2013-14 Premier League Shirts

2013-14 Premier League Shirts

2013-14 Premier League Shirts

Here are the kits that have been released so far for the 2013-14 Premier League season, we have also included the credible leaks of shirts for teams where we have them, this information and page will be updated as new kits are released and new leaks emerge, so check back for the latest updates.

Arsenal – The London club recently signed a shirt deal with German brand Puma which will commence at the start of the 2014-15 season. Arsenal and Nike have decided to use the same home shirt as last season. The last time the club saw a yellow and blue away shirt was for the 2008-09 season.


Aston Villa – The Villa home and away shirts were released by Macron and they boast a new sleek white v-neck colour on the home and an elegant cross chequered design on the away shirt and the two shirts were unveiled by Christian Benteke and Ron Vlaar.


Cardiff City – The newly promoted club officially released their home shirt by Puma and their has been much uproar about the ‘two-fade’ red design by fans from the Welsh club. They since had supporters vote on a choice of shorts colours. The club’s away kit will be yellow after officially revealing it in a pre-season friendly against Brentford and the third kit is all blue which is inspired from their old blue home kits.

Chelsea – Chelsea was one of the first clubs to officially release their home and away shirts by adidas and the club had several of their stars including Juan Mata and David Luiz reveal the shirts in an advertising slogan of “It’s Blue, what else matters?” Chelsea officially released their dark blue third kit at the end of July.

Crystal Palace – Designed by Avec the Crystal Palace home shirt boasts a red and blue halved design while the third shirt is all black with a traditional red and blue sash across the front.

Everton – Supplied by Nike the home shirt was officially unveiled in last June and it boasted a new two ring sleeve design much like Arsenal’s home shirt template. The away shirt boasts an elegant yellow and blue colour scheme and it was officially revealed at the start of August.

Fulham – The London club recently announced a new shirt deal with German brand adidas who will take over from current kit supplier Kappa and they officially revealed their home shirt in early July with Brede Hangeland, Steve Sidwell and Bryan Ruiz unveiling the shirt. The away shirt is a new red and white colour scheme and it was inspired by the 2000/01 away kit, in which the team were promoted to the Premiership after a record 101 points.


Hull City – Newly promoted club Hull City will be wearing orange and black striped home shirts and blue in their away games which are supplied by adidas who have produced their kits for over three seasons.

Liverpool – Liverpool were of the first clubs to officially release their home, away, third and goalkeepers shirts. American brand Warrior Sports are known for creating unique designs which are seen on the away and third shirts.

Manchester City – The Manchester club now have their shirts supplied by Nike who overtook Umbro as the club’s new kit suppliers. Manchester City’s away kit was first launched in mid July by several of their stars including Matija Nastasic, Pablo Zabaleta and Fernandinho. The home shirt was the first shirt revealed by the club and it boasts their trademark sky blue colours.

Manchester United – Recently crowned champions Manchester United’s home shirt was officially released in June which features similarities to England’s Nike away shirt. The away shirt boasts a chequered design much like last years home shirt and it was officially released at the end of July during their pre-season tour in Asia.

Newcastle United – Newcastle United will have a new shirt sponsor for this season being loan company Wonga. The club’s headline striker Papiss Cisse has refused to wear the clubs shirt for religious reasons. The home and away shirts by Puma feature blue detailing to reflect the club’s crest and shirt sponsor.

Norwich City – Supplied by Errea, Norwich City officially released their home shirt at the end of the 2012-13 season where they wore it in their impressive win against Manchester City. The white away shirt was unveiled by new signing Ricky van Wolfswinkel in mid July.

Southampton – The Saints have recently signed a new shirt deal with adidas who will overtake Umbro from this season onwards. The home and away shirts were revealed in early July and the home shirt again does not feature the traditional stripes that have glorified their past.

Stoke City – The Staffordshire club have recently announced that Mark Hughes will become their manager after Tony Pulis’ reign and they have officially unveiled their away shirt for the next season.

Sunderland – The Black Cats are looking for a new start after a below par 2012-13 season and their new home shirt features fewer and thicker red and white stripes and the away shirt boasts a highlighted yellow colour scheme with orange and black detailing.

Swansea City – The Swans look to repeat their successful 2012-13 season which saw them win the League Cup and gain a Europa League spot. The home and away shirts were officially unveiled in late June they have a new sponsor after their deal with 32Red came to an end.

Tottenham Hotspur – Under Armour produced the Spurs kits last season and they were the last team to officially release their kits where in mid July they brought out a white home shirt with dark blue shorts with their away kit being sky blue.


