Blackburn Rovers Switch To Nike

Blackburn Rovers Switch To Nike

Blackburn Rovers Switch To Nike

Blackburn Rovers are the latest team to switch from Umbro to Nike as they have officially announced their new partnership with the US manufacturer. The new deal with Nike will start from the 2013/14 season.

Umbro’s relationship with Blackburn Rovers started in 2007 and thus will come to an end after 7 years. All kit, training wear and related products will now be manufactured by Nike.

Greg Coar, Rovers’ Head of Commercial and Marketing, said: “We are delighted to confirm that Rovers are set to start a new partnership with Nike. We are certain that our supporters will be excited by this new partnership and will be looking forward to seeing the iconic blue-and-white halves and the world famous Nike brand on our kits this summer.”

Gareth Hosford, GM Nike UK Football, said: “We are delighted to add Blackburn Rovers to the Nike football family. We look forward to building on the successful partnership the club has already enjoyed with Umbro and working closely with the club and the fans over the coming seasons.”

Source – Club Official Website


Posted on February 10, 2013

Comments on “Blackburn Rovers switch to Nike”

  1. Bellers

    At least with nike they will get generic but smart looking shirts. With macron we seem to have one set of decent kits, then the next season we have awful ones.

  2. Rro87

    Forest fan nick – forest will be adidas next year thats the word going around however still surprised its not been leaked out as yet. Its the only brand been mentioned….there was talk of them takin over from this current season but believe nigel doughty (well forest) was still under contract with umbro.

  3. Zizzi

    aslong as they return the shirt to opposite halves on the back I’m happy!

  4. Venky's Must Go!!!

    I think there needed to be a change – this years kit was looking as old and ugly as our 6 fingered dingle friends mothers a few miles away from us.
    The away shirt will offer a little bit different than the template we have had a over the past few seasons!!

  5. D King

    I think Umbro did some good stuff for Blackburn. Umbro appear to be disappearing the football kit market, which is a massive shame. All the Home Nations have worn Umbro shirts, even Brazil once wore Umbro. Every team in the Premier League has worn Umbro shirts at sometime and Charlton, Middlesbrough and Millwall, I think are the only Championship sides not to wear Umbro.

    Hopefully Umbro won’t go the same way as Bukta and Admiral as the power of Nike and Adidas sweeps all before them. Hopefully if Vandanel can keep going, so can Umbro, I just hope JD sports don’t end up owning them aka Fila.

  6. RoversFan

    It doesn’t appear to be a deal with Just Sport as there is a comment from the General Manager of Nike UK and Just Sport haven’t been mentioned anywhere. A quick search also shows that he made a comment in the press release for the Celtic 125th Anniversary kit.

    Another thing to point out is that the Umbro deal was due to end in 2016 and seeing as the Nike deal will in 2016 it’s a direct takeover just like what has happened for a few of the other teams that were with Umbro.

  7. PedroHull

    Generally though, not just this season. True you have had a long time with them, but I’d rather stick with Umbro (if they hadn’t been destroyed by Nike) as Leicester have had “quality” kits from Jako and JJB over the recent years. The quality and design of some of them were truly abysmal.

  8. Forest Fan Nick

    PedroHull: I disagree, our kits this season are way poor. Last seasons with the collar was the best kit we’ve had for years. But after 26 years or so of umbro i think it’s time for a change

  9. Yorkshireimp

    I hope for Blackburns sake that they are not going to have Just Sport as their supplier as is the case for all the Nike teams outside the PL. Not only generic teamwear but all that Avec rubbish too.

  10. PedroHull

    Forest fan Nick. Why would you want to go to teamwear nike? Even as a Leicester fan I think you have the best kits in the championship and I wish umbro had done a tailored option for us before they got sold by Nike.

  11. N7 Bluebird

    So they are going to end up with a load of teamwear stuff like Oxford and Southend etc??

  12. Alex

    Teamwear ahoy!

    Done. Best thing about this is that hopefully Umbro will be switching to someone new. A promoted team maybe?

  13. Forest Fan Nick

    I wish Forest would switch too

  14. Mr.Robson

    Top work by Nike,nice to see them venturing into the lower leagues with woeful teams owned by pikies wearing cheap Primark suits

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