2013 Norwegian Tippeligaen Kits

The 2013 Norwegian Tippeligaen (Premier League) started on 15 March and will end in November. The league features 16 clubs and below you can find all the home shirts of all clubs playing in the Norwegian Premier League this season.

Valerenga (Adidas)

Photo: vif-fotball.no

Viking (Diadora)

Photo: Jarle Aasland

Sandnes Ulf (Hummel)

Photo: Ronnie Bøe Viken, sandnesulf.no

Brann (Hummel)

Photo: Digitalsport

Aalesund (Umbro)

Photo: Digitalsport

Molde (Umbro)

Photo: Digitalsport

Rosenborg (Adidas)


Photo: Digitalsport

Haugesund og Sogndal (Umbro)

Photo: Digitalsport

Odd (Adidas)

Photo: Scanpix

Lillestrom (Legea)

Photo: Scanpix

Hønefoss (Legea)

Photo: honefossbk.no

Strømsgodset (Diadora)

Photo: Digitalsport

Sarpsborg (Legea)

Photo: Digitalsport

Start (Umbro)

Photo: Scanpix

Tromso (Legea)

Photo: til.no

Thanks to Elvin for sharing


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  1. Are those for football or Nascar? I get that clubs gotta make some money, but overkill is an understatement for the sponsors in there shirts.

  2. I like the ones from Valerenga, Brann and Molde. There sponsors go well with the shirts, and they don’t have to many of them.

  3. @northernhorn
    Odd1s shirt is just a standard adidas with there logo on it, i actully think its one of the last i would have picked.

  4. I’d go for Stromsgodset as the pick of the bunch; most of these are pretty forgettable, though, even if you discount the sponsors.

  5. @FOTHERINGHAM If you haven’t heard of Rosenborg, it’s time to get out of your cave.
    On topic: Norwegian clubs are awfully bad at placing sponsor logos. Swedish teams also have like 10 logos on their shirts, but at least they try to make them fit into the shirt design.
    The Honefoss shirt is an absolute piece of shit.

  6. Why do Haugesund og Sogndal have 2 almost identical kits?

    The one at the top is ok, the others seem to be hinding behind adverts. Oh, wait…

  7. Haugesund and Sogndal are 2 different teams that’s why lol I like Stromgodset’s out of those Odd’s looks good too but sponsers ruin many of them it’s unfortunate but i think they sell without the logos 🙂

  8. the only one i would mind is valerenga’s but still with little adjustments done!!

  9. valerenga kit is fantastic

    ..,and the hummel kit . i just love hummel

  10. Hummel kits are iconic, always like them. Regarding sponsors, smaller leagues rely on having several due to them not being as lucrative as the major teams and leagues.

    fotheringham – yes people have heard of them as Rosenborg have been in the Champions League for several years. And Ole Solskjaer is Molde manager.

  11. Ok, not a single one beautiful shirt, or a great design, just regular at maximum, but, taking aside the fact that the majority of shirts are more like a formula 1 suit, the big question is: why the heck all the club badges are so freaking tiny?

  12. These kits are nothing compared to last years winners of the swidish top divisjon, allsvenskan, IF Elfsborg.

  13. We could try a quiz: Which one is the badge?

    Tip: Usually, the smallest stain on it.

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