Crown Paints On Blackburn Shirts

Crown Paints On Blackburn Shirts

Crown Paints On Blackburn Shirts

Blackburn Rovers new shirts sponsors will be Crown Paints after the Darwen, Lancashire based company agreed a deal with the Premier League side to replace Bet24 on the front of their trademark blue & white halved shirts.

Blackburn Rovers new kit sponsor

The deal was brokered is worth between 4 to 5 million pounds over three years dependant on the team’s performance on the pitch. Crown are well known to football fans for sponsoring Liverpool shirts during the 1980s, when the club were one of the most successful in football.

Blackburn Rovers Crown Paints Shirt Sponsors

Talking about the deal on the club’s website Rovers Chairman John Williams said:

“Crown Paints is an exciting partner for the club. This deal gives us the opportunity to work with a major national brand with the added benefit of a strong local connection. We were looking for a long term relationship with our new sponsor and this agreement forms part of a broader communications strategy for both of us.”

Managing Director of Crown Paints Howard Luft said of the deal which sees the company get back into football shirts sponsorship after a twenty year break:

“This is a welcome return to football for us and is truly a marriage made in heaven. A large part of our Darwen workforce are Rovers supporters and I know they will be delighted with this announcement. We are a local company but we have a national client base and we want Crown Paints to become synonymous with Blackburn Rovers who in recent years have enjoyed continued success in what is arguably the most popular football league in the world.”

thanks to Brendan for spotting this one

Posted on March 13, 2008

Comments on “Crown Paints on Blackburn Shirts”

  1. Altham

    best shirt we have had 4 ages beats all the old 1’s bet 24 was shite then londsdale wht was tht kit about i hated it so yeh i like the new kit a defo purchase!

  2. Callum

    think it is quite nice deffo byin 1

  3. Tom

    I think it looks well nice. its the nicest kit weve had since the one 2 years go i think it was with the red lonsdale across the middle.

  4. Robin

    the logo would look beter if it was blue on the white bit and white on the blue bit.

  5. Rovers Til I Die

    it looks too plain, i didnt like the bet 24 sponsor anyway as it was too big. as previously said, it needa a border or summat, or maybe in red writing. Thwaites in red writing would look cool.

  6. Brendan

    woohoo! got a mention :), crown logo would look better in red to match the trim.

  7. Dale

    here here, red for the logo. or at least give it a border or something

  8. Bertie

    The sponsor would look better red.

  9. Gavin McE

    i think nufc will get a new

  10. Fisher

  11. H

    that dont actually look to bad but i wonder what it will look like on the new kit.

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