Cardiff City Rebrand and New Kits 2012/13

Cardiff city have been going through a change of ownership this year. However the new deal have caused controversy with fans as to boost foreign interest, the new Malasian owners proposed a total rebrand of the club, involving a new new badge and changing the home colour from blue to red! After a fan and media backlash it looked as though the owners and club would scrap this idea however today they have released a full statement of their intentions.

The club are to go ahead with amended rebrand plans and an investment promise from new owners in a decision taken by board members. It also confirmed a major rebranding from blue to red, unveiled a new red home strip, a proposal to expand Cardiff City Stadium, plans to upgrade the club’s training facilities and plans to clear the historical debt to the Langston Corporation, which is represented by former Cardiff owner Sam Hammam.

Cardiff City released a statement confirming that Malaysian investors Tan Sri Vincent Tan and Dato Chan Tien Ghee have pledged their commitment to the club.

“We are only too aware that the change of colour is a radical and some would say revolutionary move which will be met with unease and apprehension by a number of supporters, along with being seen as controversial by many,” said Whiteley.

“To those I would like to say that this was not a decision that has been taken lightly or without a great deal of thought and debate. There is no getting away from the fact that history and traditions are the lifeblood of any club and as such should be jealously guarded and preserved. Both the board and our investors fully understand and respect this and will do their utmost to uphold, protect and promote the values and virtues which the club stands for.”

In May the owners indicated they would be ready to invest into the club if the Bluebirds change their shirt colours from blue for red and rebrand the club crest so it would have made the Championship club more appealing in the Far East.

Some Cardiff fans initially reacted angrily to the proposed change of club colours and it was feared the protest jeopardised investment plans by principal backer Vincent Tan, who had planned the multi-million pound rebrand.

Club chairman Tien Ghee later revealed that controversial proposal had been dropped due to “vociferous opposition” and he reassured the ongoing commitment of the Malaysian investors.

But he warned that the Bluebirds could not afford to continue losing money – a reported £1m a month – and that their investment strategy, said to be worth £100m, would be reassessed.

And in an open letter to fans after the club’s last board meeting, Tien Ghee warned that the club must change while he also suggested a full review of the club’s finances.

Now the change of shirt colour will go ahead with Cardiff fans’ opposition to the rebrand having cooled because of the scale of the proposed investment by the club’s Asian owners.

The new Home shirt is mostly Red. There is a black v-neck collar and a back band running across the chest. The new club badge is on the left of the chest and the maker’s, Puma, have their logo on the right in white. The shirt sponsor have their name across the middle of the shirt. The shirt will be worn with black shorts and red socks

The ne away shirt is the clubs former traditional home colour of Blue. There is a yellow v-neck collar and a yellow stripe across the chest. The new club badge is on the left of the chest and the maker’s, Puma, have their logo on the right in white. The shirt sponsor have their name across the middle of the shirt.

To read more on the announcement, Click here.

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  1. This is what you get when letting non-Europeans in on football. American situations, where a club is a toy…

  2. Another bit of football’s soul ebbs away!

    Are they taking the p!ss out of the fans by keeping Blue as the away strip?

  3. Why black as the secondary colour? I would have thought that white/green would have made more sense as Welsh traditional colours. The bluebird on the crest looks like an afterthought, either it should be integrated better or completely removed (perhaps keep on the back of the neck etc). What is the “Fire & Passion” nonsense about? would ‘Y ddraig goch ddry cychwyn’ (the Red Dragon will lead the way), the city’s motto not have been better? At least it’s in Welsh. Poor Cardiff fans, the club is selling their soul, identity and history for Far East money. Chelsea and Everton in Red next?

  4. Over 100 years of history pissed away on the whim of a foreigner who doesn’t care about the club one bit.

  5. That really is just taking the piss out the fans, new brand and home colour scheme and then to keep the original colours as an away shirt, if they did that at my club I’d be pissed off!

  6. Hope all the Cardiff fans buy the blue away to boycott the idea. You cant change a clubs traditions, its not the MLS. i just feel sorry for the fans. If the owners want to take pride in the fact they are welsh, then they should join the welsh prem then.

  7. As a Cardiff City fan, waking up to hear this has made me annoyed! Feels like we have been held to ransom by these guys to be honest! Feels like we have been held to ransom, either take the change or we leave you virtually broke!

    ‘Away’ kit is ok. ‘Home’ is utter garbage. Crest is rubbish too!

    Get my drift??

  8. There is no way Cardiff fans should buy the home shirt. This is an absolute disgrace to a team with a very distinctive identity and important history. (eg only Welsh club to win the FA Cup) Are the people in the Far East that small-minded that they would only buy a shirt if it was red?
    Ugly shirt as well.

