2009/11 Manchester United Ronaldo Home Shirt

Earlier, we have brought you a Nike picture, similar to that used for the Arsenal away shirt launch, of the new Manchester United home shirt. However, the picture was too small to notice the details. A new picture has appeared on the internet showing Man Utd superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2009/11 shirt, and it is bigger than the previous one. There is a high possibility, almost certainty, that this shirt will be the one that the Champions League runners-up will be wearing at Old Trafford next season, where they will be bidding to retain the Premier League and win the Champions League.

Whilst the present shirt has most of the details on the back, with the vertical white stripes, it seems that the new shirt will have the details on the front. In this picture, showing Ronaldo in a red shirt, we can see that it will have a black circular collar and a black chevron across the chest. Also, the Man Utd crest will be placed on a black background, and the Nike Swoosh will be white on the right hand side of the black chevron.

However, another image appeared on the internet, which looks authentic, showing that the shirt will have a white collar and white sleeve ends. The badges of the Premier League are gold, as the Red Devils are the reigning champions of England. We will have to wait and see which of these two possibilities will be the actual thing, but the thing that is for certain is that the new shirt will have a black chevron across the chest.

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  1. Surely this cannot be the shirt, as it is a well known fact AIG will not be sponsering Manchester United next season

  2. Incase you all hadn’t noticed man u are no longer sponsored by AIG so all these shirts have to be fake

  3. smells a bit fishy
    three suspicious things about this shirt
    1. the shorts are exactly like this season, including the thin black trim at the bottom of the shorts, usually they change the shorts even if its a small change
    2. you can still slightly see this years shirt pattern around the collar and the lines that go outwards at the bottom of the shirt. anyone who has this seasons top will know what i mean.
    3. and the black stripe at the nike tick looks a bit weird. not quite right.

    however this shirt is already grown on me since i saw that pic of it on the table.
    shirts always look better on.

  4. AIG will be sponsoring man u dis season.u fools havent u read the article earlier it says AIG wil sponser man u next season and then the sponser wil change ass holesss

  5. Another point wellbebeck is that if you look closely on Ronaldo’s arms, the premier league badge is not gold. This would appear if on the new kit as Man Utd have just won the title- again…

  6. the shirt with the white collar has been produced and i own it. already. it’s a nice ish kit.

  7. theres 2 problems on the pic one is they are not gonna get sponsered by AIG and the other is that ronaldo is not gonna where that shirt anymore 🙁 he might be leavin the best club in the world

  8. ur all idiots! AIG are our sponser until our contract expires which is the end of next season!

  9. That is my picture from the last thread, i wish you idiots would shutup about AIG, as of now, they are sponsors for United til end of next year.

  10. so jack u work 4 them then also AJ untied arent the best team in da world cause barca beat them last night

  11. the Ronaldo pic is photoshopped, the shorts and socks r the same as last season, the Prem sleeve patches are white, not gold and u can faintly see the same neck that was on last seasons shirts.

  12. all of the comments saying AIG aren’t the sponsor are completely wrong. AIG will be the sponsor until the end of the 2009/2010 season. unless there is a newly negotiated deal that you guys are privy to?

  13. ive got a feeling the ron pics fake as there is no nike team badge in the bottom corner of the shirt

  14. Im not being funny but i think any amuture of editing could put a black colour and stripe through the shirt c’mon lads get somthing better

  15. look closely at the badge… if you see it has the same outline around it… it has clearly been coloured in… we always change the ring toutline around thie badge… we had a weird trasingular type one with the busby kit and this season one copys the style of the badge so they will change it most likely… and the chevron represents the kit we wore when we won the fa cup in 1909 i beleive

  16. also every new nike kit this season has a tab on the bottom left of the shirt sticking out.
    look at barcas new home kit and youll see what i mean.
    where is it on this?

  17. AIG are still United’s sponsor for next season…

    after next season though, they won’t be.

  18. this looks fake. that picture of Ronaldo looks like one from this season that has been poorly edited. i hope it is fake because it looks like a training shirt and would be a very lazy update by Nike.






    Anyway, back to the shirt. If you check Aston Villas new white shirt you’ll see that Nike have used the same round collar from here. Looks like this could be the real deal….even though somebody at Nike or the agency they used is pretty rbbish at editing.

  20. 1. AIG are still contracted to sponsor United until the end of the 2009-10 season BUT they (AIG) could invoke a special clause in the contract to end the team carrying the logo on the shirts.

    2. Yes the shirt is photoshopped, but it is photoshopped by Nike. Nike have used the same branding poster for Arsenal, Villa and United and the first two shirts have already been revealed as official, so there’s no reason to believe this isn’t the new United home shirt.

