2009 Italy Shirt Photo

2009 Italy Shirt Photo

2009 Italy Shirt Photo

Another good image of this years Italy kit has surfaced, the photo of the new Italian shirt for the Confederations Cup appeared on CalcioItalia.com the website of a store based in Rome, Italy that have been selling authentic and official football products since 1983. Thanks to Elete for the tip.

The eighth Confederations Cup will be held by 2010 World Cup hosts South Africa from June 14th to 28th 2009, as a prelude to the 2010 tournament. The draw pits Italy against the United States, Brazil and Egypt in Group B. The shirt is going to be available to buy from this May.

Posted on February 27, 2009

Comments on “2009 Italy Shirt Photo”

  1. Scarto

    I saw them play yesterday in this shirt, the shirt is nothing special, but in combination with the shorts and socks (brown) was awesome, great kit, I gonna buy it if I can find it, the complete kit, love it.

  2. Endo

    I hate retro

  3. Brn442

    Not Bad – interesting collar that’s at least different.

  4. Jeff

    [quote]Liam said,

    what do you mean fake its already been confirmed as real[/quote]

    That was more of a derogatory comment about the quantity of Puma logos on their current kits then about the authenticity of this one.

  5. Bbbeen

    retro stylie

  6. Vampire Pirate

    Definite fake. 100%.

  7. Newcastle Utd Gavin McElroy

    i like that

  8. Liam

    what do u mean fake its already been confirmed as real

  9. Baby Doc

    very nice i like it

  10. Jeff

    It’s a fake… there aren’t enough Puma logos on it to be real.

  11. Looks Like Arsenal Shirt Said,

    looks like arsenal shirt said,

  12. Djm

    I know they were trying to recreate an older jersey, but this just looks cheap. Ugly collar, what a disgrace to classic old school NT jerseys….

  13. Cathal

    Pretty bad. It looks like a far east fake. Very poor quality. Puma have been useless lately!

  14. LoveAlfa

    fussy, poor colour, untidy collar, silly shadow design.

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