Leaked & Official: 2014 FIFA World Cup Kits

Leaked & Official: 2014 FIFA World Cup Kits

Leaked & Official: 2014 FIFA World Cup Kits

This page will be updated as new leaks come through, as shirts are officially revealed and as team’s seal their qualification for the tournament. Where we have it any information is included, if you have any information for us, please get in touch.


Algeria – Pooled with Russia South Korea and Belgium at the 2014 World Cup, Algeria have revealed their new home and away kits for what will be their fourth appearance at a World Cup this June. The new home display sees their iconic white colour stamped as the main colour while green is included as the trim on the sleeve hems and rounded collar. The new Algeria away kit sees the same template introduced where green is the main colour and white is used as trim on the rounded collar and sleeve hems. A new rounded crest is seen on the right side of the home and away shirts which represents the nation’s flag.


Argentina – Manufactured by adidas the Argentina home shirt was first released in mid November. The La Albiceleste kits features white shirts and socks rather than their standard dark blue shorts which is FIFA’s attempt to stamp out multi coloured kits for the World Cup. The new home shirt features an all new gradient design with sky blue stripes and the signature adidas stripes are coloured in black. The new away kit combines the tones of blue with the gold from the crest. The gold colour, which is present throughout the shirt, enhances its identity and commemorates the glory of Argentine football.


Australia – The Australian World Cup shirt was released in February 2014 in Walsh Bay, Sydney by current Socceroos midfielder Mark Bresciano and coach Ange Postecoglou. The new home shirt features the nation’s trademark gold colour along with dark green trim on the collar and sleeve hems. The shirt was inspired by the shirt used in 1974 which marked their debut World Cup appearance. eatured on the back of the neck is a quote saying “We Socceroos can do the impossible” which was first said by Peter Wilson the captain of the 1974 team. Australia stars Tom Rogic and Mark Milligan helped to launch Australia’s away kit revealing a dark blue/obsidian and gold display which uses the same template as the home shirt. The Australian coat of arms features on the chest with a new shield whcih copies the shield worn by the 1974 team and fulfills the players’ stated desire to “feel the history of our country.”


Belgium – Released in late February and supplied by Swiss brand Burrda the new Red Devils home shirt features the traditional red colour along with black and yellow trim on the collar, sleeve hems and front. All home, away and third shirts feature the same rounded collar which as the red, yellow and black colours of Belgium stamped into it. The home and third shirt features an enlarged crown watermark across the front. The away kit for Belgium is black featuring an elegant black and yellow diagonal sash across the front of the shirt.


Bosnia and HerzegovinaHaving recently signed a new kit deal with adidas, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s kits have been leaked online. Featuring the same template as several of adidas’ teams this year, the leaked Bosnia and Herzegovina home shirt is mostly white with blue trim on the sides, sleeves and adidas stripes. The home shirt is complemented with white shorts and socks with blue trim. The away kit for the UEFA side uses the same template as the home shirt but coloured blue with white trim. The shorts and socks are blue while the trim is white.


Brazil – World Cup hosts Brazil officially released their Nike home shirt in late November at a special release event in Rio de Janeiro. The kit will be worn by the hosts next summer and the new kit combines cultural design, performance innovation and environmentally sustainable materials. Captivated by the creativity of Brazil, the new design features the iconic canary yellow home colours with green trim on the sleeve hems and collar. Stars of Brazil at the release event included Neymar, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Paulinho and Bernard. The new Brazil blue away shirt features tonal stripes, celebrating the country’s national pride through a series of tiny geometric circles and diamonds, taken from the Brazilian flag. Behind this crest, on the inside of the jersey, a circular design features the diamond from the Brasilian flag, which is surrounded by the phrase, “Nascido para jogar futebol,” Brasilian Portuguese for “Born to Play Football.”


