adidas 2014 World Cup Shirts Information

No looks at the actual kits themselves yet, but we do have the details on lots of upcoming adidas national team kits. If you see any photos of the following make sure to send them in! Most interesting design seems to be the Russian shirts.



Home celebrates the golden era of sports for Spain, the away is Black with yellow details a testimony to the country’s vibrant nightlife.


The home is a young interpretation of classical their striped home jersey, including flag in design out in November, the away is two shades of blue with gold & white and out in February 2014.


The home shirt aims to highlight the integrating effect of the national team, it’ll be white/black/red/silver out in November, the away is black/red/silver due out next February.


The home shirt has a graphic of Moscow’s Kosmonauts Museum on the front of a cardinal/light maroon/gold shirt, the away has a view from space of Russia in a white & blue graphic on a white/dark blue/bright blue kit due out in January 2014.

Sweden‘s home is yellow (sun) with airforce blue out in Dec 2013, the away is dark marine & yellow and out in February 2014.

Japan home is traditional Japanese blue / white / pop and the away is electricity/blue/pop – an unprecedented colour combination, linking to their young generation & state-of-art Japan (out Feb 14).

Mexico – Home green / dark green / white – front graphic expressing power & the mexican give it all character (Nov 13) away is poppy/black – sophisticated look in new red/black colour combination.

Colombia – laser/ navy home & red / navy away

Denmark – home highlights iconic element of Danish flag in traditional colours, away pays tribute to nations rich history as maritime people

Nigeria – home white/green/green – FEB 14

Scotland won’t be making the World Cup finals but they will have a new home shirt, one that weaves the nation together with tartan elements – tartan print on side panel & sleeve hems, spider print on back – dark indigo/cardinal due out November 2013.

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  1. If done right a little splash of tartan might look alright, one minor change I’d like to see would be the socks going from red and white to red and navy….. Or for the benefit of this article from bright cherry and white to bright cherry and dark indigo

  2. “Air force” and “Marine” blue for Sverige? I’m not sure I approve of Adidas’ attempts at Svensk-militarization.

  3. Took me 6 hours but it finally dawned.

    Spider print = 700 years since Robert the Bruce 1314

    I think the slogan “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” is somewhat apposite for the Scotland team at this time.

  4. Shame Germany’s away aint green. 🙁
    I’d like to see Spain’s home with black socks.
    Hopefully Argentina’s home is nice, might purchase it with “Messi” on the back.

  5. Spain should have chosen white for their away

    Germany should have used red for their away

    Japan away in yellow? why not stick with white?

    Colombia away in red and not blue?

    Mexico should have stuck with white for their away

  6. Right, well most of this is a load of b****cks isn’t it. Who thinks these descriptions actually sound clever? Do Sweden play in ‘sun’? ‘A young interpretation of classical’? Urgh! A lot of these could just describe what they already wear.

    Anyway, the only interesting points as far as I’m concerned:

    Germany away will be red – shame to lose the green 🙁

    Russia white/dark blue/bright blue away – sounds interesting

    Japan ‘unprecedented colour combination’ away – does ‘electricity’ mean yellow??

    Scotland incorporating tartan – bit of an easy win but will be good to see

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