Arsenal 2012/13 Pink Away Goalkeeper Kit

Arsenal 2012/13 Pink Away Goalkeeper Kit

Arsenal 2012/13 Pink Away Goalkeeper Kit

Arsenal is one of the best English clubs playing in the Barclays Premier League. During the 2011/12 season, they ranked 3rd in the league table with 19 points less than league winners Manchester City. The club conceded 49 goals in the campaign, an average of 1.29 goals per match. The number one keeper at Arsenal is Wojciech Szczęsny, even though he wears the number 13. The second keeper is another Pole, Łukasz Fabiański. In total, during the last campaign, Szczęsny made 48 appearances in all competitions in goal for the Gunners, while Fabiański made 6 and third keeper Mannone made 1.

Next season, the goalkeepers of Arsenal will wear pink kits for away matches. The main keeper will most likely remain Szczęsny. The shirt has a pink colour with a darker pink crew neck collar and darker pink upper parts of the sleeves. The shorts and socks will also be pink. The shirt manufacturer of Arsenal’s kits is Nike while the shirt sponsor is Fly Emirates.

Posted on July 12, 2012

Comments on “Arsenal 2012/13 Pink Away Goalkeeper Kit”

  1. Alex Bowsher

  2. John Taggart

    I can't believe how homophobic people are. Juventus wore pink for years. It's just a color. In this day and age, wearing a color that goes against stereotyped gender roles shows a level of self confidence that only champions have. GO ARSENAL!

  3. Vicious Scotsman

    Oh Dear…Looks like someone has to go back to design school!

  4. Charley Johnson

    just what I was thinking arsenal are big pink fairies.

  5. Jungle Bhoy.

    I think i’m going to be sick!

  6. Nkesiga Crescent

    I like it.

  7. Truth

    @jebus because umbro won’t exist otherwise city wouldn’t be leaving them having signed something like a 10 yr shirt deal with them just last summer.
    and this is perfect for chesney and perfect for le arse

  8. Darran Paul

    Dave Wooller's new kit?

  9. Bluebird

    It’s spelt Szczesny.

  10. Edu Leonardi

    Problems to find a goalkeeper and now problems with what they re going to use. Arsenal is traditional, you can’t just go and try to innovate this way.

  11. Jarkko

    @ D King – that’s because it is the away kit…home is green.

  12. Ike

    Chesney will suit this perfectly!

  13. Saif

    Arsenal might switch to Adidas as early as next season. Talks seem to be currently ongoing.

  14. Chris Chapman

    Oh.. Well not too sure what Wojciech will make of this, as he voiced his dislike of the last Pink shirt he had to wear season before last! Maybe, Wojciech, on this occassion least said the

  15. Jebus

    Why can’t we have Umbro? As Man City are switching to Nike, maybe they might swap them for us while Nike still own both? (wishful thinking)

  16. El Patriato

    as an arsenal fan gotta say it’s fckin ridiculous!! this year’s kits are horrible tbg!!

  17. D King

    Surely this clashes with the red home shirt. However, ha ha ha. Poor Gooners

  18. Janusz From Poland

    New away goalkeeper kit greetings Szczęsny :*

  19. Tony Tan

    soo gay

  20. BlueSte

    This is about the right colour for this shower

  21. Aziegbe George

    I don't like the color of the jersey. It makes me sick.

  22. Jarkko

    Haha, this actually made me laugh, bad on many levels. Poor Arsenal.

  23. Paul Gooner Wright


  24. Jack Stonebanks

    this makes me Smile!

  25. Ehsan

    WTF……!!!!!!!!!!!! ARSENAL 2012/13 KITS ARE TERRIBLE!! ALL OF THEM….

  26. Tony Fogarty

    hahaha bout right….

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