Frequent Kit Changes Annoying Premier League Fans

Frequent Kit Changes Annoying Premier League Fans

Frequent Kit Changes Annoying Premier League Fans

Groups of Premier League football supporters are increasingly getting annoyed by the fact that their favourite football club is launching a new home shirt each and every season. All clubs in the Premier League this season are launching a new home strip for the 2010/11 campaign, and 18 have done so in 2009/10. The only two clubs that have launched a new strip this season but have not done so last season are Arsenal and Liverpool. These two clubs state in their customer charter that their “home shirts will have a minimum lifespan of two seasons”.

The Football Task Force, chaired by MP David Mellor, recommended that clubs ensure a two-year gap between new replica shirt issues. One club that certainly did not take this advice is Tottenham Hotspurs. The Londoners will have no less than six shirts this season, as they will have three shirts with the Autonomy sponsor logo for Premier League matches and the same three shirts with a different sponsor for Cup games. Malcolm Clarke from the Football Supporters Federation labelled the club’s decision as “frankly ridiculous”. A Tottenham Hotspurs fan who would like to buy all six shirts would have to dish out no less than £270, and combined with the club’s base in London, “you have to be very rich to be a Spurs fan” (according to Clarke). Ultimately it is up to the fan to decide if s/he wants to buy the club’s shirts but according to Bernie Kingsley from the Tottenham Supporters Trust, which was not consulted before the decision was taken, this is “another example of football ceasing to be a sport and more a business.”

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Posted on July 27, 2010

Comments on “Frequent kit changes annoying Premier League fans”

  1. Tim

    mes que un club: Erm, your club have had a new home and away kit every year since at least 1997.

    United have only had single season home kits twice in the last 30 years. They’ve brought out fewer kits than Everton, City, Spurs, Chelsea, West Ham, etc. Easier to have a dig at United though, eh?

  2. Kubi

    Just buy retro shirts, they’ll always look good and are so out of date it doesn’t even matter.

  3. Brn442

    that’s not correct Rowan, utd haven’t had a set policy on away kits since they switched to umbro in the 90’s – way before the glazers, also they’ve kept the 2 year home shirt cycle when possible, including under the glazers

  4. Rowan

    United don’t change their kit every year.. it’s always been every 2.

    but the past few seasons.. well…. the Glazers. theyre the money grabbing scum

  5. Mes Que Un Club

    It’s Man Utd changing their kits every year, money grabbing scum.

  6. Bob Cox

    I don’t mind them changing kits often, but just keep the price down.
    It’s not like Manchester City or Chelsea need to sell thousand or even millions of shirts worth £40+, they should put the prices down

  7. Crdaggerandhammer

    i’m a dagenham fan and what we do is last year home kit
    this year away 2011 home kit 2012 away kit and no one argues about it

  8. Brn442

    I don’t know about a Fifa rule but I hope that market forces will ultimately rule. I don’t buy as many kits as before because they are changed so often, also – isn’t it annoying as retailer to be stuck end of season after season with shirts as useless as yesterday’s paper?

  9. Tim

    I’m surprised no-one has mentioned this: It’s Tottenham “Hotspur” not “Hotspurs”!

    Also, although Spurs is a good example of a club issuing far too many kits (15 in 6 years, and in 2007-08 alone they released 4 different kits), which idiot is going to buy the same kit twice just with a different sponsor.

  10. AdiToff

    I remember when Arsenal had a shirt identical to their new one for over 20 years. It”s just a racket, nobody ‘needs’ a club shirt, apart from the players!

  11. DB

    How boring would this site be if it was evry 2 seasons lol!!

    Retail stores change their lines 2-4 times a year, and clothes are alot more expensive than a football shirt that lasts at least a year+ and gets worn ALOT!!

    Football shirts need to change with the times or we would still be wearing woven shirts with club initials stitched on them, that would be GREAT wudnt it =)

  12. Your Mom

    That’s a good rule, it’s getting out of control. So what was the rule?

  13. Ross

    I’ve bought every Celtic Home Shirt since 1996, bu the Away shirts, unless something special, get left alone. If they get reduced in price at the end of the first Season, happy days.

    Personally, i’d like to see FIFA themselves instigate a rule, 2 years minimum for EACH shirt released. As most clubs do now, they can alternate the change, 1 year the Home, the next the Away (and 3rd with either if they NEED one, very few clubs do though).

    But it’s not the change that’s the problem, it’s the cost. Rubgy League teams change Home AND Away shirts EVERY Season, being a Bradford lad i’ve grown up supporting Northern/Bulls and i’d happily buy the shirts, but football comes first. But with RL, the cost is NOWHERE near what football clubs charge around £30 per shirt, currently, mid-way through the Season, it’s dropped to £25

    Instead of charging £40-50 for a shirt, they could reduce that to £30, easily, whilst still maintaining a good profit margin.