Cameroon – Supplied by Puma, the new Cameroon home shirt is inspired by traditional Cameroonian culture featuring an enlarged watermark print on the front of a predominantly green shirt. Yellow and red trim have been included on the collar, numbers, branding and sleeve hems. The Cameroon away shirt features the same template as the away shirt but in yellow and topped off with red trim. Both the shirts feature a new special lion crest on the left side of the shirt symbolising the nation’s nickname Les Lions Indomptables meaning ‘The Indomitable Lions’.


Chile – Launched in early March, the new Chile home shirt features the nation’s trademark red colour along with white and blue trim on the collar, sides and sleeve hems. The home shirt pays homage to Chilean patriotism as it features the first line of the Chilean national anthem “Puro, Chile, es tu cielo azulado” inside the neck region. The Chilean national flag is printed in the nape of the shirt and the design of the collar is traditional styled inspired by past Chile football shirts.


Colombia – Ending a 16 year wait CONMEBOL side Colombia have reached the 2014 FIFA World Cup after finishing in second place behind Argentina to gain an automatic spot. Headlined by superstar Radamel Falcao the Colombia home and away shirts were originally leaked online. The Coffee Growers home shirt is primarily yellow with a dark blue diagonal band across the chest as well as thin diagonal pinstripes while the away shirt is red with white trim on the signature adidas stripes and dark blue hoops is featured on the sleeves. Colombia’s away shirt is predominantly red featuring dark blue and white trim on the collar, shoulders, sleeve hems and branding.


Costa Rica – Supplied by Italian brand Lotto Sport Italia, the new Costa Rica home kit features their trademark red colour along with blue trim on the collar, sleeve hems and sides. The shirt features a unique design on the front where the blue colour is stamped on the front diagonally. The shirt is complemented with blue shorts and red socks. The new away kit features the same template as the Costa Rica home shirt but coloured in white with red trim. The away kit features white shorts and socks. Costa Rica will play England, Italy and Uruguay at the 2014 World Cup group stage.


Côte d’Ivoire – Supplied by Puma, the Ivory Coast home shirt is primarily their trademark orange colour with again culture inspired designs and patterns on the shoulders and the Puma logo is featured three times on the shirt on both sleeves and the chest. The Ivory Coast uses the same template as the home shirt boasting an all green colour with same culture patterns on the shoulders. Côte d’Ivoire booked a place in the 2014 FIFA World Cup by beating Senegal on aggregate to make it their third FIFA World Cup appearance.


Croatia – Officially unveiled in the country’s capital of Zagreb in early March during the trials of Nike Chance where Croatia star Mario Mandzukic handed the jersey to Josip Juranović, the winner of the Nike Chance event. The new home shirt pays homage to Croatia’s birth as a football nation back in 1990 as it features their iconic red and white chequerboard appearance. The new home shirt combines old and new featuring red sleeves the Croatian side wore back in 1990. The new away kit features a bright blue colour along with red and white checks on the shoulders and a red crew-neck collar and red and white checks in a panel. The away kit is complemented with blue shorts and socks with red trim.


Ecuador – Several Ecuador players including Gabriel Achilier, Óscar Bagüí, Fernando Gaibor and Jorge Guagua revealed the shirts using the theme “‘Más que el sol contemplamos lucir” which means “We think that we can shine more than the sun”. The new Ecuador home shirt by Marathon features the nations famous yellow colours while blue is included as the trim and red is the third colour featured on the sides and collar. The new away shirt features the same template as the home shirt but in a blue colour. Yellow is included on the shirt as the trim while red is absent.


England – Supplied by Nike, the new home and away shirts were inspired by English football history and culture revealing designs which are classic and simple. The new home shirt features a plain white base with engineered pinstripes in the fabric along with white satin tape on the shoulders which give the shirt a distinctive shine. The Three Lions crest boasts a metallic weave creating another reflective shimmering effect while inside the neck tab features a pennant tab with a graphic of silver pinstripes that together create a St. George’s cross. The new away kit for England celebrates the team’s history revealing the the nation’s most iconic symbols in a modern design. The new away shirt features a pinstripe tonal design which boasts an faint St. George’s cross in the middle.


