Close-Up Of The 13-14 Manchester United Home Shirt

Close-Up Of The 13-14 Manchester United Home Shirt

Close-Up Of The 13-14 Manchester United Home Shirt

We showed a potential leaked design for the 2013/14 Manchester United home shirt late last year and today we have a close up look at the United home shirt. The shirt is not officially confirmed but this is the anticipated design.

The shirt features a relatively plain look with red as the main colour and black on the collar. The collar features a checkered design underneath which may reflect the leaked ‘tartan’ black away 2013/14 shirt.

The shirt features the AON logo for the 2013/14 season with Chevrolet overtaking the shirt sponsor for the 2014/15 season.

Comparing to the 2012/13 ‘tartan’ shirt the 2013/14 shirt features a much more simple design. The original leak of the 2013-14 home shirt was leaked last December.

Posted on January 29, 2013

Comments on “Close-Up of the 13-14 Manchester United Home Shirt”

  1. Stuart Marson

    Iv got this shirt for fathers day iv only wore it once and it started pull in the middle of tue shirt.I'm am a man utd fan what it is made of is shit and i tryed to take it back and they won't give me a new one not happy at all 50 pounds it cost !!!!

  2. Rooney's Ugly Hes A Granny

    soooooooooooooooooooooo ugly mufc worst club in intire football history the kit is gross

  3. Allen Chopard

    Will never buy a shirt with the C**** bowtie on it.

  4. Dragion Natsu

    Wow! Better than last year, and this shirt is awesome. I'll buy this shirt.

  5. Anonymous

    Chevrolet from 2014/15 – muppet!

  6. Jordan Hackett

    its fake we will have chevrolet next season not aon.

  7. Jan Cawdron

    Its a fake if you want to see the really home kit for 2013/14 go to

  8. Jan Cawdron

    Its not the new home, this ones been going around since last season for the first look at uniteds new home shirt got to

  9. Michael Fozard

    Nice carnt wait to get it BRING ON THE TITLE.

  10. Carl Toolan

    I like this one

  11. Gunther Tampubolon

    That picture is from

  12. Alex Butterworth

    well if he can't read, what's the point in writing this, because he wont be able to understand what you have written? Just saying…

  13. Whtvr

    Better than last (this) years but i wish they’d drop the reference to the Manchester cotton mills. In theory i like the reference but i don’t think they executed it very well and one season is enough. As for button down collars? Its supposed to be a shirt to play football in, not go out on the lash. Imo football shirts always look better with a more modern aesthetic. Nike are usually pretty reliable for good kits, but this obsession with trying to crowbar tradition/heritage into them recently, isn’t doing it for me.

  14. Daniel Mufc Cresswell

    2014/2015 chevy start sponsering us

  15. Charley Johnson

    so razor ruddock can keep pushing them down loved them two when they played against each other good times

  16. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    gross , typical nike boring boring boring ( with a mank collar )

  17. RooneyFan(Parker)MessiSucks

    im liking this jersey, much better than this years

  18. EJ

    Cantona would approve of that collar I think…

  19. Vern Fonk

    Sam, you mong. Can’t you read before you open you gob?

  20. SkyBluePhoenix

    @Sam: that deal goes into effect the season after next. Do your research before you post a smart arse comment next time. Shirt is just as bland as most recent United efforts. Not bad, but nothing to write home about either.

  21. Sam

    it can’t be next years man utd shirt, because they have chevrolet on the front of there shirts from next season, so all these shirts going round are complete rubbish

  22. FP14

    @12 – are you braindead?

  23. Cal

    Fairly bland shirt.
    Also @ 8 – are you ageist? Very prejudiced comment.

  24. Ichan

    This shirt is produced by nike’ factory in my country Indonesia. Some of Manchester United fans are already have this shirt here in Indonesia. FYI: from 09/10 Indonesia made Manchester United shirt.

  25. D King

    Not bad, nice shirt. I think a white collar would be better (if not a black swoosh). The badge also looks cheap, why not iron on like the sponsor, or stitch look stick on like the swoosh.

  26. Journeyman79

    @ 2 super frankie samford: “wow. cantona-esq.”

    You may be surprised to know… Cantona was actually involved in he design of this shirt! 🙂

  27. Mikey Copeland

    Can you not read?

  28. Lai Kwan Hon

    Hell this is retro and classy

  29. Changeme

    @ 4 – Are you about 12? Very immature comment.

  30. John Gilmore

    thought it was chevy who spons us next season.
    and not aon.

  31. Ekaprana Daniswara

    looks like nike wants to release retro concept.

  32. Sebastian Patriasse

    did is sic man. Real sic like a nite out wit sum gak

  33. PhilUTD

    Would be great if it wasn’t for all the unneeded buttons, but it’s smart if not anything else.

  34. Belmiro Miguel Nhamithambo

    Not amazed but love Man United. Will wear it anyway.

  35. N7 Bluebird

    Its a Man u kit so automatically rubbish!!

  36. Mel Simo

    Love it can't wait for it to come out

  37. Ryan F

    @ #2 I highly doubt it – Nike’s marquee clubs (Man Utd, Barca, Arsenal, Inter, Juve etc.) all traditionally get unique templates.

    Maybe in a couple of years the design might get absorbed into the standard teamwear catalogue (such as the ‘Victory’ template with the ‘V’ on the chest), but until then I doubt Everton will be getting this design.

  38. Seanie Jay

    That will do me.

  39. Adex Demola

    I wish man utd best of luck ds season amen.

  40. Leslie Choudhury

    I wished they forget the button down feature and bring back ala Cantona collars!

  41. Snow Parsons

    Its a bit…buttony.

  42. Chee Keat Tan

    Walao ehh… ><

  43. Super Frankie Samford

    wow. cantona-esq. Hope efc get this stencil

  44. Chris

    better than last season for the red devils. nice coller as well

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