England Home shirt 09/11 Leak

After Umbro revealed details on the history of England kits and the proccess of the manufacturing of the new one. A new leaked pictures of the shirt has been revealed just days before the official unveiling.

Image removed – “the image belongs to a yet unpublished supplement from Haymarket Media Ltd (FourFourTwo)” it has been removed at 442s request

This is perhaps the most convincing leaked picture so far and after viewing the history and process videos, many agree that this is actually the new England home shirt and Goalkeeper shirt 2009/11.

The main emphasis on the England shirt Umbro have put is on Tradition. The shirt is traditional all white, with a white collar. The new england crest is on the left of the shirt and players shirts will feature a banner underneath, with the opposing country name on, as used in the past (replica shirts will most likely not include this). The new Umbro logo is on the left of the shirt in red. The shirt will be worn with white shorts and white socks.

The Goalkeeper shirt is also of a traditional goalkeeper shirt. It is all green (a traditional colour for goalkeeper shirts) and features the badge on the left of the shirt and the makers badge of the right of the shirt.

The sirt will be officially revealed on March 28th 2009 and is now available to pre-order for a launch date of April 1st 2009.

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  1. you must be kiding!!!!

    thats a polo shirt with the england badge on it.
    even the other leak is better than this!!!!!

  2. It is attrocious, a polo shirt with a badge. I think it’s time the F.A gave up on Umbro, they harp on about tradition and what not, but we don’t all want to live in the past. Looks like a half baked attempt, lacking and sort of creative juice. I only hope it costs what it looks like it’s worth, in which case £10 should cover it.

  3. I like it. Simple is good. However, it could do with a few more red or blue lines on the sleeves or around the arm pits area of the shirt. It reminds me of the Fulham home shirt which is pretty smart. People on here say they want Nike but this looks just like a Nike shirt. If you replace the Umbro logo with a Nike logo I’m sure that more people will like it. But just because it’s Umbro and Umbro isn’t as ‘high class’ as Nike people diss the shirt. Well played Umbro, and is that a star above the England crest? I can’t quite tell

  4. Just checked out the Umbro “history and process” site videos and there are plenty of clues there. It looks like the real McCoy. Basically gone for a tailored, traditional look with the opponents stitched under the new England badge. I think I like it.

  5. Just to clarify, it reminds me of the Fulham home shirt of last season… the plain white one with a collar.

  6. This is a dart shirt
    A bus drivers shirt
    A barmans shirt
    A golf shirt
    A pile of cack shirt

  7. I can´t imagine that this is the kit! but the movies on umbro.com are great!

  8. first impression…

    but… a little disappointed, it does maybe look a little bit too polo shirty but maybe when we see all the team wearing it with the numbers on it aswell we might think better of it, oh well at least it’s better than the initial leaked shirt from a few weeks back. lol

  9. boring is even too much. It is a nothing. A white polo with a badge. Thats it. All the hype, all the teasing. and the outcome is a cricket test shirt. Umbro have learned nothing from the last shirt flop.Nothing. I hope they will fire the posh poof designer who designed that. just put a badge on a white polo UNBELIEVABLE arrrrrrrrrgh

  10. That’s a very poor attempt at copying the adidas England cricket test shirt. Actually, perhaps they should just wear the test shirt…John Terry looks like he stepped out of a bad 80’s movie with that piece on.

  11. After months and months of them designing and new template for the england shirt, they come up with…nothing!!!

    Well done you guys at Umbro (aka NIKE), you can now sit back and watch another England team in a cricket shirt suffer in the hands of others.

    Why have they designed a shirt that can be ripped off with no effort. It looks like my old P.E Umbro polo shirt, wonder if I can find it and stick an England crest on it??!!

    Has to be a joke??

  12. I hear the players names will be in white on the back! How does this work? How will Rooney ever learn to spell his name?

  13. It’s nice, very retro and traditional.

    (also it’s nice to see us English people continuing to moan about every single thing on the planet, Well done and BRAVO!!)

  14. The collar is a shocker, the keeper kit looks smart with a normal collar. Umbro seem to have surpassed themselves this time… well or not.

  15. It looks very plain and simple. The thing is will it sell? I’m afraid I certainly wouldn’t pay forty pounds for it, if I want a plain white polo shirt I can get one for under tenner.

    That said, it’s supposed to be a football kit, not a fashion accessory. What do the playes think of it? Does it make use of all the recent afvances in materials that supposedly assist performance (eg England’s rugbyshirt.)

    If it helps the players perform better then as far as I’m concerned it could be a bin bag and I’d like it.

  16. I am all for harking back to tradition. It reminds us where we’ve come from, some of the touches I like mainly the new badge and the name of the opponents. Things I would change the players names NOT on the back just the number in red and also dark blue shorts, not all white as I’m sure the players will look like they’re coming out at Centre Court!!!