France – Qualifying to the 2014 FIFA World Cup by beating Ukraine 3-2 on aggregate, France were the first Nike team to officially release their home kit for the World Cup in June. After the final whistle members of the French National Team – Franck Ribery, Blaise Matuidi, Yohan Cabaye and Raphael Varane unveiled the new French National Team home kit to be worn in Brazil next year. The new France home shirt features a new 1958 crest which reflects players’ feedback of wanting to “feel the history of our country”. The shirt is topped off with an elegant white traditional collar and a dark blue base. France released their new away shirt at their training ground Clairefontaine. The “Marinière” design makes a return to the France away shirt displaying a subtle tonal grey mariner stripe.


Germany – Germany officially released their home shirt by adidas for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in mid November. The shirt features a new v-shape design on the front which boasts shades of red, yellow and black on a white base. The shorts and socks have been switched to white from their traditional black and it was first worn against Italy in an international friendly in mid November. Germany’s away kit was released in February 2014 and it features thick red and black hoops along with fine lines incorporated into the shirt’s red horizontal stripes. “The lines stand for team spirit and integration on the pitch”, says Jürgen Rank, Chief Designer for football apparel at adidas.


Ghana – Ghana officially qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup by beating Egypt 7-3 on aggregate. The new Ghana home shirt reveals their trademark white appearance while a subtle feature includes a tribal pattern on the collar and shoulders symbolising Ghana culture. The same tribal pattern is also featured on the sleeve hems while black trim is included on the numbers and branding. The tribal pattern featured on the collar is inspired by Kente cloth design which is a traditional form of art in Ghana. The new Ghana away shirt is mostly red featuring an enlarged watermark of a tribal pattern on the front of the shirt.


Greece – Supplied by American powerhouse Nike, the new Greece home shirt is stylish, contemporary and simple revealing a white display with blue trim. Compact with a blue polo collar and deep blue cuffs on the sleeves the home and away kits are one of the most classic designs ever for the Greeks. The handover the the Greek shirts was designed as a continuation of Nike’s ‘Attack As One’ social activation during the tournament qualifiers. The new away kit for Greece sees a blue display with white trim making it essentially a colour revert for the Greeks. The blue shirt was settled to be the away kit for Greece after their historic 2004 UEFA Euro triumph.


Honduras – Supplied by Spanish brand Joma, the new Honduras home shirt features their iconic white colour along with sky blue trim on the sides, shoulders and collar. The new Honduras home shirt has a simple rounded v-neck collar with the nation’s crest stamped on the left breast with the Joma logo on the right. The new away kit for Honduras is sky blue featuring white trim on the branding, sides, shoulders and collar. Honduras may debut their new home kit in the international friendly against Venezuela this week. Honduras play France, Ecuador and Switzerland at the World Cup in Brazil this year.


Iran – Supplied by German brand uhlsport in early February 2014, the new Iran home shirt uses the traditional primary white kit of the three-time Asian Cup winners with the red and green of the country’s national flag appearing in the neck and chest areas. The away shirt uses a red base with a green crew neck, sleeve cuffs and chest graphics. Along with the Iran 2014 home kit, it features a prominent print of the Asiatic cheetah on its front.


Italy – Supplied by Puma, the new Azzurri home shirt features a very elegant button-down collared shirt, maintaining the traditional blue colour associated with the Italians. The Puma logo is embroidered in gold on the upper right part of the chest with the Italian football federation logo just over the heart. The new Italy away shirt is primarily white with blue pinstripes. Kit manufacturer Puma has its logo featured in blue on the upper right of the chest with the FIGC logo on the opposite part. The Italians face a tough task at the 2014 tournament if they want to progress as they have to play Uruguay, England and Costa Rica.


Japan – Manufactured by adidas the Japan home shirt was officially released in mid November by Shinji Kagawa. The Japanese home kit is primarily blue with the signature adidas three stripes in white on the shoulders and shorts and red being the third colour on the socks and shirt sleeves. The shirt features sun rays expanding from Japan’s crest. Japan were one of the first nations to reach next year’s World Cup after they came first in AFC Group B ahead of Australia to gain an automatic spot. Japan’s new away shirt is not like any recent away football kits as they have opted to use fluorescent yellow as the main colour which is designed to symbolise the country’s modern and developed cities.


