FC Lorient Macron Home Shirt 2012/13

Here is the new home shirt of French Ligue 1 club FC Lorient. The club’s shirts are manufactured by Italian sportswear manufacturer Macron.

Lorient just managed to survive in the 2011/12 Ligue 1 relegation battle and finished in 17th place with 39 points. 18th place Caen, who were relegated to the French Ligue 2 were just one point short, on 38 points.

The new Lorient home shirt is mainly amber with a white and black horizontal stripe on the upper part of the chest. It has a round black collar with the Macron logo on the upper central part of the shirt and the club crest on the central part of the black and white stripe.

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  1. Car crash of a shirt. I hope Macron have something a little more classier up their sleevs for Villa next season. A collar would be a nice start.

  2. Wouldn’t be bad if they would quit putting the b&b hotel logo on the area where the club crest should be.

  3. Fair play to the designer for actually managing to fit so many sponsors onto the shirt without needing an extension.

  4. West Ham’s next away kit anyone? Dark blue with claret and blue stripes on this template?

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