Barcelona Home And Away Shirt Designs 2010/11

Barcelona Home And Away Shirt Designs 2010/11

Barcelona Home And Away Shirt Designs 2010/11

The designs of the new Barcelona shirts for the 2010/11 season have been published on During this time of the year, Nike, which is the sportswear and teamwear supplier for Barcelona starts preparing the shirts for the upcoming campaign. Barcelona have not managed to retain the UEFA Champions League this season after they were beaten by Italian Champions Inter. Until the 34th matchday, Barcelona enjoyed at one-point advantage over Real Madrid in the Spanish La Liga.

The leaked home shirt design of the 2010/11 season shows a retro shirt which pays tribute to the 1980s. The shirt body is vertically striped with three red stripes and two blue stripes. The sleeves are also striped, with part of the hem being red and the other part being yellow. The complementary home shorts and home socks will be red. The away shirt will be light blue with yellow hems, and will be complemented by black shorts and light blue socks. Both shirts have a polo style collar. We await official confirmation of these shirts in the upcoming weeks when several clubs launch next season’s teamwear.


Posted on April 29, 2010

Comments on “Barcelona Home and Away Shirt Designs 2010/11”

  1. Young Money

    God damn ! So freakin ugly kits !

  2. Jonas

    the away kit looks exactly the same as their gk kit ??

  3. Vaidar

    Thought they looked awesome. When Barca releases som pics of the real thing, you’ll all be impressed.

  4. Kubi

    Barcelona once had a tiny white bit on their HOME strip and the fans went nuts. It’s like kebab shops in Leeds not having red plastic forks because the fans are seemingly incapable of distinguishing between a football team’s colours (Man U) and the design choice of a plastic cutlery manufacturer.

  5. RCY577

    the home shirts alriyt……. but RED SHORTS?!??!! both the kits are the same as 07/08

  6. Johossi

    the number of stripes is also similar to the one of07/08.Isn’t it?and the away shirrt looks alo earythe same as 07/08.
    very uncreative!

  7. Santi

    I like that they change the socks and shorts around, its better than having them the same year on end, and its not like they’ve never had red shorts, copy and paste this link and you’ll see

  8. Minty

    Away teams even try to wear all white at Barca now just to wind them up.

  9. 81Ross

    DirtyBill, if Barca were to release a white away kit the fans would burn it in the streets.

  10. Sargon

    Crystal Palace have basically the same shirts, shorts and socks now Barca following suit?

  11. Mikey


    Take a guess… Same reason Liverpool will never have a blue away kit i’m guessing!

  12. DirtyBill

    Why Don’t They Ever Have a White away kit ???

  13. Appie

    absolutly freakin UGLY!

  14. Bhq

    I dont like the red shorts/socks combo. Not cool. Also, I wished they would go back to the lime green coloured away shirt in the early 90s.

  15. TitusBramble

    nike have made some great kits for barca before
    doesnt look like this onell be as good.
    oh well you can only do so much with red and white stripes

  16. Cave

    that definitely is the home shirt,as the sleeve can be seen in the pic of the leaked atletico madrid home kit which was posted a few days ago.

  17. K.n

    Home is nice but red shorts? no,no,no.Away is the same like 3 years ago.

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