Mexico – CONCACAF side Mexico qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup by beating OFC side New Zealand in the play-offs 9-3 on aggregate. Mexico were the first team to officially reveal their World Cup kit and they first wore their shirt against Panama in the CONCACAF qualifying match in a 2-1 win which helped them to finish fourth and to gain a qualification play-off spot. The home shirt features a two tone green base with white and red trim on the chest and the graphic around the crest is designed to express the strength, passion and pride of Mexico. Mexico released their away shirt in February 2014 revealing a vibrant red and black coloured shirt with a similar design on the front to their home shirt.


Netherlands – Supplied by Nike, the new Netherlands home shirt features the nations trademark Oranje colour along with a splash of white trim on the Nike logo and Netherlands crest. An elegant red, white and blue stripe is featured on the back of the neck to represent the national flag of Netherlands. Netherlands have gone for a classic crest rather than the current KNVB crest. The away shirt has an isometric grid pattern of interlocking chevrons, they start as a bright blue at the top and get darker as you moved down the kit becoming imperial purple at the bottom. The blue is signify the Dutch Royal family and this design celebrates the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Dutch Football Association.


Nigeria – Nigeria officially released their home shirt in February 2014. The new home shirt for Nigeria features two tones of green, with the darker hue providing the side panels and pinstripes down the front, and the adidas stripes and further trim and details are in white. This is one of the lightest green colours Nigeria have used for their home kit. The new away kit is mainly white and features green accents on the shoulders, sides, sleeve hems and collar. White is the most commonly seen away kit for the Super Eagles which makes this shirt another classic collectable item.


Portugal – Unveiled at the end of February 2014 the new Portugal kit will be again supplied by Nike where the shirt features a new two tone hooped gradient design. The shirt features a combination of maroon and red colours forming a unique and modern hooped structure where it begins at the collar and ending around the stomach region of the shirt. Confirming our leak back in August 2013 the Portugal home shirt features the nation’s trademark maroon colours along with dark green trim on the collar and sleeve hems. The away kit for Portugal is stylish and luxurious featuring a plain white colour along with royal blue trim on the two-level stand collar and sleeve hems. Like on the home shirt on either side of the Portugal crest are the words “1914″ and “2014″ to commemorate the national team’s centenary. Inside the back of the neck of the shirt features the Order of Christ which is a Portuguese cross that pays homage to the nation’s seafaring history.


Russia – The Russia home shirt has a graphic of Moscow’s Kosmonauts Museum on the front of a cardinal/light maroon/gold shirt, the away has a view from space of Russia in a white & blue graphic on a white/dark blue/bright blue kit. The home shirt was first unveiled in mid November and it features several similarities to Spain’s home shirt. The Earth Scientific Monitoring Centre took part in the developing process of the away kit and delivered unique pictures of Earth, taken from the Russian space satellite ‘Electro-L’ #1, to adidas. The outline of the Earth was modified and placed on the t-shirt, now it looks like a light blue semicircle. According to the idea of adidas designers, this image shows same perspective from which Yuri Gagarin who was the first man in space saw Earth in 1961.


South Korea – Supplied by Nike, several Korea players including Myung-Won Seo unveiled the new kit at the Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul in late February 2014. The new home kit captures their renowned tenacity and loyalty on the pitch and combines the American brand’s performance technology and powerful national symbols. The new home shirt features the nation’s iconic red colour along with blue trim on the shoulders and white trim on the numbers and branding. The shirt is inspired by the Taegeuk which is the yan and yang circle symbol located in the centre of the Korean flag. The South Korea away kit reveals a design rich in national pride combined with the best in performance innovation. The new away shirt is predominantly white and features the Taegeuk, the yin and yang symbol from the Korean national flag. The red and blue colours of the Taegeuk appears the the top of the sleeves while the collar is inspired by Asian influences and draws a comparison to Korean classic attire.


