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adidas Presents its 2022 World Cup Kits!

Just a few months to go before the World Cup in Qatar and nations under the stripes brand are now locked and loaded with their respective tournament kits. adidas present the home and away outfits of Argentina, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Spain, with the Belgium ones to follow soon. The international uniforms sport the new adidas performance logo, which does away with the wording below the iconic stripes. With its new corporate livery, adidas is able to incorporate its branding in a way that is tidier, cleaner, and much more seamless to the kit designs themselves. Be sure to support your national team by getting their Qatar World Cup shirts for yourselves. Who knows, those could become synonymous with the 2022 title soon…


La Albiceleste of international football proudly carries once again its bespoke striped look, confined to the torso section to leave the sleeves and shoulder panels in white. Black accents through the sleeve cuffs, template shoulder stripes and body lateral trims serve as a good highlights for the traditional design of the primary shirt.

On the other hand, Argentina’s away kit showcases different hues of purple, predominantly dark up top around the chest and shoulders, and brighter and varied towards the bottom because of the fiery graphic rising from the hem. The lighter shade of the colour theme on the template stripes and sleeve cuff trims further points out the difference in intensity between the different tones.


Much of the activity on the Germany 2022 home happens right down the middle of its white-based shirt. A singular wide vertical band, inspired by the 2008 Euro away kit and the racing stripes on cars, flows down centrally, reaching both the collar and the hemline on its ends. In addition, the metallic gold logos also appear on the middle, within the confines of the said band. The black details such as the sleeve cuffs and template shoulder stripes complement the main design and the German flag colours on the collar and lateral trims provide the finishing touches.

With its deep red and black aesthetics, Germany’s away shirt produces an abstract visuals comprised of zoomed-in zigzag pattern and random striped overlays. It’s interesting to note at this point that the home shirts lean on bespoke looks and the away ones get a bolder, more experimental display. The metallic gold template stripes and logos add a level of prestige to the outfit.


The vivid blue with white represents the Anime culture of Japan on the nation’s World Cup home shirt. Furthermore, the popular origami cranes act as the all-over graphic, stylised with diagonal stripe overlays for a holographic effect. The hazy visuals contrast with the solid fill of the blue collar and white shoulder stripes.

The away shirt is predominantly white, limiting its graphic to the sleeves. The same origami cranes with holographic effect inform the said visuals. The black sleeve cuffs, collar, shoulder stripes, and side trims perfectly contrast with the base.


After testing out black with grey and black with pink these past few years, adidas reverts back its Mexico home kit to the national colours of green, red, and white, just in time before the 2022 World Cup. The primary design element is the tonal graphic, inspired by the cultural god Quetzalcoatl, draping over the upper part of the shirt in a striped, zigzag orientation. Completing the national colour application are the white logos and red template details like the shoulder stripes and lateral trims.

Featuring an off-white base, the Mexico away shirt provides a clear backdrop for the dark red (almost maroon) details such as the shoulder stripes, monochrome logos, and all-over graphic. The said graphic is more pronounced and explicit in its  Quetzalcoatl inspiration than that from the home.

The Mexican kits have the privilege of displaying the new logos for the football association and adidas.


Lastly, adidas gets Spain a predominantly plain red shirt for its home kit. The design elements are limited to the secondary details that include the golden-yellow logos and the dark royal blue accents from the shoulder stripes, collar and side trims (the latter two accommodating a striping pattern after the Spanish flag colours).

After a simplistic home shirt, Spain then dons a more artistic away kit. The shirt is mostly sky blue and has an eye-catching wavy graphic that vertically alternates with a white grass-like visuals. The shoulder stripes come with the hues of the national flag, while the adidas performance logo and collar side trims display a vivid shade of royal blue. The logo and the team crest stack centrally on top of the other like those on the German home shirt.

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