Brazil Nike Home Shirt 2013

Here is the new Brazil Nike home shirt for 2013. Brazil star Neymar unveiled the new shirt featuring the classic colours of football’s most iconic shirt.


“The people’s jersey” belongs to Brazilians, and Nike’s new kit reflects the passion and inspiration that the Seleção brings to the nation as a whole. The people demand that their team speaks for them and plays in a way that reflects the country’s natural rhythm.

“To wear the ‘amarelinha’ is the greatest honour for me and my team mates ” Neymar said. “Football is part of our lives in this country and the new Brazil kit is a classic design with all the technology that we need to perform.”


The new home shirt is mainly yellow featuring a green collar with green sleeve hems. The Nike swoosh logo is in green on the top right part of the chest with the Brazilian Football Federation badge on the opposite part.


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  1. Not a fan of it having the same sleeves as last year’s, nor the plastic tick. The collar looks nice, and reminds me of when Brazil were in that golden era.

  2. They’ll never top the ’98 World Cup home and away shirts – two the greatest shirts ever made.

  3. perfect ! simple clean look no stupid stripes patterns and this kit has always stayed to its true design and colors

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