Spain – The World Cup champions home shirt is coloured primarily in red with new gold detailing on the signature adidas stripes, numbers, crests and logos and it was first released in mid November 2013. The new gold Spain crest will feature one star above to commemorate and honour the nation’s one and only World Cup triumph in 2010. Spain sealed a spot in next year’s World Cup after coming first in Group I ahead of France who play a qualification match against Ukraine. The Spain away kit was released in February 2014 and it offers an elegant black and neon coloured shirt which is inspired by meaningful features of the cheerful, alive, bustling, social and colourful Spanish culture. The three neon stripes contrasted with a total black, symbolizes the encouragement of the Spanish followers that will take place on the upcoming summer nights.


Switzerland – Switzerland sealed an automatic spot in next year’s World Cup after they won Group E beating the like of Iceland and Slovenia for first place. Switzerland’s last World Cup appearance was in 2010 where they famously beat Spain 1-0 in their first group match of the tournament. The new home shirt is inspired by the Swiss flag featuring the nation’s trademark red colour along with an enlarged cross symbol on the front of the shirt. White trim is included on the sleeve hems and sides while the the collar is rounded where the shirt is complemented with white shorts and red socks. The new away kit for Switzerland is predominantly white along with red trim on the collar, sleeve hems and sides while the shorts are red and the socks are white.


United States – Unveiled in late February, simplicity was the name of the game for the 2014 USA home shirt where it features a white display along with a hint of red trim on the collar and sleeve hems while blue is also seen on the Nike logo and back of the collar. Nike have given USA a classic collar while the back of the collar features a unique triangular star design representing the nation’s flag. The new leaked Nike away shirt features a three colours red, blue and white but is predominantly red boasting a unique white hooped design. Taking colours from the national flag, blue is featured above the white hoop while red is stamped below, the sleeve hems are red and the shirt is finished off with a rounded collar. USA’s away kit is bold and deeply patriotic featuring a crew-neck collar and boasts three bands representing the colours of the American flag. The majority of the shirt is coloured red while the upper and torso region of the shirt is blue while a white chest band covers the middle of the shirt.


Uruguay – After finishing fifth in the CONMEBOL qualifying group they played a two legged play-off against AFC side Jordan winning 5-0 on aggregate to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Debuting their new home kit against Austria in an international friendly the new design of the home shirt is inspired by Uruguay’s national flag and their nickname (La Celsete). A subtle is a print of the May Sun behind the crest which is a national emblem and feature on the national flag and the shirt is completed with black shorts and sky blue socks. The new away kit for Uruguay is white with sky blue trim featuring the same template as the home shirt but with a different collar.


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  1. Nanda Eka Saputra

    aljazair yezzzzzz!!!!!

  2. World Soccer City

    Some great jerseys for World Cup this years. Ghana Home and France Home are the best designs. Love that Nike are using retro style team crests on their jerseys.

  3. Brn442

    Yeah, All it says is that each strip should be “predominantly” – (I assume the shirt))dark or light. The protocol already exists for shirts/socks clashes in every competition and further down it even mentions that. Not unlike Brazil wearing blue socks etc.

    According to the regulations: I don’t see why England cannot wear white shirts/blue shorts/white socks and Italy wear blue shirts/white shorts and blue socks. BUT

    England will most likely wear all white and Italy all blue.

  4. Truth

    ‘ow did i miss that ‘onduras ‘ome kit? well ‘ard.

  5. Male Titan

    wow. spain away is hideous, as usual.

  6. Muhammad Shoaib

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  7. The Bandit

    Still think the Brazil home top is the most disappointing.

  8. Tobes

    Worst 5:

    5: France away – Looks like one of the old swimsuits
    4: Germany away – DENNIS DIE BEDROHUNG?
    3: England home – £90 for THAT?
    2: Costa Rica home – Not sure on that huge tick…
    1: Australia home – I think the Aussies should stick with cricket for now…

  9. MisterBlue-1

    New England kit?