West Bromwich Albion – The Baggies’ home shirt features thicker dark blue and white stripes and the away shirt features the same design but with black and red and both of the shirts are sponsored by Zoopla the property company who have sponsored the shirts for one season before this one.


West Ham United – The London club signed a new kit deal with German brand adidas who will overtake Macron from this season onwards. The official home kit was first released in June and it was unveiled by new signing Andy Carroll and the away shirt was revealed in mid July.

Posted on June 11, 2013

Comments on “2013-14 Premier League Shirts”

  1. Maisy Voice

    ewww chelsea no no no ARSENAL

  2. Mohcool Ashram

    Its shit like u

  3. Ivan Ilic

    Cardiff shirts are awesome.

  4. El Panza

    both west ham
    both west brom.
    sunderland away
    norich away
    city home and away
    fulham home
    chelsea away
    crital palace away

    liverpool away and third
    cardiff away and third
    chelsea third
    swansea away
    fulham away
    united away
    norwich home
    southampton home (dont like the gold, dont like it does not have stripes)

  5. Aidan Willis

    Swansea away, all three Cardiff, Southampton home, hull home

  6. Liam Penkey Anderton

    Swansea away, both southamptons, norwich away and WBA kits are nice.

  7. Matthew Orme

    avec wow we had them donkeys years ago and they fell to bits.

  8. DIn

    Adidas… Adidas Everywhere…

  9. Jack

    Top 5 so far:

    1st) Tottenham Home
    2nd) Chelsea Away
    3rd) Norwich Away
    4th) Crystal Palace Home
    5th) Aston Villa Home

    Worst 5 so far:

    1st) Liverpool Away
    2nd) Newcastle Home
    3rd) Stoke Away
    4th) Liverpool Third
    5th) Swansea Home

    Also, I actually quite liked the two-tone Cardiff kit. The black shorts don’t match any other part of the kit now.

  10. Russell

    Anyone know how to pronounce Swansea’s sponsor?

  11. Addicks Fan

    Meh, I thought the championship’s kits are better. Even Millwalls’ kits *shudder*. Then again, does anyone notice that morgan cooper seriously loves hull city? Well, that’s not the only thing I’m glad about. The MAIN thing I’m glad about is not having to see crystal palace again.

  12. Stolar

    So Chelsea wont have third kit this time? :/ Why is that?

  13. Kylonian

    Top 5 so far:

    1. Crystal Palace Away
    2. Fulham Home
    3. Crystal Palace Home
    4. West Ham United Away
    5. West Ham United Home

    Worst 5 so far

    1. Liverpool Away
    2. Liverpool 3rd
    3. Newcastle United Away
    4. Swansea City Away
    5. Stoke City Away

  14. Rogue Flapjack

    Best 5 so far:
    5. Arsenal Away
    4. Hull Away
    3. Chelsea Home
    2. West Ham Home
    1. Chelsea Away

    Worst 5 so far:
    5. Stoke Away
    4. Swansea Home
    3. Cardiff Home
    2. Liverpool Away
    1. Liverpool 3rd

  15. Harrison

    Don’t mind liverpools 3rd but the away is f*****g disgusting. Like the Tottenham kits as well. Hulls kits are beast and Chelsea’s away is ok. I’m a Liverpool fan but I was expecting better kits get Adidas and carlsberg back and f*ck that warrior and standard chartered off

  16. Tom Probert

    Best 5:

    1. Chelsea Away
    2. Arsenal away
    3. Tottenham away
    4. Tottenham home
    5. West Ham home.

    Worst 5:

    1. Liverpool away
    2. Liverpool 3rd
    3. Southampton home
    4. Stoke City home.
    5. Hull City away.

    Love / Hate 5:

    Swansea away
    Southampton away
    Liverpool away
    Crystal Palace home.
    Aston Villa away.

  17. Mick Forgeard

    Saints shirts should have stripes

  18. Adele Lyon

    evertons home kit.

  19. Tash Greenslade

    I think that the Chelsea away kit s brillant but I don't think that the Chelsea home kit isn't good but I have it as I needed to spend over £50 to get a free t-shirt!!

  20. Toby


    1. Man city home: Nice template from Nike, shield is good aswell!
    2. Stoke away: Like the colour combination. Don’t like the armbands, though
    3. Spurs away: I like the colour combo, and the sponsor works really well!
    4. West ham away: I like the light blue pinstripe on it!
    5. Norwich home: It’s about time they had more green on their shirts!


