New Era of Italy Kits with 2023 adidas Home and Away Shirts

The Great Reset starts now for the Azzurri as it begins its international stage comeback with the launch of their 2023 adidas home and away kits. It will be a partnership renewal of some sort as 1978 was the last time the two had teamed up to produce the national outfits. Especially with the disappointment of missing out on the 2022 World Cup, the Azzurri would need freshen things up at every opportunity, from the roster down to the uniforms they’ll be playing with and representing on the pitch, to secure that triumphant return to the most prestigious of football world tournaments.

No surprises regarding the colours as the Stripes brand opts for the traditional blue home and white away jerseys. Both strips turn to marble for their graphics design inspiration. With the said material being present not just on the country’s iconic structures but also in its residential homes, it presents itself as a viable element to represent Italy and the team on their new uniforms. Aside from the newly established connection between Italy and adidas, the kits also mark the debut of the new team crest.

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