Bordeaux Home, Away & Third Kits

After being previewed in June, the kits for French club Bordeaux have now been officially unveiled, with the players modelling the new shirts that the club will be wearing for the 2008/09 campaign. The kits are manufactured by Puma, with the logo appearing on the shoulders, and on the centre of the shirt (for home and third kits), and on the right side of the shirt for the away kit. The sponsors for the kits are car manufacturers Kia.

The home shirt is dark blue with details on the front in the form of white V’s. The club crest is placed in the centre of the V. The sirt has a white trim on the sleeves. The collar is a V-neck in the same colour of the shirt.

The away kit is all white, with a long collar. It has a maroon V on the chest, with the club crest appearing on the left side (when worn) of the V. The shirt has a maroon trim on the sleeves, while the Puma logos are also maroon.

The third kit is dark blue, the same colour of the home shirt. It has a vertical pink stripe on the centre of the shirt, with a pink V across the chest. Where the V touches the central stripe, its colour turns dark blue. The kit has a long collar and sleeves with a pink trim. The club crest appears in the centre of the shirt on the pink stripe.


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  1. the home would be better if the v on the front was solid. I really like the white away shirt.

    however the third shirt has to be the dodgiest thing i’ve ever seen. The guy wearing it doesn’t seem to happy either

  2. Au contraire, the home shirt is one of the cleanest designs so far. The away is indeed classy. The away, despite the odd color choice, is original, at least.

  3. It would be nice if their badge wasn’t an afterthought. It seems like they forgot about it until after deciding on where to place the Kia and puma logos.

  4. You’re right David,
    the badge is dwarfed by the other logos on the home shirt. The away looks like a rugby jersey.
    The third is easily the best of the bunch.

  5. what the hell is going on with the pink 3rd kit, it looks like pink puke, other than that the rest of the kits are nice

  6. Home shirt quite classy… away shirt looks like they have run out of ideas… but the 3rd shirt….. thats a different thing altogether!!! its freakin sweeeeet!!

  7. Im watching Bordeaux/Chelsea and I had to come online to see what the hell they are wearing….
    We thought it was some kind of pink cartoon pig on the front.

    Chelsea looks like a bunch of canaries but Bordeaux looks like theyre playing in the San Francisco rec leagues. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    ANd you think there is enough pumas on that shirt… why not add another half dozen or so?

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