible. i’m a gonner, and this is shit. it looks like a training shirt. nike dropped the ball on this. absolute crap.

    the leaked away is even worse. gross sleeves, ugly yellow…i never liked the arsenal yellow’s, in all honesty.

    this is a shame cause i thought this years aways and 3rd were gorgeous. i will be truly disapointed if these are the kits

  40. Burtsagooner

    good looking shirt as always from the classy gunners,agree with others might need more white on sleeves,but when seen in the flesh im sure it’ll be lush.yeah also do look at chelsea’s and liverpools bloody horrible!

  41. Sean

    lookz nice

  42. Vieira OOOOOOOOO

    Can’t wait to see Vieira wearing the mighty red shirt next season when he strolls back into the Emirates to fill the boots of Flamini. Vieira oooooooooooooooooooooo

  43. Norf Weezy Soulja!!

    this is the real and official home shirt for the 08/09 season. It is much better than the plain 06/07 and 07/08 season shirts. Good job Nike, keep up the good work.

  44. Norf Weezy Soulja!!

    that shirt will be the official one for the 08/09 season. It looks quality and much better than the one in 06/07 and 07/08 seasons. Good Job Nike..

  45. F4bregas

    I’M GONNA BUY IT!!!!


    It hasn’t got a white collar or enough white on the sleeves. Looks like a charlton shirt and I won’t buy it. LFC, see your luck ran out in the CL. Tealeaf mug.

  47. Ricky Ball

    like it alot not so keen on the away shirt but im arsenal all the way so will still were it oh yeah lfc red congratulations on gettin to the moscow final ha ha your team are shit

  48. Prince Attah

    This is exeptionally and extra-ordinarilly too Beautiful

  49. Lance


  50. Campbell (Happy Gooner)

    I think that the shirt looks simular 2 last seasons one but i would still bye it get wenger 2 bye these players david villa,frank ribery,perrotta,nasri,ashley young,

  51. Barrettconlan

    why does that remind me of the 2001/2002 shirt?
    henry wud suit that!

  52. Manutdmal

    to ct… man utd changed their home and away shirt this season so changing two kits is allowed. The current arsenal shirt is ok but they probably want to release a shirt that looks like it’s from the time when they actually won something.

  53. Patt

    I cant believe it! I just hope that it’s just a prototype design and not the final one. The home kit is a disaster, nothing new and absolutely a copy of the 2000-02 shirt. The yellow away shirt with the round neck looks more like a training shirt.

    I expect Nike to sit down and try to design a new shirt with new kind of creativity, not a lazy idea like this. Can’t say much as Nike’s spending millions for the stadium, but a bad design like this after a nice one that we’re wearing this season is just something which should not have happened.

  54. Moreno0911

    fantastic shirt iv just mine through the post and it is supurp. up the gunners

  55. Ct


  56. Jake T

    i think its ok but it could be better. i think it looks better with white sleeves. reminds me of the england rugby away shirt. i can’t wait to see the players in the new kit with the FA premier league trophy in their hands!!!

    come on arsenal!!!

  57. Soorbob

    i love it and ill be defo buying it! it looks very classic like the 90’s i think when they looked just like that. henry wold look perfect in that

  58. Shawboyafc

    i really like the new home kit
    it’s not too different but it’s got enough change about it
    and i’m not sure about getting rid of the white sleeves but i like what they have done with it
    i’m definitley wearing that all of next season

  59. Mikee

    i support chelsea and i think the new arsenal kit is far more better then our new home kit from what i can see from leaked clips, if you are an arsenal fan and havnt yet seen the leaked photos of a possible chelsea hoem kit, i suggest you do so immediate to apreciate what you see above the comments lol

  60. Gooner_4_eva

    its a wicked kit its well nice i am gonna buy it but i hope the fly emirates don’t come off this year cause that was annoying COME ON YOU GUNNERS WHO TO WHO TO BE WHO TO BE GOONER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. AFC

    Love the shirt, but I think they need to make it with full white sleeves, but otherwise brilliant shirt

  62. Arsenal4eva

    brilliant think it is the best 4 a few years cmon u gunners

  63. GoonerIAN

    to lfcred. A nice kit for a team thats god knows how many points above the thiieving scouse has beens. ha ha ha

  64. Mark Davies

    Oh no that’s horrible compared to the last few strips we have had.

    Our kits since 2002 (with the exception of 05/06) has roughly been the same design since Brazil. Don’t expect it to look like that

  65. Seegdf

    hey LCFred, ARSENAL 3-1 SPURS

  66. George

    someone made this mockup:

  67. LFCred

    Nice kit, for a rubbish team.
    Congratulations to Spurs on beating the Gunners 5-1.

  68. FDV

    It’s a mixture between 98-2000 and 2000-02 shirts.
    I’don’t like it,this is Arsenal,not Charlton!
    I don’t like blue stripes between red and white.

  69. Jacko

    I like it. It looks cool.
    Not an Arsenal fan tho, Leeds foreva xxD

  70. Gavin McElroy

    hate arsenal but alright

  71. Adam

    a like it
    its very like the one during ian wright era
    would buy it no doubt about it

  72. J(dott)

    i int an arsenal fan but it not a bad shirt
    i seen worse

  73. Kidandy

    i absolutely love the look of this shirt, especially if the trim is red currant.

    the collar looks very nice.
    i’ll be buying short and long sleeve for sure.

  74. Gooner 4 Life

    i aint guna buy it no white sleeves nike shirts r goin more shit shirts every year

  75. Amir

    nike tried to get rid of the white sleeves when they started making the arsenal shirt 10 years ago. looks like they are getting there slowly.

  76. Dfsgfdsgs

    where are the white sleeves?? u cant have an arsenal top without white sleeves

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