  10. Mikomi

    Colombia wins by an absolute country mile.

  11. Ray Milton

    Adidas shirts are the best of a AWFUL selection. Nike and Puma are so predictable and dull . It’s a shame that good companies like Hummel , le coq and topper can’t get in on the world cup gear.

  12. Gazza

    top 5
    1 RUSSIA away
    2 PORTUGAL home
    3 ARGENTINA home
    4 GERMAN home
    5 ECUADOR home

    worst 5
    1 NIGERIA home
    2 GHANA home
    3 SOUTH KOREA home
    4 ARGENTINA away
    5 CAMEROON home

  13. Rowan Reading Fan

    them ghana and nigerian shirts are fookin horrendous , italy and honduras bad also

  14. Big Andy

    Best kits are Germany Holland Argentina homes

    Disappointed with Mexico Italy and all the plain Nike shirts

    Needs more variety . Different manufacturers. Puma are boring. Nike are just siht.

  15. Tobes

    Top 5:

    5. Argentina home – I love the streaks of white going diagonally across the bottom
    4. Cameroon home – The green makes it clearer to see the patterns!
    3. Iran away – The jaguar design really works with the red
    2.Russia home – The logo looks better than the away one and it has a nicer pattern!
    1. Netherlands home – I like the traditional orange (could do better with black instead of white…)

  16. Davey

    best is portugal home then japan and argentino

  17. Worldfanshop Li

    some shirts already sold at site http://www.worldfanshop.com since 2013, but seems they can make some more than official release.

  18. Jari

    All 3 African shirts are poor . disappointed in my dutch shirts too . Nike S UCK

  19. 12BET

    Brazil, Ghana and Nigeria got the most beautiful yet simple home shirt! I like it!

  20. Roger Ramjet

    I agree with #8 , puma are producing the same boring templates that nike have been churning out for years . The ONLY reasonably sharp kits are by adidas . At least they seem to be making an effort to make innovative and original designs .

  21. Kav

    Some excellent kits and a lot of very lame dreary kits . Pick of the bunch are germany (home) argentine ((home) and both russian kits . Hope English kits are good .

  22. Tobes

    I’m pretty sure Portugal’s kit was released quite a while ago, but it’s not on here.

  23. Changeme

    Plus Portugal’s kit isn’t even there, he thinks Nigeria’s kit is Portuguese.

  24. Changeme

    Tobes – because he is a troll who despises Nike or anything that dares to be new or even retro.

  25. James Kearney

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  26. Tobes


  27. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    1 . Germany
    2. Argentina
    3 .Portugal
    4. Japan
    5 . Uruguay
    …The rest are average or damn ugly

  28. Alan Arguindegui

    NIgeria was already reveal

  29. Ivan Ilic

    All kits will be launched this month officialy

  30. Saulo Novaes

    Someday will you update this post?

  31. Howard Webb Man Utd Slave

    russia & spain look the same

  32. Mafea Srok Sre

    Wow !

  33. ShadowStripe

    Another interesting point on the ‘one colour’ debate is that adidas (FIFA’s WC partner) have launched WC kits in line with the directive whereby Nike have not. Nike have been launching 2013-2015 kits (as opposed to WC specific kits) so that also adds to the confusion. The onus is on the country organisations (not the manufacturer) to adhere to the regulations.

  34. ShadowStripe

    @18 – Page 44 first paragraph is about as clear as you can get. FIFA may well deviate from their own rule in the coming weeks & months but it is apparent that they have stipulated a one colour rule for kits in the WC finals.

  35. Bren333

    I don’t think there is a direct reference to it.

    I think it’s more about pragmatism. France wear all blue because it causes least problems, otherwise they’re constantly fiddling around.

    On match day, the rule seems to be ‘no shared colours’. So when France play Brazil, France wear all white and Brazil wear their normal kit but with blue socks. If the toss goes the other way, France wear all blue and Brazil wear white shorts.

