Arsenal Nike Away Shirt 2013/14

Arsenal Nike Away Shirt 2013/14

Arsenal Nike Away Shirt 2013/14

Here is the new Arsenal Nike away shirt for next season which will also be the Gunners last away shirt by Nike. Arsenal finished in fourth place last season and will therefore be playing in the Champions League play-off round prior in order to secure a place in the group stage.

The shirt has not yet been officially revealed by the club however we can confirm this is the new Arsenal away shirt for next season. The Gunners will officially launch the new away shirt on the 9th of July.


The new Arsenal away shirt for next season is mainly yellow with blue trim. It has a classic blue collar with yellow detail. The Nike logo is in blue on the top right part of the chest with the club logo on the opposite side. Club main sponsor Fly Emirates has its logo across the front of the shirt in blue. The shirt is complemented by blue shorts.

Posted on July 06, 2013

Comments on “Arsenal Nike Away Shirt 2013/14”

  1. George Bateman AMVC Petervorough

    This top is ugly and i’m a arsenal fan a would not wear it

  2. Bernie Balm

    Could someone please decipher that for me /\

  3. Arsenal4life

    dis kit is amazing for thir las of nike cuz they`re gonna be wid puma so its good but the tuesday is da day when the kit is revealed

  4. Doctor's Your Uncle

    The essential Arsenal away kit. Brilliant.

  5. Craig

    Dont know why anyone would like that ! _ its orrible and old fashioned . yeuuck

  6. Platoni

    Stunning! this exactly how the arsenal away kit should be!

  7. Alan

    Classic Arsenal from back in the day, nice kit.

  8. Willie Kay

    Looks a bit like this…

  9. Bernie Balm

    Like some body up above said before it would look great with the old cannon in blue instead.

  10. Rooney Is Sooooo Ugly

    horrible collar with buttons ruins this shirt

  11. DeanoB

    How did they get the Mannequin’s arms in?

  12. Den

    Like this but I don’t think the blue in the badge is the same as the blue used in the kit.

  13. Rj

    Very nice, farewell Nike, set the bar high for Puma

  14. Sudbury Gunner

    A classic away kit

  15. Johnno

    @3 – City’s badge in the shield looks rubbish. There was no need for it.

    As for this kit, can’t fault it. Fantastic

  16. Cannon06

    So happy with this. Nike are leaving us with a beauty.

  17. Peter Cale

    Didn't they have this kit back in 2000 when spounserd by 02

  18. The Blob

    I think it’s beautiful, I’m not even an Arsenal fan.

  19. Kermit

    Smashing kit. Agree with D King that the old cannon badge would improve the look.

  20. Aish


    Nice shirt. Very Arsenal.

  21. D King

    Nice shirt. Chelsea would have changed the colour of their badge to match the shirt.

    I guess this is a matter of personal choise but the red clashes with the yellow and blue. Obviously, back in the day when the badge was just a cannon, this was not an issue. However cannons are harder to iron onto a shirt, and so badges change or get put in a large shield (aka Man City).

  22. Sainty

    I’m not an Arsenal fan but that is a shirt of beauty.

  23. Perkin3

    Exactly how an Arsenal Away kit should be!

  24. Kristian Maloney

    Apart from the black being blue this is the Juventus away strip.

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