Blackburn Rovers Home Shirt 09/10

Blackburn Rovers Home Shirt 09/10

Blackburn Rovers Home Shirt 09/10

Images have been released showing the new Blackburn Rovers home shirt that the team will wear next season. Although the shirt has yet to be officially revealed by Blackburn, it is most likely that this is the shirt.

The shirt is Blackburn’s traditional colours of Blue and White. The left half of the shirt is blue and the right half of the shirt is white. The right sleeve is blue ad the left sleeve is white. The collar and ends of the sleeves are mad eof the clubs colour os red, white and blue. There is also red piping along the bottom of the shirt. The club badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers, Umbro, have their logo on the right of the shirt in red. The club sponsor has their name and logo in the centre of the shirt.

Posted on June 01, 2009

Comments on “Blackburn Rovers Home shirt 09/10”

  1. Dan

    why cant the sponsor be red.

    ruins the shirt tbh

    other wise i like it

  2. Mattrovers

    Thank you for bringing the red detail back Umbro! Never take it off again, last year’s shirt was dull dull dull! This is the bee’s knees!
    I guess they’ll be having red numbering and names back as well, much better!

  3. Brian Bradshaw


    Maybe this was made when we were favourites to be relegated, it looks like a Championship kit.

    Umbro have really let themselves go.

  4. Ab_rovers57

    Why the 90’s collar? If umbro had thier way we’d play in shellsuits and have mysterious girl as the club anthem. Umbro never left 1998..

  5. Matt

    Quality shirt. Not too fancy at all.

    Not in love with the collar, but don’t see any problem with it either

  6. Lofty316

    gonna ave to pay 40 quid for myself and same for my kid just to get a extra bit of red on my shirt. mite just get a felt tip and do it myself!!!

  7. Darren Morris

    very nice shirt, loving the alternative collar. thank god umbro have saved us from the atrocities of lonsdale

  8. Neil

    Thanks, cannon06, for answering that!

    The collar looks like those ribbons you get on those tacky, trying-to-look-real-but-totally-look-plastic medals when you come runners-up in a local 5-a-side tournament.

    The kit will always be blue and white halves, so I guess the collar and the sleeves are the only areas they can be more creative with. Or they could go for something similar to Croatia and go with blue and white chequers!

  9. Bob Jones

    hideous!!!! Looks like it comes from pound shop, sleeves and neck are awful

  10. Bob Jones

    looks like it comes from pound shop. sleeves and neck are hideous

  11. Liam Sharpe

    I love my mummy very much and my mummy loves this shirt. Bye bye!

  12. Watford Boy

    very nice shirt

  13. Naenia

    Really tacky, don’t like this one at all.

  14. Cannon06

    Neil, that isn’t a rule enforced by our FA, It’s a UEFA rule. Hence, last time Blackburn were in the UEFA cup, the back of their kit was entirely white when playing European games, but still halved for domestic competitions. I think they are also lax on the rule if there is a great contrast, for instance, if a team like Inter Milan were to have gold numbers, they would show very clearly, and may be allowed. But they change their minds every year so who knows what they’ll say now? Lol.

  15. God = Moyes

    theyy have the samee kit every yearr??? hardley changes

  16. Neil

    I thought all Premier League kits had to have a solid, single-coloured panel on the back for the name and number? Don’t Newcastle have a solid black panel on the back of their shirts because of this rule?

  17. Grave Danger

    Like it!! If it aint broke why fix it?? Keep it simple and remember tradition please!!

  18. Scobprop03

    *Pompey* our home shirts look horrid with no red on them just check out our shirt from last year. I love this new shirt, have just seen on another website a close up of the badge and they have that watermark typ effect around the badge like the sunderland shirt

  19. KRAP

    Very smart… the sponsor lets it down though… still no new umbro badge… is that exclusive to England then…?

  20. POMPEY

    the red bit is ugly

  21. El Slinko

    How can you all possibly like that? It’s the most vile kit i’ve ever seen, look at the neck? We aren’t in the 90’s for fuck sake.

  22. Scobprop03

    love the old school collar!!!!!
    yeah official line from the club is that this years away will be next years 3rd if anyone could suggest what we’re gonna do for wigan away i would be intrigued asnything but claret and blue

  23. Sir Fergie

    Awesome – if only they’d done something like this with the England kit instead of that boring all white effort.

  24. Theredflag

    i wonder if umbro will make a 3rd kit or have blackburn wear this seasons away kit, the dark navy one with the blue and white vertical line down the middle. what do you guys think?

  25. Mazza

    i think it looiks real simalar to the other one last season though.

  26. Pompey Flo :)

    damn. i had my money on black and red stripes
    the same as every other blackburn shirt!

  27. Paulburn Rovers

    I love it. It is kind of a throwback to the 70’s. Love that collar. I think I will buy this instead of the new away shirt. Very good job Umbro.

  28. Cannon06

    Easy to mess up a kit like Blackburn’s by over-complicating it. Nice simple design, works well.


    that is very nice

  30. Paddy

    same as the season gone bye except the sleeves

  31. JoeSAFC

    I think Umbro are really cominmg along with their Designs this year.

    Hope the Sunderland Away is Nice 🙂

  32. Craig

    bloody awful

  33. MCFC In America

    really nice shirt. a bit similar to the away kit though in my opinion. they’re both very white. but still a great job by Umbro. I hope Manchester City’s shirts look as good as this shirt and the Blackburn away shirt.

  34. Geha714

    Nice work!

    Glad they solve the sponsor thing.

    Last season it looked bad. Now it’s better.

  35. Jp

    very nice shirt

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