  17. as much as it hurts to say this, after really being convinced by this, mike is right look closely it’s clearly photoshopped

  18. has to be the real one. so much better than the previous leaked one a few weeks back.

    I think is stunning,i usually hate england shirts when they come out but they grow on me, but this one is the best in years.

    its good to see england not using blue detailing and mainly using white and red.

  19. why is the crest on james top differant than the one on terrys has to be fake, if nt this is the worst england kit ever to be made the the history of english football. kits made in the 1930’s are where better than that, umbro pull your finger out your backside and make atleast an half decent kit cant be hard surely

  20. all the waiting, all this fuzz for a white polo shirt?? Seriously guys, this shirt may have a classic retro look but it is a bit too plain in my eyes!…looks like a gay paramedic shirt to me…

  21. Love it, if this is the kit I will be getting one for sure, very classy and exactly what a football kit should be.

  22. Why is everyone shouting fake? Watch the videos on the Umbro blog and it’s definately these shirts – whether this picture has been photoshopped or not.

    Would be a nice kit, but if they want traditional, it really needs to have navy shorts rather than white ones. Surly there will be navy change shorts at least?

  23. Too retro and too plain for my taste. But between this one and the previous fake of weeks ago: this one by a landslide.

    The other one was an abomination. This one just says Meh!

  24. its rubbish!! but got to admit after watching the tailoring videos, this is probably the new home kit!! if it really is the real deal, then i ain’t never buying this shirt!!

  25. It does seem to match the shirt from the videos/blog, but both could be a prototype. I’m surprised so much of the shirt was allowed to be seen in the videos. I actually dont mind the shirt. If I was to change one thing though it would be the star being gold. Why bother putting it on if it’s white?!

  26. that is a disgrace to this country, a disgrace to this nation, a disgrace to the players, a disgrace to the manager, a disgrace to football, a disgrace to all of the little p**sholes who will have to buy it, a disgrace to footy kits, a disgrace to the fact that England shirts usually come out in JANUARY, a disgrace to the england badge, a discrace to the word ‘disgrace’, a disgrace to all of the people who make good kits, a disgrace to the FA, and a disgrace to umbro. I like it!

  27. You are joking right? £50 for a plain white polo shirt. Have The FA lost the plot, have Umbro lost the plot. I am not much of a fan of Umbro and always feel it’s time for England to change to someone like Adidas, Nike or even Kappa or Puma.

    Sorry, but this shirt is a joke and makes us a laughing stock

  28. Polo shirts don’t come cheap these days lads. A Fred Perry one costs up to £40 plus as does Lyle & Scott.

    What surprises me is that Umbro have allowed some tit to leak the image having spent loads of wonga trying to keep it under cover until Saturday

  29. First impressions well dissapointed. It’s to bland and boring. You dont want a shirt to have loads on it but this hasn’t anything on it. It’s like a designer t-shirt

  30. A slice of retro beauty. Not surprised many here don’t like it. as many people have zero taste. Red numbers, with white player lettering, and the return of “the” crest, rather than that hideous abortion with the word “England” above it, will make this an absolute 100% England classic.

  31. I agree totally with Augustus, classic shirt!!! Still a bit unsure about the all white kit tho (white shirt,shorts & socks) but will give it a go. Also agree with a previous post, replace the umbro badge with a nike one and everyone would be calling this the greatest shirt ever!

  32. ha ha . i told you it was a fake and they even took it off
    there page haha england mon the scots!

  33. Now the picture has been removed by ‘FourFourTwo’ magazine it means that umbro must have given them permission to see it and put it in a yet unpublished magazine for the future. Get it???

  34. hi guys, i missed the image. when i got on here the image was taken off.
    could somebody possibly send it to me if they saved it please, thank you very much and sorry for being a nuisance

  35. no Finky its a fake right!

    ive seen the new england home kit cos i WORK with umbro.

    ive also seen the new rangers and west ham desgins

  36. Just a thought. But the release date is 1st of April “April fools day” Might just be a big joke and it’s not the real kit but a very clever joke to hide the real kit. I bloody hope so anyway lol

  37. I love it tbh, even if it is £45 for short sleeved nd £50 for long sleeves. Adds a bit of class 2 our gr8 nations footballing side 🙂

  38. Hi we’re jamie, tom, emma, and alex, and we think that the new england shirt looks like our p.e shirt with an england badge placed on it.
    I think we should have adidas as our sponser not pooey umbro, its well rubbish blad!!!!

  39. this kit is the best in a few years now i really like it !!! the others are the same as everybody elses id like to see you do better its really original and looks good that guy who said 10 quid should cover it is a freak

  40. Ha ah waz wrong

    Can u post the new west ham and rangers ones on here anywayz? cheers. Up the hammers 🙂

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