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Arsenal Nike 09/10 Pinstripe Away Shirt

Arsenal Nike 09/10 Pinstripe Away Shirt

Arsenal Nike 09/10 Pinstripe Away Shirt

Leaked pictures of the new Arsenal Away kit show the complete look of the kit. The club had only given its fans a sneak peak of what the kit is going to look like on their club shop website, and these pictures thus give the fans the whole picture. The kit is navy blue and has light blue pinstripes. The club crest is placed on the top left part of the chest while the Nike logo is placed on the top right part of the chest. Club sponsor Emirates have their logo placed in the center of the shirt.

Posted on May 13, 2009

Comments on “Arsenal Nike 09/10 Pinstripe Away Shirt”

  1. Lewis

    i like that

  2. Peter

    Kit confirmed on the arsenal web site. It’s all blue

  3. Kamy

    sik kit but i still lyk the current away kit better

  4. Karim

    am i the only one that noticed that there is no AFC at the back of the collar?

  5. DIgantDaGooner

    looks fake………. but the home kit for this one looks like pyjamas
    white base and thin red pinstripe…….. not gonna buy that
    this away kit looks classy tho……… reckon its fake

  6. Cannon06

    Quality shirt, the kind that you can wear on the pitch and as a casual shirt. The kit will either be entirely blue, or white shorts and blue socks. And it’s not navy, it’s obsidian, we’ve been using it on our away shirts for about 4 years.

  7. Fabregas

    i like it but i would like it if it was lighter

  8. Haz

    Fake? Badge doesn’t look right… and a (r)?? Never seen that before!

  9. Naenia

    Didn’t Man U have virtually the same thing only with horizontal stripes in 98/99?

  10. Tom

    Does this mean the green shirt could possibly be a third, meaning we have another two kits? With the yellow shirt ditched completely.

  11. LFC

    A decent effort from Nike, for a change.

  12. Jack De

    My bad it appears on the cesc teser photo as well

  13. Jack De

    I’m not saying its fake but im skeptical….has anyone ever seen an ® at the bottom right of an arsenal badge before cause i sure as hell havent!!!

  14. Bob

    Ugh….looks terrible. I hope this is just a shirt from the leisurewear line.

  15. Liam J.C

    I love it! It is great

  16. Gooner 4 Lyf

    great kit..

    looks much better than the current away kit we have..

    i will definitely cop that on the 25th of June!! 😀

  17. Supergers

    its as bad as the team

  18. Arsenalfan

    nice shirt, the socks will be just as dark as the shirt but i think the shorts will be a lighter shade of blue, that will look pretty sweet!

  19. Cory

    i still don’t know if i believe this…someone pointed out on FSC that the fact that its laid out on bamboo probably means it was done somewhere out east. i think if it’s true though it’ll be a decent kit.

  20. Pete

    i’m a spurs fan, and i think this is way classier than any of our current puma kits. i’d love this design as a spurs away kit. Ugh how can i even say this, envious of an arsenal kit? But it’s true. Even though it looks like a referee’s shirt.

  21. Watford Boy

    thats kinda nice

  22. Rikki Studnikki

    I know Arsenal’s history reveals a bit of navy/dark blue in their kits, but to wear navy – even in the away strip – is too similar to Tottenham. Spurs may have red in their sponsor, but they’d never come out w/ a red away shirt. They are so much classier than us.

  23. Bob

    Shorts will probably be the light blue in the pinstripe – that would look good.

  24. Jamisaurus Rex

    its a well nice kit better than 08/09

  25. Mike857

    I think the shorts and socks will be blue too, dought they will be white as the home are white!!! Thats why the away is known as the ‘alternative’ kit…

  26. Mossimo7

    needs white/silver shorts n socks

  27. Mossimo7

    any guess on shorts colour…

    full blue will look 2 bland!

  28. Luckyliam10

    glad picture of the full shirt have been produced. I am hoping it is a bit lighter blue still not a bad shirt.

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