2018 World Cup Will Be A Vintage Tournament For Shirts

2018 World Cup Will Be A Vintage Tournament For Shirts

2018 World Cup Will Be A Vintage Tournament For Shirts

When you look back on World Cup’s from decades gone by, particularly the 60’s and 70’s, one thing that always grabs you straight away, almost without warning, is how beautiful the shirts are. They are elegant, simple and always desirable. Brazil’s ultra-simple 1970 kit seems to tally with the way they play, it is a bright golden yellow that almost dances when it moves, when most people think of Pele and that magical Carlos Alberto goal in the 1970 final they see that shirt.

In more recent years the kits have been relatively interesting but nothing special, there isn’t one that really sticks in the mind, one that you feel like you might be wearing in twenty years’ time. When you think of Italy lifting the cup in 2006 or Spain in 2010 the kit seems more like an incidental detail rather than the first thing that enters your head.

This upcoming world cup is going to be very special for a number of reasons. The quality should be very high with some really great teams taking part. It will be a must watch tournament and since you can now watch live football games online it will be even easier to keep up with what is happening in Russia than ever. It will also be one to remember for the kits that are on display which have a distinctly retro vibe that seems to be pleasing fans and journalists alike who seem ready to embrace nostalgia and relive their childhoods through these new kits.

adidas, in particular, have done an absolutely stellar job of bringing the magic back. The first step was FIFA lifting its bizarre rule that all kits had to be one colour in order for them to look better on TV. They might have been a bit clearer but all white or all red or all blue kits just looked odd, it took away the chance for kit makers to be truly inventive. With that rule, out of the way the hype machine swung into gear and the new kits became eagerly anticipated.

The first kit to begin to do the rounds on Twitter was the German one and boy was it special. It pays homage to their 1990 World Cup winning shirt with the wonderful up and down pattern on the front and Germany will be hoping to add a fifth star to the top of the crest. At a similar time came Spain’s stunning 1994 inspired kit. Despite a degree of controversy over the fact it features the colours of Spain’s second republic which are colours often used by separatist groups in Spain, it will still light up the world cup.

The real star though and the kit that really caught everyone’s attention was the Colombian shirt which will perhaps go down as one of the World Cup’s most memorable shirts. It has a lovely jagged pattern going down each side with the colours of the Colombian flag and written on the back of the neck it says, “United for one country,” which gives the shirt an extra special feel.

Russia 2018 should be a really wonderful World Cup, one that will live long in the memory and the fact the kits are back to their best is even more reason to be excited.

Posted on December 14, 2017

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