AC Milan 2011/12 Home Shirt

AC Milan is an Italian football club and one of the biggest in the country. It participates in the top division, the Serie A, and has won 17 top league titles in its history. The Rossoneri (Red-Blacks) are not only a major force in Italy, where they have also won the Coppa Italia 5 times and the Supercoppa Italiana 5 times, but they are also a major force in Europe, having won the UEFA Champions League 7 times. On a worldwide scale, AC Milan have won the Intercontinental Cup in 1969, 1989 and 1990, and the FIFA Club World Cup in 2007, after they last won the UEFA Champions League of 2006/07.

The new home shirt of the Rossoneri has been unveiled, using the traditional red and black colours. The shirt is manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by Fly Emirates. The vertical red and black stripes on the front, black and sleeves are quite thin. The sleeve hems and round-neck collar are white, and the inner edge of the collar is red. The trademark stripes of Adidas on the shoulders are white on a red background. The sides of the shirt are plain red.

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  1. I like this shirt alot. The white stripes and collar work well. Well done adidas, you’ve proved you remembered how to make smart shirts

  2. I really don’t like the thinness of the stripes and there is too much white on there in my opinion.

  3. It looks weird.. Nothing like my all time favourite Mediolanum one..
    I ‘m gonna need a bit of time to adjust my eyes on it.. The socks shoul have been white though..

  4. Yessssss!!!the stripes is back!it would be looked perfect with polo style collar,because this season we already used that kind of collar.

  5. Great to see the narrow sripes back, but the white trim is not so good.

  6. If the collar and stripes were black it would be perfect retro shirt.Also it has to much red and ”scudetto” will go in the centre.

  7. i watched the presentation from the Adidas site online.. It ain’t bad but it reminds me Bayer Leverkusen rather than AC Milan. Oh, and i agree with Diavolo above, white socks would have been much better. Does anyone know if there will be any presentation of the away shirt?

  8. mmmh bit too thin the stripes, I think, but alright

  9. I’m not too sure about it at the moment, I’m sure it’ll grow on me though. Shirt will go on sale on 14th May and will be worn for the first time by the players that day (last home game of the season). Away shirt is due to be released around about July time.

  10. Last year the stripes were too fat, this year they are too narrow.

    Make your minds up!

  11. Someone said ADIDAS don’t design Milan’s shirts that Dolce & Gabana design the shirt and submit it to ADIDAS for production. Anyone know if there’s truth to that??

    Anyway, i think its a really great looking shirt. i like the predominance of Red in the shirt as opposed to Black and the White cuffs on the sleeves and collar with the white stripes along the top really stand out nicely to tie the shirt together.

  12. WOW, just WOW

    White stripes look very very nice and so… NEW! Welcome back Adidas – missing since 2006

  13. Finally a great, classic, adidas Milan shirt!!!

    @CoreyCTID – if D&G designed Milan shirts the past 10 seasons wudnt have been total rubbish until just now!!

  14. Nice to see Milan back in thin stripes. Shame, the adidas branding via the white stripes on the sleeves ruins it a bit – the lack which is what made the “mediolanum” the best designed Football shirt the past 20 years.

  15. It is so good to look at the shirt and i can say this is the best among these few years. however, it looks a bit odd when the players wear it , esp ibra in which he’s tall and wearing this shirt makes him “pulled” taller!

  16. Narrow stripes are the original lenght of them for Ac Milan, whereas Inter Milan historically wear bold stripes. However this shirt will have a great success in the night club of Mikonos!

  17. what do you mean “narrow the original for AC Milan”?!!

    1899-1910 : thin
    1910-1941 : MEDIUM
    1941-1943 : large
    1944-50s : MEDIUM (with some medium-large)
    1961-1979 : thin
    1979-1981/82: MEDIUM

    1982-1985-86: thin

    1986/87-1997/98 : MEDIUM
    1998/99-1999/02 : large + centenary
    2002/03-2006/07 : MEDIUM
    2007/08 : thin
    2008/09 : MEDIUM
    2009-10 : medium thin
    2010-11 : xlarge

  18. too much space between milans logo and adidas logo, but the shirt is great

  19. As I said, the original (means the first one!) shirt of Ac was with thin (narrow!)stripes…whats was not clear in my post “at TheMuttley”?

  20. The first one and for the first 10 years this was the shirt. But by making that comparison with the other side of Milan might lead guys to think that Milan Historically wears thin as opposed to the other team. Milan actually wore shirts with thin stripes only in the first decade and during the 60s-70s. 

  21. hey mister “at TheMuttley”, i don’t know what you say or what you want to say,
    but i know and you know, and the point is super clear.
    “original” means “the very first one”.

  22. he agreed that the very first shirt had narrow stripes and said that this doesn’t mean Milan and narrow stripes necessarily go together(from a historical perspective) as the team had them for less years than the medium stripes. What’s all the fuss about?! Chill out all of you, it’s a decent shirt and probably next year the team will have medium stripes again.

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