  9. Well the kits are nice, but the crest is really bad, should have done better with all this rebranding thing

  10. A sickening indictment on modern football. Why not just sell off the club name as well?

  11. That crest is utter rubish and who came up with the meaningless motto? Agree that “y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn” would be much better. Shoddy all round and a preety boring kit as well.

  12. yes!!! , amazing re brand , which should make the red dragons a force to be reckoned with in the premiership. GO TEAM RED DRAGON , USE YOUR FIRE AND PASSION.

  13. It’s logical. Red is the Welsh national colour. Red is the colour of almost every team in Asia. Red is brighter and more visible on the pitch.

    That’s why I hate it so much.

  14. Did like this template for the PNE kits but not so sure now. I for one would not be happy if this happened at my club and from reading cardiff fans sites i still think it will be a blue following from the fans.

  15. Although not a Cardiff supporter, I do feel sorry for sorry for the fans. Just so we can market the team in the far east we will completely change your history! Are they going to change their nickname to the redbirds too! Appalling decision!

  16. The crest is really poor. Should have had a great firebreathing dragon on the badge a bit like the Norway crest designed and then dropped last year. You have so much potential with a dragon. Transfering the dragon image from the welsh flag is so poor. Even the Welsh FA dragon is better.

  17. Some arrogant businessman thinks he can wipe out the history of the club with money. These people think money can buy them anything. He’s blackmailing the club. Bend to my will and I will reward you slaves. Disgraceful!

  18. Cardiff fans should simply not buy either kit and hurt the arrogant owners in the pocket,I smell another Milton Keynes Franchise here,now theyve messed with the kits and nickname whats to stop them moving to another area???? First Sam Hammam stitching them up now this

  19. absolutely terrible. its a disgrace. the owners are wiping out the history of the club for foreign interest. what bitches. owners should be disgusted with themselves

  20. If you’re a true fan, one thing shouldn’t be accepted is changing the colour of the strip! You fanny about with the badge, the name of the stadium etc, but surely the colours are part of your identity.

    Poor effort

  21. As a victim of club rebranding and former Hyde United fan, I feel nothing but sympathy for Cardiff City. What the new owners are doing is nothing short of disgraceful.

  22. Just an after thought but didn’t Cardiff choose to wear their black away strip on route to Wembley in the FA Cup for luck? The wore it even when there was no clash and offered to change for the final rather than toss for it.

  23. If they wanted to capture fans from Asia, surely they would change the away to red. Away kit, Away fans. I fell for Cardiff, my team beat them in the Carling cup final, if Liverpool changed their home to blue….Don’t need to explain!!!

  24. Absolute disgrace. Surprised they didn’t go the whole hog and rename the club “South Wales Dragons”. Another bit of football’s soul shafted right up the arse by know-nothing money men.


  26. As a fellow Malaysian, I can’t help but agree with everyone here. The owner have no right to change the club’s colours and crest. It is part of Cardiff city’s history and I think he should learn to respect that. Irregardless whether Red is a more appealing colour or Dragons is a more auspicious symbol or not… A club is a club with its own identity! He should’ve learned from Tony Fernandes (QPR owner) – not meddling too much in club affairs.

    If Tan wants to have a Red Dragon football club, go form a club from scratch and work your way through the conference levels!

  27. Opposition to the red home strip has cooled in the light of the financial investment into the club. Sounds like a bribe to me. I’m Malaysian as well, and, while it may just be a colour, it goes against the tradition of Cardiff City FC.They think that red will appeal more to Asian fans eh, well if nobody cares to find out where Cardiff is then who needs them? They’re called the bluebirds for a reason, and marketing aside, surely a competent marketer would find a way to unite the club’s tradition with the direction in which it’s trying to go. The saving grace is that the clubs Asian fanbase should, hopefully increase, boosting the club’s finances.

  28. Oh my god. This is lush! Anyway, our home fans may not be able to see the blue kit when we play, but whatever club we visit away from home will see us play in blue!

  29. Oh my god. This is lush! Anyway, our home fans may not be able to see the blue kit when we play, but whatever club we visit away from home will see us play in blue!

  30. Shocking !!!!!! who would do shuch a thing to such a proud yes i understand that its being done for the money but seriously which cardiff fan cares if some asian man dosent know who cardiff is they just want their heritage to stay the same. I just hope that the cardiff fans boycot the red and where the “the new away kit” to the matches lets keep cardiff blue

  31. The red kit is decent looking, but it’s not a Cardiff City home shirt. Blue kit is not much to write home about, but given the circumstances it will probably outsell the red one big time.

  32. absolutley disgusting, football clubs are not franchises…football clubs are CLUBS made by the people and for the people! absolutley disgusting piece of treachery..Cardiff are the ‘BLUEbirds’ they will always be the bluebirds! This sums up everything that is wrong with football! WE ARE NOT YANKS

  33. You know what to do Cardiff fans, massive "BLUE IS THE COLOUR" at the first home game.

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