European Shirts Cup: Knockout Round Results Part II

Here are Part II of our European Shirts Cup Knockout Round. The teams which have qualified so far are: Inter (Nike), Benfica (Adidas),  Tottenham (Puma) and Marseille (Adidas).

The results were as follows:

  • Rangers (58.1%) vs Ajax (41.9%)
  • Manchester United (29%) vs Milan (71%)
  • Barcelona (46.9%) vs Arsenal (53.1%)
  • Copenhagen (26.6%) vs Shakhtar Donetsk (73.4%)

Results so far by Shirt Manufacturer:

Adidas (3)

Nike (3)

Puma (1)

Umbro (1)

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  1. As expected. I’d say it’s between Arsenal and Rangers out of these 4 for the best

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