Close-up With New Chevrolet Sponsored Manchester United Home Kit

Close-up With New Chevrolet Sponsored Manchester United Home Kit

Close-up With New Chevrolet Sponsored Manchester United Home Kit

Teasing their home kit by Nike this week, we have received exclusive images of the new Chevrolet sponsored Manchester United home kit for the 2014-15 season.

Signing a new seven year sponsorship deal with Chevrolet back in July 2012, we have seen the first images of the new Chevrolet sponsor on a Manchester United shirt. The new leaked Manchester United shirt reveals a white and black rounded collar and sleeve cuffs similar to what was seen in the 2011-12 season.


Like on last season’s kit the Manchester United crest and Nike Swoosh logo will be embroidered on to the shirt. The shirt will be completed with white shorts and black socks with red trim.


A Red Devil logo is embroidered on the upper back of the shirt above the names and numbers and below the white and black rounded collar.


Featured on all Nike’s shirts is the authentic stamp on the base of the shirt. A silver stamp indicates the shirt is a replica while a gold stamp is seen on the on-pitch authentic kits.


Featured behind the neck is the words “Youth” “Courage” and “Greatness”. The shirt is again in line with Nike’s world class Dri-Fit technology which keeps players cool and dry when they need it most.


The shirt features a black button on the collar while the new Chevrolet sponsor will be printed on the jersey. A shirt which is very similar to last season’s shirt the white and black collar and sleeve cuffs is inspired by shirts of old.


The shirt is set to be officially launched on the 17th of July.

Posted on July 03, 2014

Comments on “Close-up with new Chevrolet sponsored Manchester United Home Kit”

  1. Fredrik Nord

    As long as the Manchester United badge is on the jersey it doesnt matter how it looks…..Its still gonna be the best shirt ever………

  2. David Levick

    I like it

  3. Lecram Hernández

    logo fucks it up, why couldn't they keep the form but improve the looks by making it just white?

  4. Daniel Mufc Cresswell

    Afvial Affansyah thats your opinion everyone has there own tastes and opinions

  5. Afvial Affansyah

    so ugly bro, weird looks

  6. Adheo Mika Pradipta

    not so bad

  7. Tonesterwolf

    No lover of “Manure” myself but kit looks classy even with the new sponsor.

  8. Yorkshireimp

    Quite funny having a sponsor who will be closing all operations down at the end of 2015 in the UK. Will it Vauxhall, Opel or Daewoo in 2015 on the shirt instead ?

  9. Pyro

    I think it looks class

  10. Michael Cranny

    Not great!!bit like the one from a few years back except this one has a huge fuck off Chevrolet logo on,we won't be missed by other supporters ?could have stuck farrari or masarati

  11. Moyes

    Looks ugly. The away shirt looks much nicer.

  12. Steve

    If the collar were red… it would be an absolute class act.

  13. Jtown

    D King: My company works with Bwin, and recently our VP came back from the headquarters and mentioned their strategy. You are right about the United fans (wanting) the product versus most other supporters (almost hating) the affiliation. Think about all the fans who still love Sharp, or dare I say JVC..I still love Hewlett Packard for this reason. But Bwin were happy to create millions of supporters just from their worldwide Madrid Fan base. It was to saturate their own target market. Then move on to another product and create ‘lifelong’ support. It’s limiting in one way but everlasting in another. Just thought I’d share ­čÖé I do think the big gold logo is ugly though!

  14. Tel

    Damn, if that sponsor was monochrome it would be a great shirt. The cut and sleeves reminds me of the 1985 shirts.

  15. Sainty

    It’s OK, it’s not going to knock down trees but will still in it’s thousands.

    The problem is these days is that after 30 years or so since replica kit sales & design became part of what is soccer that design houses either run out of ideas, recycle old formats or inadvertently copy the design of others.

    It seems to me that some of the designers of today are harking back to the early to mid 80’s with the shadow & pin stripes making a return, also with so many teams having traditional patterns, hoops, stripes, halves & quarters, that any deviance from these are met with shock & horror.

    I still find that £60 a pop is too much to shell out for something that costs less than a fiver to manufacture.

  16. D King

    I guess money talks, but the sponsor’s logo spoils the shirt. Generally the big clubs influence the sponsor’s logo so it doesn’t make the shirt ugly.

    Celtic, Rangers, and Palace have all had small sponsors logos under their badge, and I would be surprised if this reduced the marketing of the sponsor. If you support Utd you might now consider buying a Chevrolet, if you support City, Liverpool, or Leeds you now probably won’t. I would have thought that pitchside perimeter advertising was more high profile.

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