    3. You are all idiots

  21. The V on the Ronaldo shirt just looks like someone’s gone over it with a decolouriser on photoshop, before putting a United logo there. Same as with the collar.

  22. Here is my mock up of a man utd away shirt. I have noticed that Man Utd are only releasing two shirts, which has led me to the conclusion that we will keep the white away kit and in with a new black. Just a thought.

  23. OMFG its obviously a bloody fake, those who cant see the details really need to buy a magnifying glass!

  24. Yes, AIG are still the sponsors for next season.

    Yes, this picture has been photoshopped – probably by Nike. Look at the add for the Villa away kit that is made up of photoshopped pics from last season (James Milner taking a free kick against Everton in the “L” and Young and Agbonlahor celebrating Zayatte’s own goal against Hull, for example).

    Yes – it is another poor effort from Nike. Had they used the v-neck from Barca’s new home kit instead of the cheapo crew neck from their away kit, it would have complemented the chevron and been a very good shirt.

    Also – how does having the club badge on a sew-on patch: a) look anything other than cheap, b) make it difficult for counterfitters to produce knock-offs?

  25. AIG are not will not sponser man utd next season its obvious. if u look at the training kit man utd players have been wearing recently the AIG sign as be covered with what appears 2 be tape. so all u idiots that said they are still goin to be sponsering united next season u are all wrong!

  26. yup. got to agree that the pic is a fake. check out the socks and shorts. similiar to this season’s. also, if u see how the shirt falls on ronny’s body, it has the shape of this season’s collar, sleeves. especially the collar.(there’s the v shaped thing-the one frm the current home jersey) also, no nike team badge. i hate the blk collar though, love the V

  27. compare it to other pictures of ronaldo in this years kit, the shorts and socks are identical and the shirt has be edited very poorly, i still think thats what it will look like though

  28. i dnt care if manu are sponserd bye nxt season and i dnt care if this is fake or not n thats comin frm a manunt fan no matter wat r nxt seasons kit is like im still gonna bye it COME ON UNITED

  29. Anyone still in doubt that the Nike shots are “photoshopped”, this is obvious. None of the Nike teams have played competitive football in their new shirts so the Nike team have photoshopped some iconic photos to promote the new shirts. Come on guys, pull your fingers out.

    Black collar over white any day. The white collar photo looks fake to me. Why would Nike put Prem badges on at this stage? Made in China by the fake squad if you ask me.



    photoshop geeks take note

  32. I like this shirt because its red and black like albanian flag. and what about the new sponsor is it saudi telecom or aon? 😀

  33. AIG is still Man Utd sponsor for next year, the contract will end up at the end of season 2009/2010 nd then will be the new sponsor which is AON. So i believe this might be the new shirt next season, there is a picture of the jersey on the official website 😉

  34. Dave, AIG are sponsor of Manchester United next season. AON will take over in the 10/11 season.

  35. lol
    tahts mean ronaldo and tevez will stay for the next season
    thats why nike put them in the promotional nike kits
    u all fool!!!

  36. aig are still sponsoring man u for next season.
    after that they swap to aon so these could be real

  37. KEITH MUSCAT!… they have done this with all of the nike shirt advertisements this year… for arsenal they took pics from last season and changed shirt…. same with fulham!!

    als bit of stupid poster as ronaldo now on his way to real madrid 4 £80 million so i should think it will be updated

  38. obviously the pics are coloured in but im almost certain that its the real design because i checked the littlewoods direct site and although the pic is currently unavailable, it states that its a “Nike men’s ‘Manchester United FC’ 2009/2011 home shirt”, and is a
    “Kit is inspired by 100 years of Old Trafford.” obviously theyve seen it so i guess it goes along with the reason for the design that weve been told of, and also indicated that at the end of next season we will all be buying this shirt a 2nd time with the new sponser. Knowing man united the two different trim colours (black or white) are probably for the two different sponsers to try force us to buy.
    No matter what it looks like anyway, if u support united and buy each home shirt then get ready for 2 seasons in a row of spending.

  39. too bad we aint being sponserd by AIG no more , and also that ronaldo wont be wearing it as he away to Real Madrid.

  40. were are actually being sponsored by AIG untill the end of this season and then AOU or whatever they are called will be taking over

  41. Has nobody noticed that it is practically the Mexico World Cup shirt from 2006?? Come on Nike, have some imagination…

  42. mr ronaldo said,
    tahts mean ronaldo and tevez will stay for the next season
    thats why nike put them in the promotional nike kits
    u all fool!!!

    Sorry to dissapoint you, but tevez rejected our 5 year offer, and ronaldo is on his way to sunny spain, i think they used them to show us that they have worn the kit before moving

  43. actualy they are real cause it says A.I.G will sponser them until 2010/11 season

  44. that photo is photoshopped all they have done is put a black stripe across it not exactly hard

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