Official Arsenal 125th Anniversary 11/12 Home Shirt

Official Arsenal 125th Anniversary 11/12 Home Shirt

Official Arsenal 125th Anniversary 11/12 Home Shirt

The new Arsenal home shirt has now been officially revealed by the club. We’ve shown you leaks of it and those pictures are now confirmed. The kit is available to pre-order now and will arrive or be in stores on June 9th.

Gunners 2011/12 Nike Home Shirt

Anniversary Arsenal 2011/12 Shirt

For those who haven’t seen the away shirt leak, here it is.

The 2011/12 Arsenal shirt is a special design to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the side that were originally known as Dial Square, they played in Woolwich and were the first club from the south of England to join the Football League.

The crest of this new anniversary kit is similar to the club’s first with the outside detail and the white, with the now traditional cannon in the middle, with the motto Forward and the years 1886 and 2011 on it for this coming season.

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Posted on May 02, 2011

Comments on “Official Arsenal 125th Anniversary 11/12 Home Shirt”

  1. GavinM

    Its nice but a wee bit too similar to last year home kit.

  2. Sam Addison

    the badge is printed on like the sponsor… dissapointing for a good shirt

  3. Buffy Tekkers


  4. Ji

    Ha ha. Rubbish!! The new badge makes it look like one of those cheap fakes you see in tourist shops abroad!!!

  5. Anna

    I love it! I know its similar to the shirt we have now but i like the whole design & specially the badge.

  6. Rowan


    It is similar to their first crest.

  7. Chris

    Pretty bland really.

  8. Sanka

    It’s the same template as the current Scunthorpe Utd shirt.

  9. Kurt Cobain

    Don’t like it. This seasons was so much better, I won’t be getting that.

  10. Ronny

    ha ha! hideous!

  11. George Lazenby 007

    average shirt not ugly but not exactly exciting..the badge is a tad too big though tbh

  12. Gunner Fan

    The shirt is simple, not much details have change and the new anniversary crest is ultimately awesome, but that new looks must have the winning spirit for the title next year, hope so……

  13. AndyGee1969

    The red arrows on the sleeves are to represent the sundial at Dial Square, the original name of the team started by workers at the Royal Artilery factory in Woolwich, London. 😀

  14. AndyGee1969

    Your right, to a certain degree. It is similar to the 10/11 kit, but Arsenal have one of those kits that you can’t do too much to without it beginning to look daft. We can’t go down the Man Utd route and splash weird chevrons on the chest, it doesn’t look right on an Arsenal shirt. Just ask fans of Newcastle Utd or Celtic. Arsenal tried a couple of seasons ago (Red shirt with white stripe on sleeve) but you couldn’t say it was ‘an Arsenal kit’, just something the suits at Nike thought would look good. This is ‘an Arsenal kit’. Glad to see a return to red socks too. 😀

  15. Greg

    “The crest of this new anniversary kit is similar to the club’s first”

    Except it’s not, not in any way, shape or form other than it’s white. 2002 crest in white is not similar to the clubs first

  16. Wesmanlion

    Is it just me or is that almost the same as last year (except the badge) with the red from the sleeves put on tthe collar!!!

  17. Abd

    would have liked to seen more white in the socks..its exactly the same red socks they have worn 2 or 3 times this season.otherwise the kit looks good

  18. Deano B


    The away shirt has already been linked & is a monaco style dark blue/light blue diagonal halves, the site has actually put a link to the leak further up this page if u wanna check it out!

  19. Wilson

    epl sleeve patch sales wont be good if they don’t win the league. theyre barely visible as white

  20. Hellasleaf

    I love it. clean and smart.

  21. Fabregas4

    Love it, so cool. Laurels could be a bit smaller but impressive. Hoping the away shirt is as classy

  22. Admin

    you can see it clearer on the image here Matt:

  23. Matt

    Doesnt seem like anyones spotted what looks like a little red stripe on the white sleeve from the shoulder. It’s hard to notice but I happened to just spot it now

  24. The Legend

    Nice looking kit, much better than the atrocities which United and Chelsea will apparently be playing in next year.

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