2011 France Home Shirt

The 2011 France Nike home shirt has been keenly anticipated, fakes have floated around and leaks of the design have appeared, now we have the shirt itself.

2011 Nike French Kit

2011 Nike France Home Shirt

Nike has settled for a retro look in a completely blue shirt and a darker blue than we are used to with French national shirts. There is no sign of the red often used on France shirts in recent years and even the only white is the Nike logo and the details of the French Federation logo.

We’ll first see this new shirt in action when France play Brazil in a friendly at the Stade de France on February 9th, when the Brazilians will most likely be wearing their new Nike designed home shirt.

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  1. really?? Why try and copy umbros horrible talored range. I know nike own umbro but still, thats a rugby top not a football shirt . . .

  2. now that is a really nice shirt – its a shame the brazil shirt needed a piece of green tape where the French shirt looks classy!!

  3. Perfectly rubbish shirt for those garlic eating, cheating, makeup wearing, fairy b(astar)ds kiss my arse france

  4. Agree with burnqvist, but it will probably look better when it’s actually been produced.

    I thought the WC shirt looked good in the techfit style, but the standard replica looked cheap.

  5. The only thing I really don’t like is the button collar. V-neck with a collar would be much better (and perhaps a touch of red.

  6. emm.. where are red and white?! that’s just a polo shirt with a France crest.. can’t talk about quality, but as a design personally I expect more. simple is nice but not THAT simple ffs..

  7. I hated the kits when Umbro made a polo shirt into a kit and this is no different. Wish they would have added red piping to the ends of the sleeves, bottom of the shirt and at the ends of the collar.

  8. Seems to be 2 schools of thought here.

    Some think simple is best (like me) and that football shirts belong on the pitch.

    Others think they should resemble aerobics outfits with lots of silly flashes and should be worn in the pub or when nipping out for fags.

    I love this shirt.

  9. ummmmmmmmmm……….. r u sure thats nike??? normally, nikes shirts are MUCH better than this i got the man u away shirt today and its a lot better than this cr*p.

  10. Love the collar, but as a whole the shirt looks a bit too…civilized. Or something completely different.

  11. crappy shirt. Zero creativity and lazy designer, just simply design and named it as “RETRO”

  12. Good news to all hoping for red, the cuffs at the end of the sleeves can be folded up and the cuff becomes red instead of blue.

  13. Also when this kit is worn, it will always be worn with white shorts and red socks so the blue-white-red theme will still be evident.

  14. This shirt isn’t that different from last years England Home shirt. A retro style shirt, with no patterns or colours!! I know Nike own Umbro but surely they have two different design teams???

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