Chesterfield FC Away Shirt 2013/14 Vote

Chesterfield FC Away Shirt 2013/14 Vote

Chesterfield FC Away Shirt 2013/14 Vote

League One club Chesterfield FC are consulting their fans with respect to the new away shirt to be worn during the 2013/14 season. Thy have presented their fans with three designs supplied by Puma to pick their preference. The shirt will then be launched next summer and one lucky voter will be among the first to wear it as he or she will receive it for free.




The options can be seen above and votes are received on the email address [email protected] only. Comments on our website do not count as votes. The first choice is a white shirt complemented by blue shorts and white socks. The second option is a green shirt with white stripes on the body, navy blue socks and hooped green and navy blue socks. The third option is a black shirt with a white upper part, complemented by black shorts and black and white hooped socks.

Thanks to Ian.

Posted on March 13, 2013

Comments on “Chesterfield FC Away Shirt 2013/14 Vote”

  1. Jeanette Binns

    I agree xxx

  2. Rob Wood

    Number 3 for me.

  3. Aditoff

    I’d have 1 and 2. 3 is cr*p

  4. Gabriel

    It’s 3 for sure!

  5. Mitchivic

    never been a fan of that shoulder block thing puma have going on in 2 there it doesn’t work on colchester shirt it won’t work on that i personally like 3. but i’d proberly vote 1 as 3 could look worse than it does on paper 1 is a good solid shirt can’t go wrong

  6. D King

    “Bellers” If this was a Yeovil kit it would still be aweful, too many different angles going on. I assume the sponsor is going to be angled, if so I hope it is company who’s logo normally angled so it fits right, otherwise it is going to look even worse.

  7. Geha714

    I’ll go with number 3.

  8. Korts

    Option 2 has the most personality, though I’d rather see fans given the choice of kit supplier.

  9. N7 Bluebird

    I kind of like number 2. Just hope Cardiff ditch Puma soon though!

  10. El Panza

    I vote for 2… 1 is boring and 3 looks like a training shirt.

  11. Bellers

    i must be the only one who likes number 2. Is it the design or color? Bilbao wear green and white don’t they? And if this was a Yoveil (sorry for awful spelling no idea how to spell it?)would you complain

  12. Tonesterwolf

    Bit worried seeing these Puma templates for next year as my team WWFC has just announced Puma will be taking over from Burrda next season. The way its going we’ll be playing Chesterfield next year!

  13. Ibrahim Suhaili

    option 1

  14. K.n.

    What is the choise? which is the worst?

  15. Garry

    I’d pick number 1 then have 3 as the 3rd away shirt because of the obvious kit clashes!

  16. Ur Mum

    Number 3 is best in my opinian

  17. Adamly

    LOVE number 3 – looks like an inverted version of the 03/04 Fulham kit.

  18. NUFCRob

    I like Number 3 . 2 is awful, and 1 is too boring

  19. Kermit

    All fairly decent kits.
    I’d vote for Number 1 – keep it simple!

  20. Bellers

    my best mate is a chezzie fan and anything would be better than pre-puma. My vote goes for number 2

  21. D King

    Number 2 could be in the list for the worst shirt ever

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