Brighton and Hove Albion Commemorative Stadium Shirt

Brighton and Hove Albion have launched a unique commemorative shirt for the friendly against Tottenham which will be played on July 30. The friendly marks the official opening of the American Express Community Stadium.

The commemorative limited edition shirt is manufactured by Errea and features blue and white stripes, with a blue collar and white sleeves.

The commemorative shirt is the first featuring the club’s new logo, fixed centrally above gold embroidery, which reads: “Commemorative shirt to celebrate the opening of the American Express Community Stadium.”

Thanks to Ashley for sharing!


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  1. Fantastic. Errea could have but their logo down the sleeves aka the Bukta logo, similar to they did with Palace to make it look like the Admiral logo.

    But still fantastic.

  2. Any reason why they couldn’t have gone with this for the season? Very stylish.

  3. Badge looks okay to me. It can’t be too close to the collar.

    This has a really classic look about it. Would be nice as the official kit and don’t know why it isn’t.

  4. nice retro shirt…even if it is for a club supported by men who fancy other men

  5. Tom (post 8) – the seats aren’t faded – some of them still have their plastic covers on, making them look faded.

    As for the kit (from a Brighton fan), I won’t be buying it. It doesn’t look bad – but it is too similar to the original (that I already own). Hopefully the ‘proper’ kit will be just as nice (although I’m sure it will be poorer for the addition of a sponsor).

  6. @Tom Because they are still covered with transparent plastic bags and some have blown away!

    I like it, it looks a better fit in the outdoor pic, and I don’t see why the badge is so low. But it’s still very nice if you ask me.

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