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Ebbsfleet United Substitute Nike With Vandanel

Ebbsfleet United Substitute Nike With Vandanel

Ebbsfleet United Substitute Nike With Vandanel

Ebbsfleet United is the world’s first and only football club run by a web community. Members were asked to pay a one-year subscription of £35 which gave them the right to decide on nearly all things affecting their club, ranging from transfers to player selections. The club was recently cleared of its £500,000 debt to purchase the club, thanks to the members’ contributions. The club has its headquarters in Kent, and currently plays in the Blue Square Premier, the fifth tier of English football. The members acquired control of the club in February 2008 for £600,000. Their first award came just 3 months later, winning the FA Trophy, which is the biggest achievement in the club’s long history.

The club’s kits are presently manufactured by huge sportwear manufacturers Nike and sponsored by Eurostar. One of the major decisions that had to be taken by the club’s members was whether to keep Nike as manufacturers for the club. Members had to decided between retaining Nike, Vandanel or else Joma. After the votes were submitted on, the majority votes in favour of going for Vandanel. Hence, the club’s home and away strips will be manufactured and supplied by Vandanel for 2009/10.


Posted on April 09, 2009

Comments on “Ebbsfleet United substitute Nike with Vandanel”

  1. Bell

    You really hit the nail on the head with this post. There are darn few blogs other than sports, football, or cycling that I even bother to read.

  2. Danny

    at least vandanel care about all the teams kits they make

  3. Danny

    any reason theres fifa 09 on the back at the very leasy youd expect fifa 10 y do they even hav fifa on the back when theyre not on the games?

  4. Gallers

    Vandanel are taking over…

  5. Sandman

    I support Croydon Athletic and Vandanel do their kits (although we are in Ryman South and they sponser the whole Ryman League) and the kits are top quality. I think Croydon have had the best kits in the whole Ryman League this season.

    I also support Palace, which have gone for Nike kits for the next 3 yrs starting 09/10 season. The designs they came up with were complete c**p.

    I really like Vandanel kits. They are always really esthetically pleasing and as I said awesome quality

  6. Tomskadomski

    those kits are class

  7. JC

    My team Chester had nike for a while and we were buy ing the kits and training gear and not making a profit so it is likely ebbsfleet were vandanelmare a pretty reputable company they have made tranmere rovers kit for years and do a lot in way of training kit and fan wear I would love them to make our kits.

  8. MyFcMember

    these are the two kits chosen

  9. Jack

    ive gone off nike they use boring templates every time. although ive never heard of vandanel, im more than confident that they will be BETTER than the laughing stock in the market, nike. as proved by the latest leak of the arsenal away kit, disgusting shirt, and the most boring shirt in the history, the vietnam home 09/11, just a v-shaped coller in yellow with a red background. how boring can you get. so good on you ebbsfleet, youve picket a better shirt manufacturer. and a warning to all teams with nike as your manufacturer, SCREW THEM IDIOTS, ITS NOT WORTH LIVING WITH THE YEARLY BOREDOM!!!

  10. Finkie

    Why do that???

  11. Brn442

    Point exactly, Nike probably offered them less money for nothing unique, if any, or were victims of an “anti-corporate” vote.

  12. D King

    I would have thought that Nike would be deemed to be higher quality and trendier, and thus sell more shirts, coats etc.

    Saying that I doubt if Nike would really care about smaller clubs, as they have Brazil, Man Utd, Barcelona, Arsenal, Juventus, Inter, Villa, Holland etc to worry about.

    Vandenal have Yeovil, Dagenham and possibly Wigan as their clubs, thus Ebbsfleet may get a unique kit. Even Chelsea don’t get that.

  13. JWheelie12

    As hard as it is to think, Vandanel will pay more money than Nike. Nike/Adidas will only pay big money for the big clubs. In fact I don’t even know if they pay them anything for it. You see clubs with Nike kits in the Unibond and stuff like that, maybe they just buy the kits themselves. I doubt Nike would pay any big amount to do them.

    Vandanel on the other hand need to get themselves on the map so they would be prepared to pay a bit more than Nike.

  14. Vornstyle

    The reasons: Nike were suprisingly inefficient, and there was some lingering distrust after the Nike “vote” the previous season that had been manipulated by MyFootballClub founder and resident Stalinist dictator Will Brooks.

  15. MyFcMember

    because vandanel gave us a good deal we had a choice of these two and joma they all gave us different deals and vandanel was the best deal.

  16. John

    The only reason I see them dropping Nike for Vandanel is to get more personalised kits, but I doubt that is the reason.

    I also doubt that they will be getting more money out of the deal so I don’t see why Nike was dropped.

  17. Berbs9

    Vandanel is the new Admiral! It will last forever!

  18. Liam

    Why would you drop nike for vandel?

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