  36. ShadowStripe

    @15 – You’re right. It says that each country must inform FIFA of TWO contrasting colours for their official and reserve team kits (shirt, shorts & socks) – which is the same as saying one colour per kit.
    As for France, once the WC is over, they can go back to wearing white shorts and red socks as these rules apply FOR THE FIFA WORLD CUP FINALS TOURNAMENT ONLY!!!!!!!!!

  37. F

    tom butniss…. what are you doing. seriously.

  38. F

    @10 does not say one colour kit at all there whatsoever. i’m sticking to my guns that people are speculating about it, and all these lemons are posting as people from fifa and nike saying that it is a rule as they are unable to get women and have nothing better to do, but the french kit is a step in the direction that this is not a rule at all.

  39. Jim J

    Spain one is so boring

  40. Dave J

    And it’s tricolor!!!!

  41. Arn


    Top of Page 44

  42. ShadowStripe

    I, like you originally questioned the validity of the ‘one colour’ rule but I found it in the FIFA 2014 World Cup Regulations publication. Interesting to also read how much FIFA are subsidising the national FA organisations to transport their ‘grey suits’ in business class flights etc. No wonder our FA are happy to let FIFA get away with pretty much anything.

  43. ShadowStripe

    I, like you originally questioned the validity of the ‘one colour’ rule but I found it in the FIFA 2014 World Cup Regulations publication. Interesting to also read how much FIFA are subsidising the national FA organisations to transport their ‘grey suits’ in business class flights etc. No wonder our FA are happy to let FIFA get away with pretty much anything.

  44. Padraig

    Wonder will Belgium be kitted out in Burrda for the World Cup…

  45. Techaine

    Usually there are a few good kits to choose from, but sad to say that from that dismal selection, there’s not going to be much in terms of personality. Puma kits have seemingly reverted to the same boring template and nike appear to have run out of ideas, while adidas are little better. Forcing single colour kits onto teams that do not traditionally turn out in them is going to look ridiculous, but hey wouldn’t want the players confused if their socks clash or are the same colour as the referee’s, it’ll lead to anarchy!

  46. MisterBlue-1


  47. MisterBlue-1

    take a look at this link folks, section 35.2 – this is where the problem lies…


  48. John Carlos

    Brasil has utterly and completely sold out. Going from their current and best ever Nike shirt, to this piece of complete junk. Nike should be ashamed that their largest and most important contract is always treated as an afterthought or simply another one of their BASIC templates. Under armour would´ve done a much better job, look at the Tottenham kit. But oh well, Nike knows they hold the power, so why bother with creativity. It´s only Brasil´s world cup at home, the first time for 60 years. I just find it ridiculous that college football teams get full control practically….OSU, Bama, Michigan…always traditional…..Oregon, Miami, Texas Tech….pushing the limits. And Brasil gets no respect from Nike. But then aagain, what do you expect from a company that changes the US´s very traditional red, white, and blue colors every two years. Adidas should have control of all major teams in the Cup.

  49. F

    yet again, all talk and no sources. people talk about it all the time, where do fifa actually state this? mitchvic actually questioned sources and asked me, a person who browses a football shirt website if i watched the last world cup… also, google search tom butniss FIFA and nothing comes up.

  50. Jose Amalfitano


    a Facebook page, really?

    You think Sepp Blatter might one day stumble accross a Facebook page whilst trying to update his status?

  51. Leamas

    FIFA are determined to make the tournament as boring as possible.

  52. Bob Clancey

    That Holland away is an extremely dapper affair.

  53. Arn

    Yeah, it’s disgusting really, need a Facebook page or something set up to help try and stop it really. It’ll be soulless with teams kitted in an all coloured kit.

  54. Tang Kim Wah Matsuyama


  55. Tom Butniss Fifa Excec

    FIFA are/will push for all teams to have just one sold colour. So expect all England white kits, all orange Dutch kits, all yellow Brazil kits and all green Ireland kits by 2020. Sad really. Dont even expect to see teams wearing 3 colours like Brazil, and France this world cup, like they used to do.

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