    1. Liverpool 3rd: That’s just UGLY, don’t like the purple and white mix
    2. Man u home: as monkeysaurus said: it’s just a polo shirt
    3. Hull away: Blue, red and white don’t work well for a hull kit…
    4. Crystal Palace away: I don’t like how the sponsor is in the top far corner
    5. Fulham home: The sponsor’s too high up, and it’s just the same boring template…

    Don’t hate on me guys, I’m a spurs fan, ok?

  21. Liam Wbafc Glazzard

    Tomorrow mate

  22. D King

    Not shown here, but from what I have seen of it the Manchester City 3rd will steal the crown as the best shirt of 2013/4.

  23. Ayoz

    Why there isn´t Saints away shirt?

  24. Ringo

    Spurs are probably my favorites now, although I am a bit biased.

  25. Alex Walters

    Hate the Swans away kit home is nice though.

  26. Jamie Cunningham

    Do you know when the westbrom home kit is being released

  27. SL234

    No umbro, what a pity!

  28. Tom Dodds


    Makems (sunderlands) home strip.

  29. Statto74

    Afiz: Less than a week to wait, Spurs kit launch is Monday 8 July 2013!

  30. Brn442

    Liverpool’s away and 3rd are god awful. Virtually every Adidas shirt with that sleeve.

    Aston Villa, West Ham, Chelsea, and both Manchester Clubs – dull black shirt excepted, are on top of my list.

  31. Brett

    im really not a fan of west ham’s home shirt, its too busy, the white adidas stripes on the claret and the blue dont work, nor does stopping half way down the blue, not as nice as the old west ham adidas kits

  32. SWYD

    @Ross or they just have a different opinion to you, which they are entitled to

  33. Ieuan

    I like arsenal away the best

  34. Afiz

    Spurs kits always last to come out. Make me irritated on waiting. @[email protected]

  35. Luke

    1.West ham away/home
    2.Chelsea away
    3.Crystal palace
    4.Everton home
    5.Chelsea Home

    1.Liverpool 3rd
    2.Liverpool away
    3.Newcastle home
    4.Man city away
    5.Southhampton home (looked like liverpools last year)

  36. Ross

    Wow, some people are blind o_O West Ham home kit is f****** terrible! Man City, Chelsea and Newcastle home kits are the top 3.

  37. K.I.T.T.

    + Top 5

    + 1) West Ham : away
    + 2) Crystal Palace : away
    + 3) Chelsea : home
    + 4) West Ham : home
    + 5) Norwich : home

    – Worst 5

    – 1) Liverpool : 3rd
    – 2) Sunderland : away
    – 3) Cardiff : home
    – 4) Liverpool : away
    – 5) Newcastle : home

  38. Nikos Afc

    i really feel sorry for the end of nike era.
    puma kits are the worst football kits by far.
    nothing to look forward next year. i am positive
    that arsenal will lose lots of money from the
    puma kits, because they used to buy always nise kits.

  39. Spudiator

    Aston Villa’s kits are terrible. The home kit looks overly fussy with too much needless detail, and the away kit is completely pointless since it clashes with the home kit anyway!

  40. Arn

    Norwich home, Aston Villa home. Swansea away.

  41. Ace

    Adidas makes kits for nine PL clubs, and you would think that they would put some effort on the kits or make them look unique. This is the complete opposite. Their ugly template with the weird coloured sleeves has to be the worst one I can remember, and every club has at least one kit with that horrible design.

    And the other kits are not that good either. Norwich, Liverpool and the Puma teams are just awful as well. Nike chooses to go with simplicity and they definitely have the best looking kits this season. United, City, Arsenal’s away and even Everton’s home shirts look great. Macron has also done a good job with Villa’s kits.

  42. Statto74

    I gather Hewlett Packard are making a return to the Spurs shirt as sponsor for the next 2 years. Has any other club had 2 Sponsors on 2 seperate occasions (Holsten & HP)?

  43. Rro87

    Chelsea and west ham* sorry.

  44. Rro87

    So hull and sunderland have same template with either a home or away to be released…..west brom-swansea-stoke-southampton all have another tenplate all with either home or away to be released. Plus fulhams 2kits to be released so out of a total of 14 kits (if no 3rds) from those 7 there could be just 2templates.

    Chelsea and villa are the lucky ones

  45. Cameron Claude Keywood


  46. Monkeysaurus

    Top 5 Best Kits

    1. Villa home – best we have had since the late 80s Hummel kit, only slightly spoiled by the daft collar.
    2. Manchester City home – clean, simple, smart with nice details. Don’t like the unnecessary shield though.
    3. West Ham away – future classic, simple & beautiful, love the shadow pinstripes.
    4. Palace Away – love the sash and the movement of the sponsor to be sympathetic.
    5. Norwich Home – nice to see more green in a clean, uncluttered design – very smart.

