Celtic 2013/14 Nike Home Shirt

Celtic 2013/14 Nike Home Shirt

Celtic 2013/14 Nike Home Shirt

Celtic are the reigning Champions of the Scottish Premier League, having won the top Scottish title on 43 occasions. The team from Glasgow plays home games at Celtic Park, with a capacity of 60,832. Back in 1967, they won the European Cup. In the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League Knock-out stage, they lost against Juventus and were knocked out of the competition.


This is the new home shirt to be worn by the club during the 2013/14 season. The shirt is manufactured by Nike and sponsored by Magners. The shirt manufacturers maintain the traditional white and green hooped design, but the green stripes are within themselves striped in white. The shirt has a white V-neck collar and white sleeve hems.

Posted on March 19, 2013

Comments on “Celtic 2013/14 Nike Home Shirt”

  1. Jamie Dunne

    The worst ever, Look at the 1991 strip and you'll change you're mind đŸ˜‰

  2. James Menagh

    guess what i got the top funny how money changes your mind (paid £20)

  3. United Till I Die!!!

    I really like this kit, I don’t understand why people don’t like it

  4. Jack Cantwell

    Sometimes I think the images are leaked on purpose,so clubs can gauge the reaction to the new kit! Last years home probably has been the nicest we've ever had,but this kit is a travesty:(

  5. Board67.com - Celtic Forum

    Seems we've gone form having three of the nicest shirts in our history (this season's home, black away and white third choice) to comfortably the worst home strip ever. Cheap doesn't come close to describing it. Even the sponsors, crest and Nike logo are stuck on bits of plastic rather than properly stitched emblems.

    I am inclined to agree with #14's theory. This strip was leaked many months ago and the feedback was almost entirely negative. It can't be this bad by accident.

  6. James Cairns

    There Timmy ain't a happy bunny! haha!

  7. George Easdon

    Worst kit ever .Since when has mint green been celtic colour.
    Split the hoops .neck is horrible. All around disgraceful

  8. AndrĂ© GuimarĂ£es

    Normally i like the choices of nike for the Celtics, but i dont like this choice. Could be better, han ?

  9. ArmaghBhoy

    The Lisbon anniversary shirt was great(once I took the sponsor off), this seasons shirt is cracking, the black away is class as is the white anniversary shirt. However this new one looks cheap and nasty, I’ve always been against our kits being mad
    e by Nike, much prefer Umbro. I’m not keen on this one at all, good though that our unwanted sponsorship bond with sevco 5088 has been broken, no more shared sponsorship. I’m excited about Magners sponsoring us.

  10. ArmaghBhoy

    The Lisbon anniversary shirt was great(once I took the sponsor off), this seasons shirt is cracking, the black away is class as is the white anniversary shirt. However this new one looks cheap and nasty, I’ve always been against our kits being made by Nike, much prefer Umbro. I’m not keen on this one at all, good though that our tedious bond with sevco 5088 has been broken, no more shared sponsorship

  11. Sainty

    What’s to be said, it’s Celtic.

    Hail, Hail.

  12. Chris Causer

    Hate it fkn awful

  13. MarkJG

    Why are my comments not being allowed?

  14. MarkJG

    Why are my comments not being allowed? I made some good points about this strip..

  15. Sporran

    Hahaha, that’s absolutely disgusting. They’ve made the hoops match the sponsor’s logo.

    Worse than that bumble bee thing from a couple of years back.

  16. MarkJG

    I just would like to add, it seems Celtic fans go crazy if a kit looks even SLIGHTLY different. If a kit-maker doesn’t experiment once in a while, you’d just get the same kit over and over again (which is sadly often the case with Celtic kits).

    I have a solution: why not just buy a retro shirt and be done with it? Instead of buying a new kit that’s only very slightly different every year? Then you’d never have to buy another one… Toffs has some great retro kits, and they’re really good quality.

  17. MarkJG

    I really don’t understand why everyone hates this. In my honest opinion it’s the smartest looking Celtic home top for a long time. The current one is just awful, but this is much better. Honestly think everyone must be either blind or looking at something else. Maybe people don’t like the larger hoops? I think it looks great, sponser looks great too.

    And I’m not even a Celtic fan.

  18. Mambojambo

    Good god thats ugly! Hope the Smellic fans enjoy the dirty looks they’ll get roaming the streets in that.

  19. Aditoff

    Looks ok to me. But I wish they’d go back to Umbro.

  20. Stephen Dougan

    Don't like it one bit

  21. Theodore Stefanidis

    The very first British club who won the European Champions Cup….Not my favourite club, but respect to the guys who achieved such a glorious achievement…

  22. Changeme

    Wow. Nike dropped the ball here.

  23. Mitchivic

    @14 when was the last time barca just had plain normal stripes than because to my recollection the last 2 Barca shirts have been completly untradtional. The 2010-11 Barca shirt has normal stripes and has fate would have it very minimal changes from their 2009-10 shirt which would mean your idea on nikes selling stategies are wrong :).

