Brazil 2013/14 Nike Home Shirt

Brazil 2013/14 Nike Home Shirt

Brazil 2013/14 Nike Home Shirt

Brazil have dropped to the lowest rank in the history of the national football team in the FIFA rankings issues in December 2012, that is the 18th place. The team is not playing qualification matches for FIFA World Cup 2014 as it is hosting the competition, and hence qualified automatically. In its history, Brazil won 5 World Cups, 3 Confederations Cups, and 8 times the Copa America.

Alongside other national team leaks of Nike shirt which are coming from credible and reliable sources, and which has happened other times in the past, we are in a position to reveal the new Brazil home kit for the period 2013/14. The new home shirt of Brazil has the traditional yellow colour with a green collar and green sleeve hems. The Nike Swoosh is green.

Posted on January 16, 2013

Comments on “Brazil 2013/14 Nike Home Shirt”

  1. Marc Holding

    When is it out.

  2. Sainty

    I only ever buy my own nation’s shirts, Ireland, but I wouldn’t be ashamed to wear this.

  3. Daniel Lyttle

    So much want…..and the new uruguay top is fantastic as well.


    the collar makes it so much better and classy simple clean finish 10/10
    hope nike are as nice to England kits this year
    white home
    red away !!!

  5. Gabriel

    Brazil rules!
    Nice shot by nike.

  6. MattyPeo-97

    Tbh, it does have the same sleeves, I dislike these Nike half-baked ideas that are similar to last season’s one. Although the changes are nice.

  7. Techaine

    Looks like a slight change in their current trend of clunky sleeves complemented by an odd collar, sorry, not a fan.

  8. MattyPeo-97

    Actually a nice kit, classic etc. Unlike the new Portugal kit. Nice how it isn’t like a re-think of last season’s shirt, but of shirts of an era that I’m sure Brazilians love to look back at.

  9. Scholesy16

    Awesome shirt makes a nice change from the round/v neck efforts. This rings of the mid to late 80’s shirts. Love it.

  10. YorkshireImp

    Nike are running out of ideas; just looks like the last shirt with a collar.

  11. Hellasleaf

    I think I like it. nailed the collar.

  12. Thamae Q'oma MarrKoos

    nice 1, gon get it.

  13. JJ United

    i like it…. classy… altho yeah, it does seems quite similar to the current kit…. but the collar makes it perfect

  14. Ringo

    Classic looking Brazil shirt.

  15. Coyi

    This is beautiful. If nike make an England kit similar to this just white with blue trim, it’d be great.

  16. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    surprisingly thats not bad for a nike shirt . brazil shirts are usually dull and boring

  17. Ian Koh

    This is one neat looking Canarinho jersey! I will so get it!

  18. Skiporovers

    Nice Collar, other than that exactly the same as the current kit…. come on Nike….. lazy much?

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