Dundee United Nike Home, Away And Heritage Kits For 2013/14

Dundee United Nike Home, Away And Heritage Kits For 2013/14

Dundee United Nike Home, Away And Heritage Kits For 2013/14


Dundee United have revealed their new 2013/14 home, away and ‘heritage’ kits. Currently managed by former Scottish international player Jackie McNamara, The Terrors finished the 2012/13 SPL in sixth place.


The club’s new home shirt, manufactured by Nike, features a striking design, a tangerine body with a gradient fading into a full black front panel at the bottom end of the design. The shirt is complemented with black shorts and socks to add to the full gradient effect.


Dundee United’s new away shirt is mainly white with black trim around the collar.


The club also launched a set of heritage kits for the upcoming season, 50 years after it was worn in the 1963/64 season. The heritage kit features a deep red body colour with white sleeves and features the club’s crest from 1963. The kit will be worn by the team in cup fixtures and no player names will be featured on the shirts to add to the authentic heritage look of the kit.

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Posted on June 07, 2013

Comments on “Dundee United Nike Home, Away and Heritage Kits for 2013/14”

  1. Declan-James Gray

    how much is the home kit anyone

  2. Alex Davies

    Very smart kit 🙂

  3. Changeme

    @15, so it’s not the arsenal kit then….

  4. Connor

    Home top is nice. Obviously using the Barcelona template but it’s exciting for an SPL strip.

    Away kit would look better with either an orange trim on the collar or black shorts. Mixing the 2 together is the only thing that I think ruins a very smart top.

    Always a sucker for a retro top and that 3rd kit is no different. Although at first glance, without realising it was a heritage top, my initial reaction was Aberdeen which wouldn’t have went down well with United fans.

  5. Bigg

    No names on the jersey but keeping the sponsors logo pretty much sums up scottish footballs attitude to the fans they dont give a connie huq

  6. Craig

    Rubbish strips, rubbish team.

  7. Josh Hewitt

    the white is the same as man.utd's last season but black not red part.

  8. Crunchie

    Not too sure about the home. Looks like a partially burnt piece of toast!

  9. Fraser Small

    I really love the home kit but tangerine socks would have been better, the away colour combo of white shirt with orange shorts will look quite nice too. As for the heritage kit, the retro badge is cool, but red is funny colour for DUFC. Cant wait to see these on the Fifa 14

  10. Sainty

    That home kit works well for Dundee United, the away one is a good effort.

    As for the heritage kit, an idea ripped off from Celtic’s anniversary kit of lat season but still a nice touch from the club.

  11. N7 Bluebird

    Sock sponsors??? Wow!! On the whole though a nice set of kits.

  12. Gordon Harris

    What one are you going for Bradders ? the red and white one is lovely.

  13. Chrissn

    The red one is the Arsenal home shirt of 2011 – 2012 without the stripe only

  14. Brad Ness

    Your cool Alex

  15. Brad Ness

    Your cool Alex

  16. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    home kit is lovely . the other 2 are hideous

  17. Alex Black

    Smart as

  18. Timothy Tiger

    Wow those are my favourite three kits so far. Home looks excellent,away looks classy and the third top is something else!. Quite jealous all of them would make decent Hull tops!

  19. Eggman From Sonic

    Oh by the way Doctor this is Dundee United not Dundee. Get it right

  20. Eggman From Sonic

    People are saying the home kit style is same as Barcelona but both have copied Kappa’s 2011-2012 Borussia Dortmund away

  21. ShadowStripe

    Ignore my comment regarding the 3rd kit; I have now finished reading the whole article!

  22. ShadowStripe

    The home shirt looks like someone had an accident whilst messing around with Calor gas and a lighter.
    I do like the away but don’t really see the merit of having the 3rd. Which team plays in amber and white?

  23. Smithy

    That home strip is very smart, not keen on the away strip though.

  24. MedicMan

    Considering DUFC aren’t the biggest team out there, they do get some nice Nike shirts (even if unoriginal).

  25. Bernie Balm

    From a distance won’t it look like the players have their shorts pull way too high?

  26. Doctor's Your Uncle

    I hate these “gradient” fading shirts. It looked horrible on Barcelona, and it looks horrible on Dundee. The white away is just “meh” team wear.

    I like the Arsenal-like “heritage” shirt, though. Nice and clean.

  27. JohnnieBoy

    Away sucks, quite like the home and heritage though, but totally luv the sponsored socks, you know you’ve finally made it wearing sponsored socks.

  28. D King

    I like the away and rip off, sorry heritage shirt, but not keen on the home shirt fade in.

  29. Forest Fan Nick

    Man utd’s away shirt, Barca’s away shirt template, generic template for the 3rd

  30. Changeme

    Class kits, away could use orange trim instead of black but I’m impressed.

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