    I previously worked for a minor sportswear manufacturer and I saw how little work (man-hours & material) went into a shirt, and we only charged £15 for a new top. Is it the manufacturers or the clubs themselves who like to “up the price”? Be nice if we could get a clear answer, and especially if we got a price drop . . .

    *Rant Over*

  14. J

    Nobody forces you to buy it. Complaining and bitching will do nothing, you know what will? NOT BUYING THE NEW SHIRTS.

    People are so retarded some times, it makes my head hurt.

  15. RS

    Clubs wouldn’t produce a new kit every season if brainless fans didn’t queue up overnight at the club shop to buy them.
    An old excuse used to be that “my lad wants the latest shirt so what I am I supposed to do?” Well, try teaching your kid some values instead of forking out silly money for a cheap, polyester t-shirt.
    For 50 quid, I would want a pretty special item of clothing. That’s why I am happy to purchase training tops – same quality, original designs and half the price.

  16. Avfc.

    i agree with @Bargey. i would get proper bored of having the same strip for 2 years. like the man u one a couple of seasons back. it was just a red striped shirt and after just one season i was sick of it. but as a villa fan i do tend to buy each shirt to show my support. i buy the home one at full price when it comes out to show the claret and blue colours, but i always wait for the away shirt to be reduced to a somewhat reasonable price. the pricing is the only problem, not the kit change itself. nike are making megabucks all over the world, so i do think its ridiculous for them to charge £45 per shirt for something that costs probably less than £10 to make. and to make it worse, they usually give clubs templates, which can be bought for £20 from a private vendor, and all you have to do is stick a sponsor and crest on it.

  17. Coatesy

    No one is forcing fans to buy replica kits. If you like a shirt and you can afford to buy it, buy it. If you don’t like a shirt or you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. It’s not rocket science. I’m a Newcastle fan and I’ve bought every home shirt since 1990, but I won’t be buying the new Puma one. Why? Because it’s £50, I don’t like the design and it’s only for one season.

    And I don’t agree with all this “kids put pressure on me, they want the latest kit”. YOU are the parent. Learn some parenting skills and if you can’t afford the kit or you don’t want to buy the kit, encourage your child to save up their pocket money or do chores to earn extra cash so that they can buy it themselves. They’ll appreciate it more and feel like they’ve earned it. You’ll soon see how much they want it when they have to buy it for themselves.

  18. Alec

    I look forward to my club’s (Stoke) new kit releases every year and generally alternate between buying a new home and away kit each year.

    No-one is forcing anybody to buy kits, which means the only problem those who object to kits being changed every year are those who don’t like not being up to date with the latest fashion, which is just silly; it’s a football kit after all.

    Another good thing with changing regularly is that we won’t have to see Stoke players in our current travesty of a home shirt for anything longer than one year.

  19. Bob

    Oh no! my team has brought out 3 strips, this means i am legally obliged to buy every single strip my team brings out. Damn! Well done to that group, they have made themselves publicly laughed at. If your team brings out 3 strips, buy one or (and this may shock and disturbe you) don’t buy one. If people keep buying the kits they arn’t going to stop are they?

  20. Sammy

    I’m not being funny, but I think it’s ridiculous, and there is as much pressure on the teams to use new templates by the manufacturer. I think there should be a system where the away kit becomes the third kit for the following season, and the home kit changes once every two years, that should stop all this fuss

  21. Sporran

    Parents that “feel like they have to buy them” for their kids need to grow a spine and say no

  22. Danny

    i just wait till end of season get the shirt for cheaper

  23. I Am The Stig

    Well, they do call Tottenham the Yids…

  24. Mark

    see in da GAA only one county changes their jersey every year and thats dublin most teams jersey lifespam is usually 2 to 3 years maybe more

  25. Lee Wilds

    yes i understand no one has to buy them, but pressure to have the latest stuff and kids feeling under pressure from peers to have the new kit makes parents feel like they have to buy them, I know its still a choice but it can be a bit much sometimes especially when the kit hardly changes.

  26. Maximillion Tangmeister

    I remember when it was a new kit every 2 seasons! Usually I just pick up one jersey at full price and wait towards the end of the season and see if I can get the other at a reduced price! Seemples!

  27. Bargey

    Every club changes their kits, not just Premier League, ALL lower league clubs and every club including international teams in the world. I don’t know what the fuss is about, I like kit changes, otherwise how boring would it be!

  28. Sporran

    Exactly… storm in a teacup, don’t know anyone who would buy the home and away every season, never mind 6 strips

  29. Joel

    no one is forcing anyone to buy them

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