Fulham Away shirt 10/11

Fulham Football Club have unveiled their new away shirt which the team will be wearing for the new upcoming Premier League season. Fulham finished in 12th place last season and begin the new campaign away to Bolton Wanderers on August 14th. Their new kits are now made by Kappa.

The new shirt is mostly Red. There is a white band running across the body of the shirt with grey outlining. The sleeves and collar of the shirt are a dark grey colour. The club badge is on the left of the chest and the maker’s have their logo on the right of the chest and on the sleeves. The club sponsor has their name in the middle of the shirt. The shirt is worn with red shorts and black shorts.

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  1. theyve done this so it will purposely clash with the sunderland AND newcastle home kits, just so they haave reason to issue a third kit which is going to be green and brown, aka harrods colours.

  2. Looks all wrinkled – they could have made an effort to iron out the sponsors logo. They get marks for being unique.

    @aaron: why would they have Harrods colours? At least stay up-to-date with events if you are going to make smart-@ss comments.

  3. i loved it when Fulham got into the European Mickey Mouse Cup Final last season,suddenly all these “Diehard Fulham Fans” appeared from nowhere,I’ve lived in SW London all my life and I’ve never met a Fulham fan

  4. Blimey, and I thought Chelsea only had pensioners. And is that picture to scale? Is Murphy really that much smaller than Duff?

  5. Just had a look at my old Kappa wales away kit (the black 1 with the red and white stripe) and the template is exactly the same except for the Kappa written on the right side of the chest.

    Kappa has good kits but come on sort out a new design!! Does anyone else realise the kits have been the same design since about 5 years?? Lazy!!

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