Black & Gold Liverpool Away Shirt 2009/10

Black & Gold Liverpool Away Shirt 2009/10

Black & Gold Liverpool Away Shirt 2009/10

News is starting to be leaked about a possible black Liverpool away shirt for next season, nothing has been confirmed as yet, but some of the descriptions match each other and have come from semi-reliable sources.

The round neck shirt is said to be primarly black throughout, the completing design colour will be gold. The adidas three stripes over the shoulder will be in gold, as will be sponsors logo Carslberg in the center of the 2009/10 Liverpool away kit.

Black Gold Liverpool 2009/10 Shirt ?

Black Gold Liverpool 2009/10 Shirt ?

Football kit designer Humid, put together the mockup above of the proposed kit and kindly let us display it for you to get an idea of what Liverpool new away shirt for next season might be looking like.

Posted on January 20, 2009

Comments on “Black & Gold Liverpool Away Shirt 2009/10”

  1. Bell

    You really hit the nail on the head with this post. There are darn few blogs other than sports, football, or cycling that I even bother to read.

  2. Liverpool Fan Louisa X

    im a huge liverpool fan and personally i love the black kit as i am a major fan of black too lol, i also disagree with the comment that its worse than the grey shirt and the green shirt as i own the green shirt and absolutely love it <3 and im so gunna get it

  3. Martin Davies

    shame u cant have the gold premier league badges eh bin dippers

  4. Joz . Massive Liverpool Fan ! X

    MASSIVE LIVERPOOL FAN !!. . . This Kit it nice but it is just too dull atleast the grey one had really bright red to liven it up ! nice though i wud probably get it.

  5. RedMancHater

    This shirt was shown on soccer am three weeks ago. Its ok, but the red stripe on the chest and the badge dont match the colours which in my oppinion makes it look kinda cheap….

  6. Sean

    well said! i totally agree wid da comment above ^


    Your All Stupid, If You Dont Like Da Shirt Why Bova Commentin It? Lmaoo!! I Loveee It Da Colourz Am Siiiik!!

  8. Rajiv

    may the gold lining bring the golden period to LIverpool with the silverware

  9. Megster

    09/10 season kit has been confirmed on and think this kit is almost exactly the same. i really like it, think its dead smart! will definately be getting it and wearing it with pride!

  10. Jonnie

    I have buying liverpool shirts since i was 7 and this is one of the best i have seen. I will certainly be buying it. I will probably get Kuyt or Mascherano on the back.

  11. Abce

    Beautiful jersey, one for the future!

  12. Oli

    I support liverpool, and this kit is fantastic! I thing it will look good on Xabi Alonso.

  13. Joel

    im the biggest liverpool fan ever and i think that this is a great kit, much better than this years. but the bad thing about it is the badge. why cant they have a black and gold version on the kit? (you know, like chelseas luminous and black version a few years ago.)

  14. Df

    steven: runescape is for nerds

  15. Df

    augustus: are you joking? the crest is beutiful, infact I think it´s the nicest crest in England.

  16. Sam

    looks like a kit the spanish international team would use for their away kit

  17. Steven

    Anyone else here play Runescape?!

  18. Steve Martin

    Hey boys, i love the shirt, but i love little boys more!!!!

  19. Garry

    brilliant, i love c0ckk..

  20. Dave

    up my a.s.s, i love C0C|< =P

  21. Dave

    Looks fab, i also like cock…

  22. Mark

    looks great, cant wait to buy this kit next season!
    will win the premiership in style! (:

  23. Jamie

    amazin kit deffo gunna be gettin that cnt w8 2 c the premiership winners badge’s on that wen we win the leauge.

  24. Ian

    i think ur all wankers and just jealous as no other team has a heritage such as liverpool

  25. G0atface

    Erm RE club crest – it got redesigned due to the hillsorough disaster in memory of those who died.

    Know your history part timer.

  26. Scott

    i think all this talk of the shirt is from false fans who probably only go to 5 games a year are you realy botherd what colour the numbers are and all that and youll be prouder to watch them doesnt matter what the kit you should be proud to watch them.

  27. Jonny LFC

    now im a true liverpool and I have to say i do really like this kit, a big improvement off this seasons grey or silver kit, watever u wanna call it, but it still doesnt beat the lovely white kit from couple seasons ago in my views.

  28. Nigel Van Den Berg

    numbers are white

  29. Nigel Van Den Berg

    hey guys i saw the jersey on the internet and i loved it even without confirmation if this will be the jersey for next year but i already have him!

  30. Karlos

    it a nice shirt a lot better than most of the away shirts liverpool have had reasently do the numbers come in gold????????

  31. Lewi

    i think use are a bunch of tossers the people who dont like this kit.

  32. Darryl Saunders

    Has to be the best liverpool shirt ive seen for years. hope it is the away shirt for the new season.

  33. Mb-MUFC

    it’s good…….

    much, much better than this seasons :L

  34. Neil


  35. Chris

    yer fukin snd as tha top bring on the new season haha

  36. BigCrunch

    It’s a fly kit and I think if it’s really the one they’ll use, I’ll be prouder 2support them wen playin away… I love Liverpool but this season’s away and 3rd kit don’t do us justice… Like somebody else said, this kit shows class….

  37. Bish

    Fecking horrendous and i am a liverpool fan…..

  38. Brn442

    If it’s for real, it’s rather brilliant, just the right amount of piping. It’s safe to say that the club’s rather clumsy attempt at re-branding trumps any hope of many fans in getting a simpler badge on the shirts, even the proposed launch (the 6 away/3rd strip in 3 years.) shows what they really think of their fans.

  39. Joe

    well it cant get much worse than this seasons checked grey kit and the green third kit

  40. Neil

    Very smart looking kit. Adidas are producing far better quality designs than Reebok ever did. This one seems to be influenced by this season’s Champions League training kit.

    I agree that the Liverpool badge should go back to being the Liverbird. I’ve never really liked the red, green and white badge. It looks like a tacky Christmas version of the badge. It looks so wrong on the black and gold kit.

    Gold Premier League badges on the sleeves would really top this kit off. Let’s hope we get them!

  41. D King

    Nice looking kit, but shouldn’t the trim be bronze, or whatever you get for finishing 4th?

    Agree with above about simplifying the badge though.

  42. Bob

    Absolutely outrageously insanely brilliant this kit is. I’d buy it and I’m a Gooner.

  43. L'pool Fan

    if anyone has seen any other places wehre they’ve seen this kit can they post here? thnx

  44. Augustus

    I don’t hate them at all. Liverpool are one of the world’s great clubs. They’ve just spent most of the last two decades urinating on their glorious legacy, is all.

  45. Nick Forest Fan

    I hate Liverpool, this kit though is a thing of beauty!!

  46. Augustus

    Liverpool FC. Worst club crest in history? It has to be close. An hideous dog’s dinner, replacing the simple, beautiful, and world famous, Liver bird emblem.

  47. Alexandre

    And the Premiership badges? In gold too?

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