Arsenal Nike Away Shirt 2011/12

Arsenal Nike Away Shirt 2011/12

Arsenal Nike Away Shirt 2011/12

Just as the leaked images we had showed you in April, here are another two leaked pictures showing the new Arsenal away shirt.

The leaked pictures are 100% confirmed and the kit will be officially launched in the coming days.

The new away shirt is divided diagonally between light blue and dark blue.  The club crest featured on the top left part of the chest is a special one off for the 2011/12, since Arsenal are celebrating their 125th year.

Posted on June 18, 2011

Comments on “Arsenal Nike Away Shirt 2011/12”

  1. Ben


  2. Fabregas4

    ARSENAL IS COOL!is very cool every one should get

  3. SamHutch

    defo growing on me the first pics were awful!!!! but this seems alot better and defo better thn the home shirt that looks cheap and tacky!!!! Everything we base ourselves not to be!!!

  4. Mylo Doc

    Loveing the new creation of the 95 kit and let’s be honest here people arsenal produce the best home and away shirts cos that’s what arsenal are class

  5. Needleexchange

    Half closing ones eyes makes it look like a Wycombe Wanderers kit. Actually, Weger would be a good fit at Adams Park. Afterall the Choirboys are used to not winning silverware.

  6. بکن عمو پنجعلی

    پنجعلی یه بار دیگه کس بگی کیر مو میکنم تو کونت کس کش کونی رقاص کیر به دهنت ببند دهنو کونی پفیوز کیرمو بخور دیوس آبمو روت نمیریزم!

  7. I Hate Dave Grohl

    dave grohl is an asshole!!!!!!!!

  8. Anna

    Brilliant! Again Nike does a good job with our kits. C’mon now Wenger, win us some trophies!!

  9. Zoran

    it is decent – like the petrol colour

  10. Nicholai

    might look cool on those swanky little nobs up there. it all depends on the bottoms!

  11. Meoin

    its gooooooooooooooood

  12. Brown

    kinda cool. good job nike???? im really not even sure what to say on this one

  13. Mohamad sorry for my poor language!why iranian ip was blocked by this site????iranian peoples are different from government!

  14. Navid

    This is very nice. I like this

  15. Navid

    Veryyyyyyyyyyy nice

  16. عمو پنجعلي

    ناهار نخردمه

  17. نقي

    خيلي زشته اه

  18. Bren333

    I like it a bit like the way I like Forest’s new away. It’s handsomely designed and original.

    Trad fans don’t like change but it’s always for one season only these days so who cares?

  19. Chris O

    I think this is very nice. That badge is a bit off-putting, but I like the return to two-tone blue.

  20. N7 Bluebird

    Not good in my book gooners!

  21. DARREN

    dark blue or black ??

  22. Roy

    Cruddy strip from a joke of a team

  23. NikolaSerbia

    yellow is boring…this kit is much better…nice and elegant!

  24. Essien

    i liked last year yellow shirt much more than this.

  25. Jimbo T

    Nice shirt, but the could have done a lot better with the badge. Makes it look kind of Sunday League.

  26. Deano B

    im a neutral n will deffo buy it!! love it!!

  27. Geha714

    I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it either.

  28. Nk

    shouldent it be 2011 2012

  29. HeedArmy

    Actually gorgeous!

  30. Notorious

    So much better than last years. Love it, will look awesome with dark blue shorts.

  31. Prodigy

    It’s not bad, but its very weird.

  32. Rob

    Can’t see this growing on me I’m affraid. Don’t want to wish my life away but I’m looking forward to yellow & blue hopefully next year!

  33. Dave Grohl

    another cool shirt that won’t be lifting a trophy!!!!!

  34. D King

    If you took the badge and sponsor off, you would not think of this as an Arsenal shirt. Arsenal fans will buy it because it’s Arsenal, but I can’t see many neutrals buying this. Nike appear to have lost the plot this year, Barcelona, Celtic and this. (Before I get told that neutrals don’t buy shirts have a lot at home many Barcelona and Real Madrid shirts you see around).

  35. Monkee

    I actually quite like it, apart from the fact it’s arsenal’s 🙂

  36. Fabregas4

    Very interesting, I can’t decide if I like it. First leaked pics were poor quality and I wasn’t keen, but it really is growing on me.

  37. James


    yeah me too


    i agree could grow on me but i prefer last years yellow kit

  39. James

    hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… is all i can say…

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