AC Milan Introduce 2023/24 Puma Home Kit

There’s already a sense of football sophistication and elegance the moment your lips touch to dictate the name of this wonderful city in Italy and the football club that represents it. As such, it forms the basis for the design of the 2023/24 home kit of AC Milan. The club as we know already has a traditional look that fans are expecting to have every season. But that does not mean the team can not innovate and do a modern interpretation of one of the most recognisable kits of the beautiful sport…

Every story starts with a letter. For us, it all starts with “M.”

AC Milan, 2023

The bespoke Rossoneri look remains discernible, and arguably it has a wider profile relative to last season’s home shirt. But what stands out in this particular kit is the continuous flow of chevrons from top to bottom, achieved through the interplay of the red and black stripes with the horizontal lines that contrast abstractly. The resulting stream of down arrows form a nice symmetry with the black stripes to symbolically represent the letter ‘M.’

The dynamic is replicated on the standard-cut sleeves. Black collar and sleeve cuffs provide a solid colour accent to the otherwise active design of the shirt. ‘AC MILAN’ read off at the back side of the collar, red for ‘AC’ and white for ‘MILAN.’

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