Bolivia Home Shirt for 2011 Copa America

The national football team of Bolivia at the time of this article ranks 97th in the FIFA rankings. It forms part of the CONMEBOL confederation, joining together national football teams from South America. The home stadium is the Hernando Siles Stadium which hasa capacity of 42000 fans. Bolivia appeared in the World Cups of 1930, 1950 and 1994, but on all three occasions failed to get past the group stage. Their biggest success in their history was winning the 1963 Copa America. They will be playing in the 2011 Copa America in Group A consisting of hosts Argentina, as well as Colombia and Costa Rica.

The national team’s new home shirt was launched on Thursday 9th June and it is based on the shirt worn by the team when it won the 1963 Copa America. Surely, they must be hoping for a repeat of that triumph in the 2011 event. The club will also use the shirt for the qualification stage for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The shirt is supplied by Walon. It has a green base colour and a white polo-style collar. The sleeve hems are white, and there is a golden patch on the sides.

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  1. On the 2nd Pic, the guy second from the left is definitely “El Condor”, Bolivia’s number 1 Narco Baron and the guy in the glasses and suit is about to be fed to Piranhas or chainsawed to pieces.

  2. That’s a really good shirt, nice and simple but with the little flashes of red and yellow. I approve.

  3. Nice shirt. Hopefully Bolivia can get close to winning some silverware before these (assumingly) guys from the ’63 winning side pass on.

  4. Is the guy second from right an alien?

    I liked the young girls. Where are all the young girls this season? They always inspired some of the most creative comments.

  5. @land

    if you bothered to read the article you would see that it is in South America, near Ecuador to the north of the continent.

  6. finally no glossy threads!! thanks name brand I forgot by the time I scrolled to the bottom of the page. you guys truly make great kit(s)! has bolivia ever put players names on their shirts? why do south american teams play so often without names on their shirts? beautiful shirt.

    thred@land try GOOGLE, WIKIPEDIA, the globe, a map, or ask any 15 year old who isn’t retarded.

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