    Top 5 worst kits

    1. Liverpool third – hideous mismatched, cut and sew dreck, rivals this year’s “chav tattoos” LFC shirt for sheer nastiness.
    2. Sunderland away – dull template in the foulest colour combination possible with what looks like a sunday league iron on sponsor – pish.
    3. Southampton Home – Dull template and monochrome crest and no good reason for the combination of white & gold. Oh, and it should be STRIPED, no one messes with Newcastle’s stripes or QPR or Celtic’s Hoops so why should Saints be any different?
    4. Hull City Away – The Tigers have no connection whatsoever with Blue, Red & White – it just looks like someone has taken a Sports Direct special offer teamwear shirt and ironed on a Hull City badge – rubbish.
    5. Man United home – shows how simple can easily become dull – just a polyester polo shirt.

  47. Padraig

    Best: West Ham and Palace away.
    Worst: Any of those cack Puma templates, especially Newcastle and Cardiff home.

  48. Eric Chan

    9 teams made by Adidas….OMG!

  49. Augustus

    That’s a pretty rotten bunch on the whole. I’m not sure I can remember such a poor showing. As usual it is the simple stuff that works best.

    Villa home is probably my favourite though, but only because it harks back to a real Villa Le Coq Sportif classic from the very early eighties.

  50. United!!!

    As it stands so far… liverpool is still winning the votes fr worst looking kits in the premiership

  51. Neil Roberts-Masters

    I got the chelsea kit! yyyyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

  52. GGMU!!

    Top 5 Kits

    1. Chelsea home
    2. Manchester United home
    3. West ham home & away
    4. Cardiff Home
    5. Liverpool Home

    Top 5 worst kits

    1. Liverpool third
    2. Liverpool away
    3. Manchester city home
    4. Aston Villa home & away
    5. Hull city away & Sunderland Away

  53. Morgan Cooper

    luke curtis add him on faceboo

  54. Morgan Cooper

    man u kit bad liverpools bad chealsea nice hull city the best

  55. Morgan Cooper

    hull city best in prem

  56. Morgan Cooper

    hull city kit by far the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tanks

  57. Morgan Cooper

    hull city kit by far the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¬!!!!

  58. Matheus Classof Ninetytwo

    I love it.

  59. Richie Hodd

    man city away and Chelsea home are the best.

  60. Ryan F

    Other than those articles in the tabloids a few weeks ago (I think it started in the Daily Mail and then snowballed – notably the broadsheets made no mention of it), can anyone point me to any official announcement that Arsenal have signed with Puma? Or is this still just speculation, like the adidas deal that this website was 100% sure of only a few months ago? Cheers.

  61. Charley Johnson

    norwich and west hams the best.

  62. Paul Steele

    Looking forward to Fulham’s kit being released have always liked Adidas and if it is anything like West Ham’s will be well pleased. As for those Liverpool away kits what on earth where they thinking when they designed those shocking is all I can say.

  63. Bernie Balm

    The new Swansea kit looks like a sailors outfit.

  64. Scott

    these designers should learn to keep things simple. simple, classy, nice. chelsea, liverpool, man u, man city, west ham home kits are lovely. manchester away kits okay too. but everything else is either disgusting or uninspired. is it me or is the chelsea away a cycling jersey?

  65. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    Man city & west ham the best , and Norwich is good

    liverpool the worst by a mile (again)

  66. Craig Bellend

    The Cardiff City shirt looks disgusting, whoever designed that must be an awful person.

  67. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    These are all awful

  68. Bernie Balm

    Best so far has to be both West Ham’s shirts. The Palace away.

    United home is good, as is City’s

    Worst, all the Liverpool kits.

  69. Ak8

    Chelsea and Man city amazing kits as always…Man utd home would look great with black shorts…No hope for liverpool whatsoever

  70. D King

    Top 5 so far
    1> Chelsea away
    2> Man City Home
    3> Norwich Home
    4> Chelsea Home
    5> West Ham Home
    Worst 6
    1> Liverpool 3rd
    2> Man City Away
    3> Liverpool Away
    4> Hull Away
    5> Stoke Away
    6> Man Utd Away

  71. Dan Donald Perotar

    I think ARSENAL should just try and improve on there kit, cox it always look childish every season, so fucking………….

  72. Dan Donald Perotar

    They are all nice kit, I love these.

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