Bwin Football Kits Of The Future

Bwin Football Kits Of The Future

Bwin Football Kits Of The Future

Compiled by online betting company Bwin we can have a look at several futuristic football kit designs.

Kit suppliers are always marketing and manufacturing their kits with the highest level of technology possible. These designs seen below are thought up by Bwin and they reveal unique kits which could change the way we watch and play football.

One of the most interesting designs is the Offside Indicator shirt which lights players’ shirts up whenever they are in an offside position. Another shirt which could potentially be realistic is the Liver advertising shirt which could move like a hologram revealing more than just one shirt sponsor.


Some shirts are completely unrealistic including the low visibility detector and live player stats shirts.

Thanks to Futebol Grafico

Posted on May 29, 2014

Comments on “Bwin Football Kits of the Future”

  1. Ben

    Live advertising will happen one day

  2. Sainty

    The player cam would be a good one for those penalty box jostles, as would the microphone.

  3. Mitchivic

    @4 what no. 3 is saying is that if somebody hasa red card there’s no need to indicate it on the shirt as they would be off all you need is a marker for a yellow I think it’s the only viable 1.

  4. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    The middle one is a rip off of arsenal. Don’t like any of these, these companies shouldn’t be allowed to make football kits.

  5. Jimmy Savile OBE

    WTF is this, Blade Runner?

  6. GAZ

    No thanks to any of them

  7. Winstrop

    @3: Would have been useful for Graham Poll who is known to lose track of these things!

  8. Pat Reilly

    If Sky thought they could get away with these shirts they would be doing it now

  9. Red Devil

    why does the yellow card indicator need to show red cards on the shoulder too, if a players had a red card he would be in the dressing room so how is this helpful to refs, me thinks who ever made these shirt ideas dose not know football rules

  10. S S

    Only viable one is the offside position one. However, just an arm-band instead of a hi-tech shirt would suffice and it would also be more cost-efficient.

  11. The Bandit

    What a load of guff.

  12. Yasser Nugroho

    Man Utd – N'castle – Stoke CIty
    West Ham – Arsenal – Cardiff City
    S'land – Spurs – Liverpool

  13. Víctor Bueno León

    I don't like this. Football is for humans, don't make this sport a machine!

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