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Puma Launch 2024 International Kits

The Formstrip brand just launched the 2024 Puma national team kits for five of its sponsored-national selections. All are based in Europe, and four of them will be participating in the Euro 2024 tournament. As evidenced by the number of teams it supports, Puma does a good job of maintaining a significant presence in major tournaments amidst the ongoing battle between Nike and adidas. Not only is Puma offering competitive boot options, they also provide quality choices with the kits they produce. They will come in handy in Germany come the middle of the year.

It’s interesting to note that the four Euro participants all wear red. Austria’s home is marked by its white accents and the Jugendstil-inspired weaved graphic. Czech Republic has blue on the collar and sleeve cuffs, and features a tonal abstract print taken from the double tailed lion emblem. Serbia’s red primary shirt is decorated with blue on the cuffs and a white trim on the sides, with the X-ray view of an eagle’s wing informing the hazy, darkened visuals on the body. Lastly, Switzerland has the same vibe as the Austria’s, but incorporates an edelweiss flower graphic positioned in a pinstriped formation to differentiate it.

Iceland came close to participating in this year’s Euro. Sadly, they lost to Ukraine in the final of the Path B Playoff. Nonetheless, Iceland will feature a new blue home for this year. It has red and white for the collar and cuff tippings, giving those parts of the shirt a striped edge. A body graphic that is inspired by the breathtaking ice glaciers of the country completes the makeup of the kit.

Part of this kit collection are the away kits of the said countries. Including Iceland, all feature a white base and have their own accent detailing and bespoke design. Austria’s has the black collar and cuffs, and the blue-green repeating diagonal line pattern to express the nations affinity with nature and exploration. Czech Republic has the light blue accents and features a repeated double-tailed lion emblems to pay tribute to the class of 2004. Iceland has that dark grey with red tipping for the peripheral details and greyish body to represent its volcanic landscapes. Serbia’s main design comes from the red and white colours of the sleeve cuffs, which feature a triangular pattern based on the rock formation of the mystical ?avolja Varos? (Devil’s Town). The pastel-navy accented Switzerland away has a graphic that represents the  iconic Jungfraujoch railway station in the Swiss Alps, carrying a design that is a combination of natural beauty and engineering excellence.

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