  24. Jamie Mcdonald

    A real fan will wear it regarless of the desine dusn't care what it looks like as long as it is green and white and says CELTIC FC 1888 on it, I for one will be buying it and will be wearing the hoops with pride !! HH

  25. RooneyFan(Parker)MessiSucks

    I hope this jersey will be available for the public. I mean that exact jersey, meaning authentic because it is nice.

  26. Northernhorn

    It only looks the wrong green because the white pinstripes are lightening it.

    And having read other peoples comments I have decided that this shirt is still awful.

  27. Mac McGregor

    Yeuch U.G.L.Y. wont be buying this strip

  28. Charley Johnson

    rubbish celtics kits are normally the dogs.

  29. D King

    Nothing special. This looks OK, but more for Yeovil than Celtic. I appreciate Celtic aren’t Barcelona on the pitch, but off it they are a big club and should have a decent shirt.

  30. Alf Stewart

    Haha, I wouldn’t wear that in a blackout.

  31. Jamie Haffey

    what a disappointment. Would be buying it reluctantly.

  32. Jumpers For Goalposts

    I like it. A lot!

    Someone’s finally doing something original with a traditional kit. Nike did it before with Inter and Juve. Now they’ve come up with something a bit different, but still green and white hoops.

    Great job Nike!

  33. M

    It wouldn’t be as bad if the Magners logo wasn’t bottom heavy and resemble the thin hoops.

  34. Eddie Shannon

    Would need to drink a lot of the sponsors products to even think about liking this.

  35. Jamie Bonner

    Stop the fucking whining. It is what it is & if our bhoys wear it, it's fine by me.
    As for the "it'll be blue" shite, stop obsessing with Them or go support them!

  36. Doctors Your Uncle

    That is horrible. One of the simplest, most iconic shirts in the world, and they still managed to f*** it up. This shirt will be remembered with shame in the years to come.

  37. Kermit

    *Horizontal… blah!

  38. Kermit

    This is a classic case of Nike producing a zany kit for a season before returning to a more traditional kit the following season – which the fans actually want and sales will go through the roof!! Sales fall year after year if the kit changes are minimal.

    Sure that’s what they have done with Barca.

    Hope all these vertical lines don’t screw up the contrast on my TV!

  39. ?

    It’s a nice shirt.

  40. Duffman

    I like it. So there.

  41. Ebbe

    It’s a funny shade of green?

  42. Joe McCarthy

    Truly awful strip. Back to the drawing board Nike. Obviously spendimg too much time on the Magners!!!!

  43. Saggers

    a nice kit for a pointless leaugue. parachute them into english leaugue 2!!!!

  44. Joan McColl

    Worst thing I've seen r u hoops or stripes!!!

  45. Ehsan United

    I Like It…clean and classy

  46. Hellasleaf

    they are trying to do something different for once and people in the end just want solid green hoops.

  47. Gerard Downey

    We are the hoops, not the pin stripes… Probably one of the worst celtic kits ive ever seen!

  48. Vern Fonk

    Reminds me of pacers mints

  49. N7 Bluebird

    OMG!! Thats the worst Celtic home shirt i can remember! Awful in every single sense! Hope to god this is just a leak and not the real thing!

  50. United!!!

    wrong shade of green…

  51. Neil Harpo Landa

    Horrible team Horrible shirt.

  52. Lopez Claudio

    The biggest prank ever to Celtic…….

  53. Noani Ellwood

    Agree with the rest bloody awful, surely a wind up!

  54. Stephan Charette

    Worst Celtic kit I've ever seen. I always save a bit of money to buy a top, but not this one! Get it sorted Nike!

  55. James Menagh

    won`t be buyin this marks 3/10.

  56. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    just like every celtic home shirt – disgustingly ugly

  57. Trey Oswalt

    Northerhorn must be a Hun. That said, they ARE awful kits. Damnit, after such a strong showing with all three kits this season, they follow it up with this garbage. I wish the hoops weren't so thick.

  58. NCFC1

    It seems I’m going to go against what the two above me think, in my humble opinion it’s not that bad, certainly not the best shirt Celtic has had but also not the worst.

  59. Richard Greg Rusedski Hulls

    Said It Already…..Nike Just Cant Be Bothered With Anyones Kits Anymore!

  60. Grant Hodgkins


  61. Cilly Toman

    The worst celtic top in the history of the club . Absolutly shocking and deserves to flop by the biggest of margins. Be blue the season after fs

  62. James Finnell

    I can't believe this is the real home strip for a kick off the sponsor's logo is far too low. It's absolutely awful and if it is the real deal then Nike can keep it. Bought every home strip for the last 20 years at least… this won't be one of them!

  63. Martin Kerr Jr.

    you'll be lucky if you sell 10 of those…….get it changed!

  64. Vern Fonk

    Shocking. Truly shocking.

  65. Miki Mileski

    bull shit

  66. Northernhorn

    Nasty shirt for a nasty club.

  67. Blair Morgan

    D U double L DULL

  68. Scott Mackenzie

    ugliest strip n quite some time.

  69. Scott Mackenzie

    ugliest strip n quite some time.

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